Little Sis

Hey! Is it sad when you have to look through pics on your phone to remember what you did today? Don’t answer that. This morning Isla and I ran a few errands after dropping Jack at school. Since most stores don’t open until 10 and Isla was complaining that she was hungry, we stopped by our neighborhood diner for a quick breakfast:

Ugh, meals are such a struggle right now. Prior to this, I made her breakfast at home- which she didn’t touch. Then we go to the diner and she wants pancakes. Literally takes ONE bite of them. And a piece of bacon. That’s it. Jack’s a really good eater, so I’m praying that this is just her being stubborn like me asserting her independence and that we’ll come out of this fun phase soon. Girlfriend needs some veggies. But really, how cute is she??

Jack’s class had their Easter egg hunt this afternoon, so Isla and I headed up to school to join the party. It’s so funny- Isla just assumes that she’s an honorary member of the class and just joins right in to whatever they’re doing. Like they all lined up on the playground to walk back inside, and she just hopped right in line with them and marched back into the classroom. Jack’s classmates are super sweet and they’re always so nice to her. Today they were handing her eggs and sharing their candy. Love.

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day at Jack’s school, so Brian’s parents flew in today to attend. I think he’s so excited to show off his school to all of 4 of his grandparents (or vice versa). Love all of these cute little school activities!!

Off to try to hack into our DirecTV account so that I can actually watch the season finale of Fixer Upper. Getting prettttty dang tired of no TV up in here. We’ve watched the same 5 recorded episodes of Olivia like 200 times and I’m pretty sure that Jack’s requested Wreck It Ralph every single day for the past week. No bueno.

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Run The Highlands

Well we did it- officially closed on both houses today. We were briefly homeless between the first closing at 10 and the second at noon, but luckily everything went smoothly on all sides and we are now technically “renters” until April 17th. So bittersweet, but also really excited to get in and get settled in the new house!

Not to change the subject, BUT… for anyone living in the Dallas area, I wanted to let you know about a really fun local run that’s coming up in April. I’m currently a member of the Lake Highlands Junior Women’s League, and our annual fundraiser, Run the Highlands, features a 5K, 1 mile family run/walk, and carnival to raise money for projects within the community. In the past we have funded a splash park at the local rec center, built an indoor play area, updated a park, installed a 1 mile trail loop and more. This year the race will be held on April 25th and I hope you’ll consider signing up!! For more information, click here… and to register, click here. If you do decide to register, on the 2nd page of the registration form you’ll see: “If you were referred to this event by a LHJWL member, please enter their name.” If you wouldn’t mind, PLEASE type in my name (Heather Baker) on the form. And obviously I’ll be there, so come say hi if you sign up!

Ok I promise not to keep bothering you about this… more than a few more times. But seriously, it’s so much fun and for a great cause, so please consider signing up! Or you can just donate and get a free t-shirt, haha. No judgment here!

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Quick Getaway

Just sitting here surrounded by piles of post-trip laundry, moving boxes and Easter goodies. It’s a disaster. I cannot believe that we close on BOTH houses tomorrow, and by this time tomorrow night we technically won’t own this house anymore (we’re leasing back through the 17th). I’m trying not to get emotional but I know it’s coming… first house, brought both of our babies home here… ugh, changing the subject.

This weekend was so much fun, and despite the fact that we have about a million things to accomplish HERE, it was good to get away and recharge just a little. We got into Charlottesville around 9 on Friday night, grabbed dinner and arrived in Lexington close to midnight. Brian had meetings all day on Saturday, so I spent the day wandering around town and through campus. It was gorgeous, as always.

That evening Brian and I headed to a new (well, remodeled- the building is 200+ years old) hotel, The Georges, for happy hour in the bar, Taps. The hotel was pretty amazing. I was walking around creepily snapping pics of all of the light fixtures and stair runners for inspiration in our new house. It’s beautiful. If you ever find yourself in Lex, check it out. And try the pimento cheese app.

Pretending that we’re young and kid-free coeds again… don’t we look refreshed? Almost like no one is demanding a snack, climbing under the table or asking us to wipe them. Amazing how that works. (I love you, kids. I do. I’m just tired of wiping people.)

After drinks, we met up with friends at the Southern Inn for dinner. Aaaaand then we found ourselves at a frat party. Yep yep yep. It was Fancy Dress weekend and they had a big midnight brunch at the fraternity house. While it was fun to see all of those adorable, fresh-faced youngsters, mainly it just made me feel really ancient. I just wanted to put on my stretchy pants and watch Scandal.

Brian’s going to kill me for this… but I really had no choice. Look at that fratty hair:

And then Sunday we met everyone for brunch, got on the road back to Charlottesville and landed in Dallas after 10pm. Such a fun trip but TOO SHORT. Oh well, I’ll take a trip to VA any day.

So there’s our weekend! Wish us luck on the closing(s) tomorrow!

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Quick Hi

Hey guys- just a quick post to say hi! It’s almost 1am and I JUST finished packing. Because I’m the worst. Brian and I leave tomorrow for Virginia to visit our alma mater, Washington & Lee. He’s on his fraternity’s housing corps and has to attend a few meetings… and I’m just tagging along because I’ll use any excuse to visit Lexington and am REALLY excited about a couple of days of peace and quiet. You know you’re a mom when you actually look forward to a plane ride because that means you can read a magazine undisturbed. Yes.

Anyway, hope you guys have a good weekend! If you miss me, I’m sure I’ll be oversharing on IG for the next few days.

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Crockpot Corned Beef

Isla and I had a “challenging” morning. She woke up a few times last night with bad dreams, and I think she was just exhausted- and therefore fighting me on everything. We made a Target run and I made the mistake of letting her walk rather than forcing her to ride in the cart. Well I was just flipping through pics from today on my phone and came across this gem:

Yep, that’s her. Falling/diving headfirst INTO the cart, pink tutu and all. I was in the process of taking a pic of a pair of shoes and must have accidentally snapped that one as I lunged to pull her out of the cart… by her ankles.

She’s fine, by the way. We had a few Come to Jesus talks in Target. They probably didn’t sink in.

Anyyyyyway. Remember how I told you that I made dinner in the crock pot last night, but then we ended up going out? Well tonight we had that crock pot meal: Corned Beef in Beer. The corned beef was from Trader Joe’s. I just threw some veggies (onions, potatoes, carrots) in the pot, nestled the meat in, poured a cup of beer over the top and let it cook on low for about 8 hours. For the last hour of cooking, I added a chopped head of cabbage.

A little late for St. Patrick’s Day, but oh well. I thought it was pretty good, though I’m not a huge corned beef person. This one was more for Brian.

Catch you guys tomorrow!

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Family Band

Well, we have a new roof. And no TV. Luckily I downloaded about 10 episodes of Fixer Upper via OnDemand before they took the dish down. But seriously- for the next 3 weeks I can’t even watch the Today show in the AM?? Not. Cool. We had the DirecTV guy come out today to figure out a temporary fix, and for $49 he spent about 1 minute walking around the yard and another 30 seconds explaining that there was nothing he could do. Super.

Sorry, enough about that. Nothing much to report today, other than the fact that my kids AND the dog can sleep through 10 guys ripping shingles off our roof. How amazing is that? They started around 7am and no one made a peep. Guess I can stop tiptoeing down the hall at night?

This afternoon we skipped ballet because Owen came over to hang out for a while. Jack and Isla were SUPER excited. Love, love, love watching them play together:

Ha- they both look really annoyed that I’m interrupting their little cousin concert. Sorry, guys.

As I’ve said before, Tuesdays are crazy because both kids have school, then Isla has ballet (though not today) followed by soccer practice for Jack at 5:30. I actually made dinner in the crock pot, but it wasn’t anything that the kids would actually eat (as you’ll see tomorrow) so we ended up grabbing dinner at Jason’s Deli. We’ve been eating there a lot lately- mainly because they have such a large kids menu, AND I’m a little obsessed with their Nutty Mixed-Up Salad… despite the super cool name:

Greens with apples, grapes, walnuts, dried cranberries, pumpkin seeds and feta.

So there’s our day. Catch y’all tomorrow!

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One Pot Dinner

Today was not too shabby for a Monday. I was scheduled to host playgroup this AM, but since 90% of our toys are stored away in a Pod somewhere, we ended up meeting at the new “fun zone” at our local rec center. It’s a great indoor play area for kids ages 1-5. Isla had a blast running around with her buddies. I’m coming to the realization of how much BETTER she acts when she’s had plenty of active, run-around time. Like today- after we left the fun zone, I took her to Target and she was a perfect little angel and actually sat in the cart the entire time. WHAT? So that’s my daily goal now. Wear her out.

It’s actually pretty easy to do these days since it’s so gorgeous out. Plus this afternoon we had another birthday party, so she and Jack got even more playtime with their friends- AND face painting and a pinata to boot.

Look at that grumpy little kitty.

I made dinner while Isla napped today so that I could squeeze in a run once Brian got home from work. It was a really simple one: Amish One-Pan Ground Beef and Cabbage Skillet. I used ground turkey instead of beef. You just brown the meat, then throw in onions and garlic. Saute for a minute or two, then dump in diced tomatoes, tomato sauce and cabbage and then allow to simmer for about 30 minutes.

I did doctor it up quite a bit by adding some dried Italian seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder and lots of salt and pepper.

Served over cauliflower rice:

Not the most exciting dinner, but it tasted good and was healthy/paleo. Plus leftovers!

So one of the conditions of the contract on our house was that we put on a new roof before closing. Here’s how ridiculous I am: The roofer is coming tomorrow and I am literally panicking because they are going to take the DirecTV dish off the roof… meaning potentially no cable for the next three weeks. Unacceptable!! Brian’s on the phone with them right now to figure out an “alternate solution” (which apparently = $$$. Of course.) but I’m planning to binge watch tonight while I still can. #firstworldproblems

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Moms Night Out

Sunday, Sunday. We had a busy weekend! We did our usual birthday party circuit- it’s kind of a full time gig now that the kids each have their own friends and their own parties. We end up just trading kids all weekend- I’ll take Isla to a party while Brian hangs out with Jack, then vice versa.

