Stuff On Toast

Today Isla was my little shopping buddy while Jack was at school. She was actually really, really good. I let her walk at Northpark and you could tell she felt like she was Big Time. She would look over at me and say really random stuff like, “Soooo… happy birthday!” or, “Soooo… I eat cookies?”

I thought the whole “So…” thing was hilarious, but Brian informed me that I (allegedly) say that ALL THE TIME. Oh well, I guess there are worse things she could repeat. Yikes.

Jack had soccer practice tonight, so I fed the kids an early dinner. Brian and I had a quick and ridiculously easy dinner after they went to bed. It’s another one from the Seriously Delish cookbook, but it really isn’t even a recipe. You just spread hummus on toast, then top with sliced hard boiled eggs, diced tomatoes, chives (I used green onions), salt and pepper:

We had them with soup (Pacific brand roasted red pepper and tomato) and it was the perfect, simple dinner. I’ve officially decided that “stuff on toast” is underrated: mashed avocado, whipped goat cheese, coconut butter… endless possibilities!

Alright, I’ve got to go to bed. I’ve been staying up ’til midnight, then getting up at 6 to work out- aaaand I’m feeling it. Many, many cups of coffee were consumed today.

Thanks for all of the Insanity advice! It’s definitely kicking my butt so far. OH- and completely unrelated, but someone just posted this dog video on Facebook and it’s seriously the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.  I had to share. Enjoy!

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Holla. So I just started the Insanity workout yesterday. Has anyone else tried this? I bought the entire set for $10 on our local Facebook yard sale page. TEN BUCKS. That’s how much someone wanted to get rid of it. Anyway, I’ve done the “fit test” and one cardio-plyometric circuit workout, and already I can barely sit down. In other news, I’m really out of shape. Let’s see how this goes!

But really- if anyone has done this, is it worth it? There are rave reviews online, but I feel like half of them are written by people who *sell* the programs. Looking for unbiased opinions here…

Isla had her second ballet class today. It was just as adorable as last week, possibly more so because she was SOOOOO excited to go. All afternoon: “I go ballet class now? Yes?” Love it.

Tonight we grabbed dinner at our little neighborhood Italian place, Tony’s. It’s crazy cheap and loud, which unfortunately has become a requirement with our two hooligans. Isla and I shared a pizza (half cheese for her, half chicken/green olive/pineapple for me):

And there’s our day. This week is flying!

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Monday Monday

Ha, so remember last night how I was going on AND ON about Isla not eating? Well this morning I get her up and she’s acting really weird- very lethargic but no fever. She actually fell asleep on the changing table while I was getting her dressed, then snoozed on the couch while Jack ate breakfast. Then when we took Jack to school, she wanted me to carry her the entire time and didn’t demand to walk up the stairs, “BY MYSEF.”

So yeah, definitely not her usual spunky self. We get home and she proceeds to throw up massive amounts of apple juice (basically the only thing she’d consumed in the past 12+ hours). But then she was GREAT. So, so weird. I put her in the tub and she was immediately happy and playing. My mom brought her crackers and she basically took down an entire sleeve of saltines. The only other sign that she wasn’t feeling 100% was that she took a crazy long nap this afternoon. But she ate dinner, played all day, was in a great mood. Super weird but I’m glad she’s feeling better now.

I actually planned to make this soup later this week, but today seemed like a chicken soup day. It’s the creamy slow cooker chicken noodle soup from Seriously Delish (again). It’s a really good basic recipe, but you definitely have to improvise with spices. I threw in a few cloves of minced garlic and then seasoned with a LOT more salt at the end. Also, maybe wait and add the noodles during the final 30 minutes of cooking (rather than the last 90 minutes as indicated in the recipe)? They kind of fell apart, so it tasted more like chicken and dumplings than chicken noodle soup. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not what I was expecting either:

Not a huge hit with the kids. Jack said that it was “too peppery” and Isla just refused to even try it. Brian said that he really liked it, though. Alongside is the saddest bagged salad ever- baby spinach with almonds, cherries and blue cheese. I had to fortify with my own cherries and goat cheese because it was pretty dang bare.

Hopefully tomorrow AM will be a little less eventful! As long as I’m not cleaning up puke, we’ll call it a win.

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Fall Tease

This weekend gave me hope that fall is approaching! On Friday night it was in the low 60′s- downright frigid, right? Whatever, I’ll take it. I asked Brian if he would build us a fire and he just looked at me like I was insane. Tomorrow is supposed to be 90 again so I guess the boots and leggings are going back in the closet for a while. Waaah.

We had a fun weekend! We grabbed dinner (kid-free!) with friends on Friday night. On Saturday Jack had a soccer game, but then we played it pretty low-key the rest of the day- Thai takeout for dinner and family movie night. Today we hit up a few nurseries to find some fall plants… we’re really good at killing all things plant-related. Fingers crossed for this year’s crop.

Tonight I made the lemon-almond tilapia from Seriously Delish. It’s really simple- you just dredge tilapia filets in egg whites and then coat them in a mixture of almond flour, lemon zest, salt & pepper and bake. Easy! She does give a coconut rice recipe to go with the fish, but I ended up using the coconut-lime basmati rice recipe from Eat Drink and Be Vegan instead. I’ve made that one a few times before and love it.

Brian and I really liked the fish, though I would say definitely squeeze some lemon juice over the top (the breading was a tad bland on its own). I also broiled the filets for a few minutes to get them extra crunchy. As for the kids: Jack ate a few bites of everything, but only after we threatened to take away iPad privileges (ughhhhhhhhhh) and Isla ate maybe 2 bites of rice? I’m not going to sugarcoat it, mealtimes totally suck around here. My kids eat NOTHING (especially Isla), and they don’t really snack all that much either. Here’s what Isla ate today: 1 bite of sausage at breakfast, 5 french fries and maybe 3 bites of melon at lunch, 2 bites of rice at dinner. Oh and vitamins. THAT’S IT. I can’t even get her to drink milk. She also refuses to touch sandwiches, cheese, all vegetables, deli meat, beef, eggs, pancakes/waffles/toast, fish…  The only thing that keeps me from completely losing my mind is that by some miracle she stays pretty consistent on the weight chart. No freaking clue how that works. Anyway, sorry for that rant but I’m really frustrated. Any tips?? Books to read? Mealtimes are getting beyond stressful around here.

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And The Players Gonna Play Play Play…

So sorry I didn’t blog last night! We had book club and I didn’t get home until 11. Poor Brian was passed out on the couch when I walked in- I think the kids officially did him in. This month we read Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald. Confession: I’ve only made it about 1/3 of the way through, but so far I really like it! I have such a giant stack of books to read right now.

The kids both had school today, and I spent literally the entire time they were gone cleaning. Annoying, but at least the house is clean (for a few hours). We’re also waiting on a cool front here, so I busted out all of the pumpkin/cider fall candles in anticipation. Ok, I’ve been burning a pumpkin candle since August. But now it’s legit! It smells like a harvest festival up in here.

Tonight we met my parents for dinner at Blue Mesa. Per usual, I filled up on eight thousand sweet potato chips and then could barely touch my meal. EVERY DAMN TIME. But here are my street tacos (goat cheese/black bean/avocado, pork and shrimp):

And then we came home and had a dance party to Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off. The kids are obsessed. And by kids, I mean me.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Tiny Dancers

Today was the big day: first day of dance class!! I do know it’s completely insane to sign a 2 year old up for dance lessons. However, I also know that it’s pretty much the most ADORABLE THING EVER… so yeah, cuteness trumps sanity. Obviously.

The promised photo overshare:

Two words: Elbow. Dimples.

So as I was racing to the dance studio, I was already thinking, “Ok, this is never going to work.” Isla gets out of school at 2, then we have to pick Jack up at 3, then run home for a quick change into her dance attire so we can be at dance class by 3:45. PLUS she refuses to nap at school (and therefore spends naptime in the director’s office… awesome) so on Tuesdays she will not get a nap at all. Anyway, I was ready to throw in the towel- but she LOVED IT. Like ran right into class and followed directions like a good little ballerina (um, where did that obedience come from??). So it looks like we’re going to stick with it. But really, how could we not? Look at these cuties:

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Oatmeal Cookie Granola

Are y’all REALLY tired of me talking about the Seriously Delish cookbook? Well, sorry. I found yet another recipe in there that I adore. I whipped up a batch of the oatmeal cookie granola yesterday and it’s pretty amazing… like so amazing that I need to give the jar away before I eat it ALL.

You’ll have to buy the cookbook to get the exact recipe, but it’s really simple. You do have to babysit the oats and stir them every ten minutes or so, just so they don’t burn in the oven. Other than that it’s just mixing up oats, sliced almonds and spices, then topping them with a mixture of browned butter (*drool*), coconut oil, honey and vanilla. And then the whole baking/babysitting/stirring thing. Finally you mix it all with some mini chocolate chips:

It makes a LOT. Along with this giant jar, I had about 1/2 a sandwich bag full.

I just got home from another meeting tonight and bed is calling my name. I’m fighting a cold right now, so last night I forced myself to go to sleep at 11:30 (No iPad, no magazines, no books… it was HARD. The struggle is real, people.) and woke up feeling waaaaay better. Amazing how that whole sleep thing works. Anyway, Isla has her first ballet lesson tomorrow so I’m sure there will be lots of (adorable) pics headed your way. Night!

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Sweet Showers

Fun weekend that, of course, flew by too quickly. On Saturday Lauren, Allison, Camille and I hosted a baby shower for our friend Jill. Jill is one of my oldest friends- I think I was 4 when we met! We lived around the corner from each other and carpooled to elementary school, high school and even to our first post-college jobs (our office buildings were adjacent to each other). I love her so much and am SO excited to meet her baby girl in November!

The shower was at Lauren’s, and she did an AMAZING job decorating:

Mimosa bar:

Baby headband craft station (SO fun, btw- you can buy kits on Etsy):

Hostesses with the guest of honor (and her super cute baby bump):

Last week I mentioned the Seriously Delish cookbook, and I spent the weekend bookmarking a few (or 50) recipes:

Honestly, everything in it sounds amazing, and none of the recipes are overly complicated. I love the interesting flavor combinations (Vanilla bourbon BBQ sauce! Brussels sprout and chorizo nachos!). For dinner tonight I made the BBQ chicken chili. I’m probably jumping the gun on fall here, but it was a cool 85 degrees today! Perfect chili weather. I used Stubb’s Original for the BBQ sauce and then added a little Stubb’s Hickory Bourbon at the end. Garnished with cilantro and shredded cheddar:

Good stuff!! Mine definitely had a little kick, which I’m guessing is more from the Stubb’s than the diced jalapeno (it was seeded). If you like milder chili, use a sweeter BBQ sauce instead.

Off to do all that fun Sunday night stuff- fold laundry, pack lunches, return emails. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Crazy Day

Today was crazytown. It’s been nonstop go-go-go since 6:30 this morning, and now it’s 10:30 and I just walked in from a meeting. Isla and I dropped Jack off at school this morning, ran to the bakery to place an order for a shower this weekend, ran to the dance store to pick up her (tiny, so very adorable) leotard, headed to a play date, home for lunch/quick nap, picked Jack up from school, headed to a play date with JACK’S playgroup, grabbed Chick Fil A for dinner, took Jack to his first soccer practice, handed the kids off to Brian and then headed to my meeting. Whew. All fun stuff, just A LOT. And my house looks like a freaking bomb went off in here, so I’m planning to keep it low key while the kids are at school tomorrow and clean, clean, clean.

Can I just take a minute to give major props to Brian?? On Saturday I tried to run the washing machine, but it filled up with water and them promptly quit. So Brian got online to research the problem, ordered a $7 part (new lid switch!) from Amazon, and then installed it in 30 minutes last night. WHAT! It’s a 9+ year old machine so I definitely thought we were going to have to shell out for a new one.

So that’s all fascinating, right? Anyway, here are some pics from the various playdates today:

OMG. Jack’s tea party…

Love that sweet boy.

Okay, so I made dinner during naptime but never got a chance to eat it… so I guess lunch tomorrow is covered? Anyway, it turned out great! I modified a recipe that I tried a few months ago using Israeli couscous from TJ’s.

Here’s the deal. It’s not very precise:

  • Heat a TBS of olive oil in a Dutch oven.
  • Add a chopped onion and 3 cloves of minced garlic, then saute for a few minutes.
  • Pour in a box of Israeli couscous and stir until the couscous starts to brown.
  • Add a few handfuls of chopped kale. Stir until wilted.
  • Pour in 1 3/4 cups of chicken broth. Bring to a boil, then cover pan and simmer for about 10 minutes (until couscous is soft).
  • Stir in a (drained) can of diced tomatoes and heat through. Season to taste and serve with crumbled goat cheese:

Looks good right?

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Back To School 2

Guess who started school this week???

That’s right… this gal! I was a little worried about how today would go, since: 1. She cried EVERY DAY at drop off this summer, and 2. Jack’s not at her school anymore. But she did great!! I walked her into her classroom, hung up her little backpack and she goes, “Bye, Mom!”

I said, “Oh, you want me to leave now?”


And that was that! Whew. For the last couple of weeks she’s come with me every day to drop Jack off at school, and I think she was ready for her turn. I felt a little lost without my buddy!! I ended up trying a new Shred class at the Y, stopped by my mom’s to say hi to her and squeeze my sweet nephew, headed to Costco and then it was time to pick Squish up at school. The kicker this year is that she gets out 50 minutes before he does, so I’m not sure how we’re going to fill that time every Tues/Thurs.

Ha- this is what happens when I ask Jack to help me get Isla to look at the camera:

Someone was mowing the yard across the street…

I’m Amazon-obsessed and get packages almost daily. They’re usually not very exciting (diapers, wipes, trash bags, toothbrush heads… thrilling…) but today I was SUPER excited to find this!

I pre-ordered it a while ago and forgot that it was released today! It’s the new cookbook by one of my favorite food bloggers, Jessica from How Sweet Eats. I can’t wait to jump into bed and start bookmarking recipes! And yes, I realize how sad that sounds.

Hope everyone had a good Tuesday. Short week- woohoo!

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