Getting The Ball Rolling

Well. Today we had ten showings. TEN SHOWINGS. At one point we had 3 at the same time- I’m not even sure how that works. So basically we had to be out of the house from 11:15am-7:30pm. I’m totally fine with that… if it will get us an offer faster. Actually that first showing was supposed to be at 11:15. However at 11:02 I’m transferring Chloe from the house to our car in the garage when I hear the front door open. Awkward. Luckily it was just a realtor and I scooted out of there (carrying my shoes!!) before the prospective buyers made it into the house. Whew. Hopefully I’ll get better at this?

Isla and I hung out at my parents’ house all day again. It works out well- for US at least, thanks Mom & Dad!- because there’s no place my kids would rather be (including our OWN house) and Chloe gets to chill with my mom’s dogs. We met my dad for lunch at Cindi’s Deli downtown. We shared a giant plate of pickles, and I ordered the stuffed avocado with chicken salad:

(Check out that cute little toddler hand!)

Pretty good! As is basically anything stuffed into an avocado.

This afternoon I ran a few errands while my mom watched the kids. Between getting the house ready to sell and all of these crazy no-school ice days, I have had NO time to do anything besides pack and wrangle kids. So it was nice to get out and have some solo time, even if it was just to buy groceries. Okay, okay, and a quick Ulta stop. I’M NOT PERFECT.

Tonight we grabbed dinner at Modmarket. See how often we’re eating out?? Not good, but it’s kind of necessary at the moment. And their $2 wine was VERY necessary. I had the half flatiron salad (greens, marinated tomatoes, roasted potatoes, flank steak, gorgonzola and balsamic vinaigrette) and the tomato basil soup. LOVED the salad and will definitely be ordering it again.

We’re reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please for book club and I need to make some major ground before Wednesday. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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It’s Showtime!

So… we DID IT! Our house is officially listed on MLS and we even had our first showing tonight. I took the kids (and Chloe) to Sonic and then did the creepy drive-by to see if anyone was at our house yet (they weren’t). We were up until 3am finishing the cleaning and staging, and poor Brian was patching grout literally as the photographer walked in to take pics for the listing. We also had our inspection for the new house today. We didn’t stay the entire time but it doesn’t sound like there were any big problems. We get the full report in a couple of days. We were also able to show the kids (and my parents, SIL and nephew) the house for the first time. Jack and Isla LOVED it. Their rooms will be upstairs, which is huge to them. Jack’s also pretty pumped about the basketball goal over the garage. We’re also literally around the corner from Zach, Laura and Owen, so we’re all excited for fun cousin hangs.

Anyway, I hope this baby sells FAST because there’s no way I can keep this house this clean for any extended period of time. Nope.

Okay that was long and rambly. It’s supposed to snow tonight! I’m conflicted on that. Love the snow, hate the idea of being stuck inside all day.

We had to be out of the house for the showing tonight, so we met Brian for dinner at Hopdoddy. They don’t have a kids menu and Isla won’t eat burgers, so she ended up with: an egg bun, french fries and a side of bacon. Sigh.

I had the Classic Burger on a gluten-free bun. Out of curiosity I asked the cashier what kind of flour they used, and she told me, “gluten-free flour.” Uh huh. Anyway, the bun was actually pretty good but kind of fell apart after the first bite.

(We also may have shared truffle fries.)

Hope everyone is having a good week and staying warm!

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Doing Work

Oh my goodness, y’all. I’m so sorry I didn’t post last night- but this weekend has been a total beating and a half. I really don’t think I’ve ever been this tired. Getting a house ready to sell is NO JOKE. I would recommend just staying where you are, forever. Unless you want to buy my house! Hey hey. But really- this is awful. We’ve been up super late every night since Thursday just boxing stuff up, decluttering and cleaning. We had painters come in on Friday to do some “touch ups”… which then led to them choosing the wrong paint colors, us having to spend the night with my parents to escape the fumes, then them coming back today to fix the colors. And in the meantime I’m going crazy because I can’t really do anything productive while they’re here painting. Oh and did I mention that we got a big ice storm so both kids were home today???

Luckily there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. This *should* be our last late night for a while because they’re coming to take pics tomorrow for the MLS listing and then it officially hits the market tomorrow or Wednesday. It kind of sucks because our yard (and patio, which is a huge selling point) are covered with snow/ice. Awesome timing, Texas. It was like 70 degrees on Friday.

Ugh, sorry to be so Debbie Downer. My poor parents have been amazing. The kids and I camped out at their house all day on Friday, spent the night on Saturday, my dad helped us pack yesterday while my mom watched the kids ALL day, and then today my dad took the kids to play while my mom helped me scrub down the house. I think we owe them a commission if this place ever sells because we would have gotten NOTHING done without them.

Because of all the work going on in the house, we’ve done a lot of eating out this weekend. On Friday I took the kids to the new Trader Joe’s (a few minutes from our house!!) and Isla had her face painted:

Then we grabbed lunch at ModMarket. I tried the farmer’s salad this time- it was ok but a little boring (probably because I had them leave off the cheese). The tomato basil soup was awesome though, and not cream based.

We ate dinner at Gabriela & Sofia’s this weekend, too. I tried the tilapia with lime-garlic sauce. A-mazing. Also, have I mentioned the free margaritas?? YES.

Yeahhh that’s a lot of garlic. Just the way I like it.

Ok I have one more room to finish tonight and then I’m DONE. Wish us luck tomorrow!

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Making Progress

Thanks for the sweet comments! We’re really excited. And tired. But mostly excited! Poor Brian spent all day on the phone/computer handling “house stuff.” I cleaned out the pantry. Hey, we all have our gifts. Actually I’ll be REALLY excited once our house sells. That’s the scary part… I think once that happens we’ll be able to breathe a little (lot) easier.

This morning I sold both our train table and Jack’s tool bench. Bittersweet, but honestly he hasn’t played with either of them in a long, long time. I don’t even think he noticed that they were gone, and now Isla is thrilled to have a wide open dance floor in the middle of our living room. I also headed up to school to be the computer helper for Jack’s class. I love doing that- the kids are so sweet and really don’t even need me to be there. I just turn on the computers and they do the rest. I’m like, “Can I help anyone? Please??” Nope.

Last night I made a big batch of turkey meat sauce, but then we ended up going out for dinner. So tonight I heated that up- the sauce was just lean ground turkey with sauteed onions, garlic, carrots and mushrooms, plus a jar of White Linen Marinara Sauce from Costco. That stuff is awesome (and whole 30 compliant!).

The kids had theirs over pasta, Brian and I had ours over zucchini noodles (just zapped in the microwave a la Nom Nom Paleo).

Wow, tomorrow’s Friday!! This week flew. In the AM we have a stager coming over, our realtor is coming to measure and a contractor is coming to discuss some trim work. OH and a pod is being delivered at some point. Shit’s getting real.

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Big Day

Heyyyy guys. It’s kind of been a crazy two days around here. Between 10am yesterday and 5 minutes ago, we found a house, put in an offer and signed a contract. WHAT. We’ve technically been “looking” for 3 years (I’m sure our realtor just LOVES us), but I didn’t expect the process to go quite so fast once we actually found one. Obviously we’re still in the very early stages of this whole process so I’m super excited, but cautiously so. We’re exploding at the seams in our current house, and this one just has a lot more space, is totally updated and is only a few minutes away from our current ‘hood. But now comes the scary- terrifying?- task of getting our house ready to sell and listed ASAP. Yikes.

I was so distracted today that I can barely remember what we did. This morning we had a contractor come over to look at some touch up stuff around the house, then after that Isla and I headed to Trader Joe’s. I’m getting so annoyed with that place because they are ALWAYS out of what I need. Of course Isla still loves it because she can terrorize everyone’s shins and ankles with her tiny cart:

Jack had a half day today so we met my mom for lunch, then everyone (and I do mean EVERYONE) took pretty epic naps. Thank god. I feel like we’re all pretty sleep deprived lately. Brian wanted to get a head start on cleaning out tonight so we just grabbed a quick dinner at Zoe’s:

My usual Greek salad, minus feta, plus chicken.

I guess I should go help Brian, huh? Catch y’all tomorrow…

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Hey! A little different post tonight- today was kind of a crazy day (maybe more on that later) so instead of food I’m going to post a little DIY project I finished tonight. ‘Kay?

I’ve been rearranging stuff in our room and couldn’t figure out what to do on the top of our dresser. Before I had this big jewelry stand from World Market, but I was tired of that and thought it looked kind of messy. SO I was really excited when I stumbled across this little project online: DIY marble tray.

It’s super easy. You go to Home Depot and purchase: 1 marble tile (actually I had to go to Lowe’s for that one), the strongest glue that you can find (I used Gorilla gel), 2 matching drawer/cabinet pulls, and little sticky feet. Felt feet work too. Oh and spray paint if you don’t like the color of the pulls. I bought both bronze and gold spray paint and ended up just using the gold.

Then you just stick the feet on the underside of the tile. Flip it over and glue the sprayed pulls to either side of the tray (after measuring about 500x… at least if you’re me…). Use a q-tip to clean up any extra glue.

Allow to set for at least 24 hours, though I don’t intend to carry this around by the handles. It’s just going to sit on my dresser like a good little tray and wrangle all of my junk:

Hooray! Not too shabby for about $20.

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Climbing Back On

So after a weekend of… maybe… possibly?… indulging just a tad too much (as in, forcing Brian to order pizza to be delivered to a BAR at midnight on Saturday), I’m climbing back on the wagon. Sigh. Actually it’s fine. The weekend was fun but I realize that I feel 200x better when I’m eating clean, which sadly does not include pizza or Deep Eddy Ruby Red.

I managed to snap pics of all three meals today. Breakfast was hard boiled eggs, avocado, blueberries and raspberries. Also a not-pictured almond milk latte:

Lunch- turkey burger topped with guac, Jackson’s sweet potato chips (cooked in coconut oil), carrots and pickles. This is quickly becoming one of my standby lunches. I cook 4 of the frozen Costco turkey burgers at a time and keep them in the fridge for easy meals.

For dinner I pulled out the ol’ Primal Cravings cookbook. I forgot how much I love that one. All of the recipes are really simple (both in technique and ingredients) but taste great. Tonight I made the sloppy joe meatballs with ground turkey, and on the side we had roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes.

Aaaand there’s our day. Tomorrow begins our string of Crazy Tuesdays where we have school, ballet and soccer. Not sure how I’m going handle getting both kids dressed, fed and where they need to be but we’ll make it work.

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Valentine’s Weekend

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! Hope you all had a day full of looooove. Brian did good. He’s definitely the better present-buyer in our relationship:

Is he trying to send me a message that I stink? Oh well. I’ll let it go because I can’t stop sniffing that Jo Malone perfume. It’s amazing.

We had a great weekend! Brian got home late on Friday so we ended up just picking up dinner at Central Market. Sushi for me, salad for Bri, grilled cheese for Jack and mac & cheese for Isla. Everybody’s happy.

On Saturday we grabbed breakfast with my parents and Owen, then did our usual walk down to Gecko to visit George the Rooster and all the baby chicks. With my little Valentines:

On Saturday night my parents watched the kids so we could go to the Exchange Club auction. It’s so fun (and rare) to get a night out with our friends, plus it’s always fun to get dressed up for a change. We ended the night at our local dive bar, One Nostalgia Place. All in all a pretty perfect Valentine’s Day.

A friend recently turned me on to Chatbooks, and I think it’s GENIUS. It’s a subscription service that sends you a printed book of your Instagram pics after every 60 photos. Each book is $6 and includes your caption and the date on each photo. This is great because despite the best intentions, I NEVER print out pics.  I got my first book in the mail and am so happy with it:

Awww, tiny Jack…

If you decide to sign up (and there’s an app, too), you can enter the code below to get your first book free! Full disclosure, I get $1 for every referral.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Paleo Chocolate Fix

HERE’S A FUN STORY. I can’t believe I forgot to share this with y’all. Yesterday afternoon Isla was in her room “taking a nap” (or so I thought). I had gone for a run that morning and was still stinky, so I decided to jump in the shower while she slept. I step into the shower, wet my hair, and then immediately realize that Chloe is barking her head off. So I stick my head out of the shower and hear our security alarm going off.

Ok. Naked in shower + alarm going off = basically my worst nightmare.

So I throw on a towel and run into the living room to the alarm panel. It’s indicating a glass shatter alert in the back bedroom. You got it, Isla’s room. I run back down the hall to her room, throw open the door… and she just looks at me and goes, “I threw my cup.”

I ran BACK to the living room, disarm the alarm- but by that time enough time has passed that it’s already alerted the alarm company. They immediately call and I tell them that it was a false alarm, but of course in my complete state of panic I cannot for the life of me remember the password.

At this point I almost just wanted them to assume that I was burglarizing the house and send the police. Because I’m pretty sure you get to take showers in jail, and for the love of god, THAT’S ALL I WANTED.

Still not sure how in the world she set off the glass shatter alarm by throwing a plastic sippy cup…?

Moving on. I’m still sticking to the Whole 30 thing 90% of the time, but tonight I did whip up a batch of PaleOMG’s Almond Butter Blondies:

I miss having something sweet at the end of the night, so most nights I eat a bowl of unsweetened frozen cherries (buy the big bag at Costco) topped with toasted coconut flakes and sliced almonds. Tonight I was really craving chocolate, though.

These blondies are REALLY good. It’s crazy to me how you can mix almond butter, coconut sugar, honey and eggs and it comes out with the same texture as baked goods made with flour. I don’t get it… but I liiiike it. I used Enjoy Life dairy-, nut-, and soy-free semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Hope everyone has a fab weekend and a wonderful Valentine’s Day! XOXO

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Whole 30 Recap

Hey! So I’m officially DONE with this round of Whole 30!! I’m excited to be finished (wine!), but I feel so good that I really have every intention to continue eating this way MOST of the time. It is a lot of work- especially at first- but I feel like once you get into the swing of things and have a good grasp on what you can/can’t eat, it gets much easier.

Here’s what I’ve noticed:

More energy and it stays steady throughout the day, rather than crashing in the afternoon.

Improved mood. Enough said.

Better digestion- TMI, but I’ve dealt with digestion problems off and on ever since I had my gallbladder removed (in 2012, right after Isla was born). NONE in the past 30 days.

Clearer skin

Less swelling/puffiness- before I started, every morning I would get up and have to slather on all of these eye creams and treatments because my eyes were SO PUFFY. I had a Garnier eye roller in the fridge that I would use every day while my coffee was brewing. Even my fingers would be super swollen by the end of the day. Ok so I’m not going to show a bunch of before and after pics because they’re horrifying, but I DID think this comparison was interesting. The pic on the left is before I went to bed on day 1, and the pic on the right was from last night. The fact that I’m revealing a completely makeup-free face shows just how much I love you guys… hopefully I don’t scare any small children:

Check out the eyes. Crazy, huh? I mean, lefty there is after a good 2 months of holiday crap-eating, but still.

Ok so for the numbers. I lost 8 lbs and 7.5 inches. I’m pretty darn happy with that, considering that it was almost completely attributable to diet. I did run a few times per week, but I also took a week and a half off due to bronchitis. Also I was NEVER hungry. If I wanted a snack, I had an apple with almond butter, a Larabar, some pistachios, whatever. Probably the most shocking result is that I don’t miss Diet Coke at all. I’m still working on trying to find an acceptable substitute for cream in my coffee- nothing tastes as good as half & half.

I did have a glass of wine with dinner last night, and this morning I used TJ’s coconut creamer in my coffee (yuck)- but other than that I’ve basically stuck to it today. Breakfast was scrambled eggs with mushrooms and an apple, lunch was a turkey burger with sweet potato chips and raw veggies, and dinner was another turkey burger (I was short on time) with a baked sweet potato.

So there you have it! Hope that was helpful and not too overshare-y. As always, feel free to comment or email me with any questions!

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