Yesterday I met up with friends for a much needed Moms Night Out. We started off getting our nails done, then headed to the W to get ready to go out. It’s soooooo nice to be able to get dressed without having to stop 50 times to fix a snack, break up a fight or chase down your 2 year old because they just took off with your makeup. And then wrote on the wall with waterproof eyeliner. Yep, it happened. That’s one job that the Magic Eraser can’t handle.

(Don’t we look relaxed? NO KIDS.)

Grabbed dinner at Stampede 66. I wish I had taken a picture of my margarita!! They made it tableside with dry ice:

It ended up being more like a dessert than a drink. So good. I had shrimp and grits for my meal- also really good but super rich.

After dinner we headed to Saint Ann’s for a drink and then back to the hotel to crash. I think we were in bed by 12:30? We’re definitely not in our 20′s anymore.

Another bday party today for Isla, so I took Jack to the park. Then we grabbed dinner at ModMarket, a few groceries at Trader Joe’s, then met my parents for fro-yo. Jack and Isla entertained themselves with the TJ’s stickers:

So there’s our weekend! Off to watch Scandal- I can’t believe we’ve had in recorded for this long without watching! Obviously we need to get our priorities straight.

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Sweet Friends

Hey guys! Sorry I didn’t post last night. We made a spur-of-the-moment trip to IKEA and didn’t get home until late. And if you’ve ever been there, you know that it’s, um… exhausting? Lots and lots of walking and yelling (GET OFF THE CHAIR. PUT THE PILLOW BACK. QUIT RUNNING. I SEE YOU HIDING FROM ME IN THAT TINY CIRCUS TENT…).

We didn’t leave with anything- other than meatballs- but we did some good recon work for the new casa.

Today was fun and busy. I was the computer helper for Jack’s class this morning, then I met Brian for lunch at Blue Sushi. Again, LOVE that his new job is so much closer! We shared an ahi tower (though I think it’s called the SMU tower here? Hmm) along with our respective rolls:

Tonight we headed to Jake’s to celebrate sweet Caroline’s 3rd birthday! I pulled up at the restaurant and found this in the backseat:

Luckily the kids rallied and had a blast- it was gorgeous out so they were literally running laps around the patio.

Gosh, Jack’s face. How do you make a 5 year old smile??? He does that cheesy-grimace thing in EVERY. PHOTO. And he has such a sweet real smile.

Love this tradition! Check them out last year and in 2013. Sweet, sweet babies.

Off to watch some Scandal. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Back To It

I feel like things are slowly getting back to normal around here. The kids are back in school after spring break/snowmageddon, soccer and ballet have started back up, we’re eating meals at home again, and I finally managed to make it out for a run tonight. I’ll admit that I’m a complete control freak and this whole house thing has thrown me for a BIG loop, so I’m glad that things are feeling slightly more normal again… though I know that’ll change once we start boxing everything up and getting ready to actually MOVE.

Anyway, with everything going on, it’s been really easy to put certain things on the back burner- just little stuff like sleep, exercise and healthy eating. Um, bad idea. I feel like crap, have no energy and have been a total B- to live with. Soooo… working on that now. Why exactly is it so hard to make yourself go to bed early? I don’t understand. Oh yeah, Facebook, blogs, IG…

MOVING ON. Today’s meals weren’t all that exciting. I’m trying to stick to eating *mostly* paleo because I can honestly say that I feel my best when doing so. A couple times last week I had a sandwich for lunch and by 2pm was literally nodding off. For breakfast I found this awesomely weird, improvised avocado toast- only because we were fresh out of ripe avocados yesterday. Just take a slice of Udi’s gluten-free bread, toast it, then spread with a cup of GoodFoods chunky guacamole (sold at Costco) and top with a sliced hard-boiled egg, salt and pepper:

So weird, right? But it’s GOOD and a lot less messy then having to mash up an avocado in the AM. I know, I know- super lazy. But then you have your protein, carbs and healthy fats and the entire meal takes 5 minutes to prep.

For lunch I heated up a cup of last night’s chorizo & kale stew and also had some pickled cabbage salad on the side. I love making a big batch of this and eating it all week. It keeps really well (and actually gets better as it sits) and is a good way to sneak in veggies without having to prep a salad at every meal. Again with the laziness. Oh and for the cabbage salad- instead of using 1/3 cup granulated sugar, I use 1/4 cup coconut sugar. But either way is fine.

Jack had soccer from 5:30-6:15 tonight, so I fed the kids beforehand. They always want to play on the playground after practice so it’s close to 7 by the time we get home. Once we got back I handed off the kids to Brian and headed out for a run. SO PERFECT. The weather is amazing right now, and though I was exhausted and running sounded like the absolute last thing I wanted to do, I’m so glad that I did it. As always. I’m a slow learner.

For dinner I grilled a few Costco turkey patties and baked a sweet potato. The burger is topped with yet more guac and the sweet potato is topped with coconut oil and cinnamon.

Ok so it’s 9:53. Think I can make it to bed by 11? I realllllly want to watch the new episode of Fixer Upper.

Again, I never learn.


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