Easing Into It

Not going to lie, it was a TOUGH Monday coming off of a really great weekend. On Friday we loaded up the kids and headed to the lake. We’ve had several weekends of craziness and it was sooo nice to just chill for a couple of days. We hung out, watched movies, played outside, read, took golf cart rides, slept and just relaxed.

It’s always hard to come back, but at least we had 2 fun Superbowl parties ahead of us on Sunday night. That might explain our tough day, though- Isla was a hot mess. So. Much. Whining. And this was Jack when I told him to get his homework done this afternoon:

Good times.

I sat down to make a grocery list this morning with exactly zero ideas as to what to make for dinner. Luckily I have about 200 “to try” recipes saved in my Bloglovin’ app, so tonight I made this sweet corn chili from Mix and Match Mama. I love that she does meal planning posts on Monday because I’m usually too brain dead on Monday mornings to come up with anything good.

The chili was really simple and not at all spicy, so it would be fine for kids. I just added some Liquid Smoke and seasoned salt, and I used this fire-roasted corn from Trader Joe’s:

Served with Greek yogurt, shredded cheese and tortilla chip scoops.

So good and filling… and leftovers for lunch tomorrow! Soup and chili are the only leftovers I actually get excited about.

Hope everyone had a good weekend/smooth transition into the week!

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Build A Bear

Tonight is a coffee-at-8:30pm kinda night. Partially because I’m tired and I have a ton to do, and partially because I’m obsessed with this new Califia Farms almond milk creamer. I’ve already mentioned how much I love their cold brew coffee, and now this stuff is awesome too… and only 15 cals per tbs! Let’s not discuss just how many tablespoons actually GO into my coffee every morning. Anyway, try it! I’ve bought this flavor and the hazelnut but this one is my fave.

Found it at Super Target but saw it at Whole Foods & Central Market too.

(Not an ad, just love me some coffee… and trying to avoid dairy.)

We did our usual Wednesday routine of ballet and grocery store, then met my mom for lunch. My mom wanted some one on one time with Jack, so she picked him up after school to hang out at her house… and then she and my dad took him to Dave & Buster’s for dinner. Isla is all about the GIRL TIME lately (as in, she yells it every morning as soon as Brian and Jack walk out the door), so she and I headed to the mall so she could make her first Build A Bear. She was definitely into it: