Well after a very sleepless night, I found my ID this morning! It somehow ended up in my makeup bag in my purse. Weird but SUCH a relief.

We spent the day running errands and getting ready for our trip. In other words: laundry, laundry, laundry. Though we did sneak away for a little mommy-daughter spa time. Isla loooooves getting her nails painted, and of course she chose “pink & sparkly” for fingers and toes.

I was trying to figure out something for dinner tonight when I realized that I’d frozen a batch of Pulled Pork a while back. Nice! I haven’t really bought any groceries for the week since we’re leaving, so this was a lifesaver.  Just heated up the pork in the microwave, and we had that along with roasted broccoli and mac & cheese (Lean Cuisine, ’cause we fancy). I’m pretty amazed at how well the pork froze, too. Next time I may make a double batch just to keep one on hand for sandwiches or quesadillas.

Oh, check out what Jack brought home today:

At first I was really touched…

But then he informed me that the teacher made everyone write that they were thankful for mom & dad.

Ha! Oh well, I’ll take what I can get. And he stayed within the lines!

We’re leaving at the buttcrack of dawn on Wednesday so not sure if I’ll be able to post tomorrow night. Knowing us we’ll be scrambling to pack late into the night, but I promise I’ll try!

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Trimming the Trees

I’m starting to get that creeping anxiety that seems to pop up every year around this time. Trying to get us ready to head to South Carolina on Wednesday, make arrangements for Chloe while we’re gone, get stuff done for Jack’s birthday next week, pick up food for school Thanksgiving feast, put up Christmas decor… it feels like a lot at once. I’m trying really hard to stay ahead of the game this year but unfortunately I’m pretty exceptional at procrastinating. Anyway, that’s what’s weighing on my mind right now but I’m trying to just take a deep breath, put on my big girl panties and handle it… with a little help from coffee and wine obviously. Oh and also weighing on my mind is the fact that Isla swiped my driver’s license at some point this morning and I have literally no clue where it could be. We found my debit card in her vanity but no sign of the ID, which is super awesome considering that we have to catch a flight on Wednesday.

We had a really fun weekend! Isla and I took Friday “off” from MOPS and just chilled in our PJ’s for most of the morning. It was pretty awesome and I ended up getting a lot done at home. I was pushing for Tex-Mex for dinner but the rest of my family vetoed me and we ended up grabbing pho instead. I had to snap this pic as we were leaving… Brian and I are total opposites in our pho-eating habits. He’s all about the noodles and I just want the broth. I’m sure this says something about us on a deeper level, yes?

On Saturday morning Jack had a birthday party, then we headed to our friends’ annual fried turkey party, and finally my parents babysat the kids so we could attend our friend Crispin’s birthday dinner at Terilli’s. I forget how good that place is- my smoked chicken ravioli was amazing (as was my lemon basil martini, yes ma’am).

Then today we dragged down the Christmas stuff. The highlight was helping the kids set up their respective Christmas trees. They had so much fun decorating. At one point I asked Jack if he wanted to even out the decorations a little and he just gave me a look and said, “I want to do it MY way.” Well okay then. Sorry, teenager.

Ok off to fold some laundry and work on the mantle. Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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Ooooh y’all, I’m about to drop! We had a fun, BUSY day. This morning my mom and I headed to the Chi Omega Christmas Market, which is always so much fun- but it’s huge. We spent a good 3 hours combing the sale. Of course I found tons of cute stuff for Isla, but basically nothing for Jack. Five year old boys are hard… they’re too old for sweet little holiday outfits and could basically care less about clothes. Plus Jack wears a uniform 5 days/week so his other stuff just sits in a drawer. Three year old GIRLS on the other hand- cute outfits everywhere AND she actually gets excited about new clothes. Jack’s just like, “Oh… a shirt. Great. I thought it was a toy.”

So yeah. Christmas market, then picked Isla and Owen up at school, dropped them off at home with my mom, ran back out to pick up Jack at school, brought him home, my mom left and the 3 kids played for the rest of the afternoon. Then when Brian got home we grabbed dinner at Pie Five (I know, we go there all the time… but it’s one of the 3 places where Isla will actually eat her food).

And then after that I headed over to my friend Brooke’s house for our Truth in the Tinsel MNO for MOPS. We basically went around the room and put together 24 little project bags- each bag is an ornament that coordinates with an Advent devotional. So each day of Advent we read the bible verse that goes with that day and craft an ornament that ties to the story. Both kids are going to have their own little trees in their rooms this year so I’m excited for them to make their own ornaments. We’re not the craftiest family, so we’ll see how long we actually keep this up… but it’s a nice thought, right?? Here’s the link to the Truth in the Tinsel site/e-book, if you’re interested.

Before I leave you, check out this gem that Isla brought home from school today. Literally cannot even.

Oh and on the way to dinner tonight, this little voice from the backseat goes, “Mommy? I’m starting to love you now.


Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Christmas Is Coming

I’m soooo getting the itch to decorate for Christmas. We’re traveling to SC for Thanksgiving this year, which means we lose that post-Thanksgiving weekend when everyone starts throwing up their decor. SO. The goal is THIS WEEKEND, at least for everything but the tree. It doesn’t help that every time I walk into Target, I somehow walk out with more decorations. Their Christmas decor is killing it this year… even the dollar spot. Burlap gift tags? Yes, please. Felt gingerbread house Advent calendar? Into my cart! Throw pillows with sequined holiday messages? TWO OF YOU.

It’s bad. I just gave Brian a rundown of my plans for the outside of the house and I’m pretty sure he started sweating.

On to dinner. Tonight I made a crockpot pork tenderloin recipe that I’ve made and posted about many, many times. It’s so easy and we usually have the ingredients on hand- red wine, soy sauce, French onion soup mix, garlic. I get a side dish out of the way, too, by throwing a sliced onion, baby carrots and mushrooms in the bottom of the crockpot before adding the pork. They absorb all of the savory, delicious gravy and taste amazing. Because of all of the veggies, I reduce the amount of water by half so it doesn’t get too soupy.

I found this cauliflower mash side at Target today. It was in one of the reach-in refrigerated cases near the produce section, close to where all of the whole turkeys are displayed right now. It does contain potatoes but definitely lower carb than a big bowl of mashed taters.

Ingredients/nutrition info/pug photo bomb.

They’re pretty good! Definitely well seasoned- I didn’t need to add anything. Just be warned that they’re pretty runny. More like a polenta/grits texture than mashed potatoes, though that didn’t bother me.

Off to Pin more Christmas decor. Falalalala…

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Weekend Recap

Sorry I’ve been AWOL for a few days! Last night was busy- we were up late getting the house picked up for playgroup, and I was trying to get to bed at a decent hour in order to be up for my 4:45 Camp Gladiator alarm. Days are too dang short.

Brian and Jack had a campout this weekend, so Isla and I were on our own Friday-Sunday AM. We played at the park, went out for pho (she’s obsessed with eggrolls), met friends for lunch, watched movies on the couch, and did whatever the heck this is…

We missed the boys but it was good to have some girl time!

On Sunday afternoon we attended our precious godson Luke’s baptism. Isn’t he the sweetest?? I think Jack wanted to bring him home with us.

Such a special day and we were so honored to be a part of it!

Today we had playgroup here and Isla and her buddy Addie decided to give each other makeovers. I like how subtle it is- must have been going for the whole model-off-duty, no makeup look. OMG.

Oh and Isla gave herself a little bang trim, too.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Oven Kebabs

I’ve mentioned before how much we love those Aidell’s pineapple teriyaki meatballs. I get a big batch at Costco, and usually we just throw them in the oven (then dip in sriracha mayo, yum). Today I was looking around at recipes on the Aidell’s site and came across one for kebabs using the meatballs. I tweaked it a little bit and came up with the easiest dinner ever.

Here’s what you need:

Teriyaki Meatball Kebabs

  • Aidell’s teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs
  • 1 red pepper, cut into 1″ chunks
  • 1 package of whole white mushrooms, washed
  • 1 can pineapple chunks
  • Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki
  • Bamboo skewers

1. Put diced red pepper, mushrooms and pineapple chunks in a big bowl. Pour on some Island Soyaki (no idea how much, just eyeball it), toss to coat and allow to marinate for a while. Mine probably marinated for about 20 minutes, but I wish I had left it a little longer.

2. While the veggies are marinating, soak bamboo kebab skewers in water… so they won’t catch on fire under the broiler.

3. Thread a meatball onto the skewer, followed by a pineapple chunk, red pepper, and a mushroom. Repeat! I got about 10 skewers worth, with 2 of each item on each skewer.

4. Place skewer on a foil-lined metal baking sheet sprayed with nonstick spray. Broil for about 7 minutes. Keep an eye on the skewers!!! Mine were pretty toasted.

Easy! We had ours over rice (that’s buffalo cauliflower in the background) and they were so good. Jack gobbled them up too.

So guess what was in our backyard this morning? Yep, our armadillo friend is back.

My mom said that it looked like it was “with child” but I REALLY hope she’s kidding. I don’t even want to know what a baby armadillo looks like. I’m guessing not cute.

(Ok I googled it… they’re a little cute.)

Tomorrow the Sephora VIB sale starts and I am exciiiiiited (edit: NOPE. Starts Friday. Sad!!!). Got my list all made out and ready to go. Any faves I should look for? Also… Real Housewives of Dallas? Yes.

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Isla’s Makeover

Life is just never dull around here. This morning I ran out to the car to look for Isla’s shoes, and when I walked back in she was sitting on the stairs with my purse on her lap, painting her eyebrows with (BRIGHT) lipgloss.

When I asked her what happened, she looked me right in the eye and said, “Chloe did it to me.”

Yes, the 11 year old pug who has not left the couch all morning painted her eyebrows with lip gloss. Sigh. At least she’s a really bad liar.

Not much else to report from today. We had a pretty lazy morning, met Brian for lunch, ran a few errands, picked Jack up from school and then headed home. Dinner was easy because we had leftover pumpkin turkey chili and cornbread casserole in the fridge = chili mac. Done and done.

So I didn’t end up watching Scandal last night because by the time I finished blogging, picking up and making Jack’s lunch, I was about to drop. Trying again tonight- wish this tired old lady some luck.

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Fall Fun

Wow- FUN weekend!! Get ready for a million pics because it was pretty much go-go-go from Friday until tonight. On Friday the kids spent the night with my parents while Brian and I met friends at the Zac Brown Band concert.

Such a fun night! We need to go to more concerts- we were all about them in our college/pre-kid days.

We got the kids early Saturday morning and headed to a birthday party. After that Brian had some work to do so my mom and I took the kids to see the Peanuts movie at Alamo Drafthouse. It was really cute! We had some downtime Saturday afternoon (Isla passed out- she’s been waking up before 6am since the time change), and then my parents came over to our house to watch the kids again (I know, they’re awesome) Saturday night. Brian and I were invited to a Friendsgiving party where everyone brought something to auction off, with the proceeds going to buy Thanksgiving dinners for needy Lake Highlands families.

Apparently Brian and I didn’t get the “look at the camera” memo. The food was amazing and the auction was HILARIOUS. We raised $1600- enough to feed 32 local families!

Whew, ok… then today we finally made it to Yesterland Farms. We’ve been promising to take the kids for a solid month, but it’s poured literally every weekend. Today it was gorgeous so we headed to Canton. We met my parents, Laura, and Owen, and the kids had a BLAST. This is definitely my favorite fall family activity. Maybe favorite family activity of the entire year?? If you live near Dallas, it’s open for one more weekend and I highly recommend checking it out!


(Brian said no.)

Last year vs. this year… wahhhhhh.

The kids both passed out on the way home. That’s a lot of fun packed into one weekend- for ALL of us. Off to pack lunches, fold laundry and catch up on Scandal. Night!

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Getting It Done

I feel like I was super productive today, which is what happens when both kids are at school and I force myself to come home instead of running a million dumb errands. I took down the Halloween decorations, put away laundry, vacuumed, cleaned the kitchen, made beds, cleaned out some of Isla’s old clothes. Notice that I didn’t say “showered” or “got dressed”- let’s not get TOO crazy here.

Brian had a work party tonight so after school I took the kids to Monster Yogurt in an attempt to wear them out. Early bedtimes FTW! Holy geez do NOT go there between 3-4pm, especially on a rainy day when children have been cooped up inside all day. It was caaaa-razy. But the kids had fun and wore themselves out on the playground, so mission accomplished.

I gave them the option of going out to dinner or ordering in, and they both voted to order pizza and watch TV. Done and done.

That’s my half of the pizza, obviously. The kids had cheese. Chicken, pineapple and green olives- because when the olive-hating husband is away…

We have a BUSY weekend. MOPS tomorrow, then we’re going to the Zac Brown Band concert with friends tomorrow night. Guess how many ZBB songs I know? Zero! But that’s ok! It’s still a night out! And then we have a birthday party on Saturday, a grown-up party Saturday night and then we’re going to *attempt* to take the kids to Yesterland Farms yet again. Don’t fail me now, forecast.

Hope everyone has a fun weekend!

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My Tiny Tornado

Oooooh, y’all. Isla Grace was in RARE form today. I think the time change has her particularly sleep deprived. I knew we were in trouble when I got home from my workout at 6:35am and her bedroom light was already on. In case you don’t have kids, tired toddlers = crazy, hyper, destructive little gremlins. While I was in the shower this morning, she somehow found a paper plate buried in a cabinet, filled it with water in the hall bath, then proceeded to dump it all over the (wood) floor in the hallway. Repeatedly. She also managed to unbuckle her seatbelt every single time we got in the car today, spent lunch screaming that she didn’t want either my food OR Brian’s near her because the smells offended her (tricky since she was between us in a ROUND booth), scrambled out of her seat and all over the cart like a spider monkey at Target, purposely shredded yet another pair of ballet tights, and climbed out of her crib and came downstairs no less than ten times this afternoon when I attempted to put her down for a nap. I finally gave up and let her watch Sex and the City reruns with me on the couch until it was time to go get Jack.

But then guess what I found at FIVE THIRTY???

Awww. She’s so sweet when she’s sleeping.

Anyone else’s kids going crazy with the time change?? Please tell me I’m not alone…

Given our frigid 70 degree temps lately, I’ve been craving chili. Tonight I pulled out my old standby pumpkin-turkey chili. It’s a favorite because it comes together fairly quickly and has a TON of veggies:

Those plus an entire can of pumpkin, which thickens up the chili and makes it even more filling. This is one of the only meals where I actually look forward to the leftovers. It’s so good.

(Ugh, the lighting in my kitchen is terrible. And it’s so dark by dinnertime that I can’t manage to get any natural light… sorry.)

On the side I made Jiffy cornbread casserole, which is STUPID easy and tastes like unicorn tears: 1 box of Jiffy corn muffin mix, 1 can of corn (drained), 1 can of creamed corn (not drained), 1 cup of sour cream and 1/2 cup melted butter. Stir together, pour into a greased 8×8 baking dish and bake at 350 for about 55 minutes.

Just be warned, it’s not bread-y like most cornbread. It’s definitely more of a corn pudding/casserole type dish. Next time I’m adding green chiles!

Chili topped with sour cream, cheese and chips:

Camp kicked my booty this morning, so I’m going to hobble over to the couch and enjoy a glass of wine. And a frozen Snickers. Night!

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