Mustard-Pecan Salmon

Thanks to a cancelled game and practice, we had an unexpected free night tonight! Jack’s teachers have already called it quits on homework and tests, bless them. Isla still has to study for a spelling test on Thursday, but no homework for her tonight either. Their official last day is the 30th. Next week is going to be crazy because Brian and I are heading to New York on Sunday (my bday!) and won’t be home until Wednesday- so right before their last day of school. It’s my first time to NYC so any and all recs (food, shopping, etc.) are welcomed!

I had zero ideas for dinner tonight, so I searched through my food/recipes folder on my phone- basically a million screenshots of stuff I want to try- and came across a Jen Hatmaker post from three years ago. She recommended glazing salmon with a thick honey mustard, topping with chopped pecans, and baking or grilling. Simple enough!

I used this Boar’s Head honey mustard, which is super thick and perfect for this recipe. I also mixed the chopped pecans with some fresh parsley- still loving my Gardenuity herb garden!

I bought frozen wild salmon filets from Target, thawed and patted dry, then placed them on a baking sheet (coated with nonstick spray). Sprinkled with salt and pepper, a thick layer of the honey mustard, then the chopped pecans.

That one on the left was Jack’s- he is not a pecan fan, and apparently not honey mustard either. I drizzled some Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki on his.

Baked at 400 for 10 minutes, then broiled for a minute or two. Next time I’ll toast the pecans beforehand.

Served with roasted potatoes (with fresh rosemary!):

Also my FAVE summer salad: butter lettuce, thinly-sliced red onion, strawberries, avocado, blue cheese, glazed pecans and poppy seed dressing. It’s THE BEST.

This fish is going into the regular rotation! It was so simple but felt fancy (for a Tuesday), and honestly you can’t beat a 10 minute meal.

Happy Tuesday!

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Sheet Pan Dinner

Last night Isla had a 7pm soccer game, and I needed a super quick and easy dinner to throw together beforehand (rather than an 8:30 dinner). We had a package of Trader Joe’s garlic herb chicken sausage in the fridge, so Pinterest to the rescue and I found this recipe for sausage, potato and broccoli sheet pan supper. I don’t know why I don’t make more sheet pan dinners. They’re so easy and I can use up whatever rando veggies and proteins that happen to be hanging out in the fridge.

My only issue with this recipe is that the sauce/marinade is SUPER salty. Next time I’ll cut back on the coconut aminos and salt. But the flavor was good and we had all of the sauce components on hand.

Per the recipe, I cooked the red potatoes by themselves for about 10 minutes before adding the sausage and broccoli. I ended up roasting everything together for a lot longer than the recipe indicated. I wanted the broccoli nice and charred and the sausage a little crispy.

Perfect weeknight meal! Not the prettiest, but Jack cleaned his plate (boy loves his roasted broccoli) and I didn’t even have to make any sides. Win win!

Isla had another soccer game tonight, Jack went sailing with his Boy Scout den, and tomorrow AM we have the first grade play. May is cray, y’all.

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Mother’s Day 2019

I’m so sad that this weekend is over! It was pretty much ideal- we got a date night, saw live music, had fun with the kids, relaxed, spent time with family. All my favorite things!

Brian received tickets to Kaaboo Fest, a music festival at Cowboys Stadium, through a work contact. We ended up going on Friday evening while the kids spent the night with my parents.

The whole lineup was amazing! It was a 3-day event, and Friday featured the Old 97′s, Joan Jett, Blue October, Lauryn Hill, Bush, Alanis Morisette, Lionel Richie, The Killers, Ludacris, and probably more that I can’t remember. We showed up in the middle of the Old 97′s set (our faves!), then caught some of Bush, Joan Jett, all of Alanis and then The Killers. The Killers were AMAZING. I used to listen to them way back in college and right after graduating but hadn’t really kept up with anything since. They put on such a great show- Brian and I have both been listening to them since Friday. It was just a cool experience. The festival wasn’t super crowded (at least that night) and we were able to get pretty close to the stage for every artist.

(That was during Alanis- she was like 8 months pregnant and running around onstage like it was nothing!)

Saturday was pretty low key, then on Sunday we met my parents for Mother’s Day brunch at Mesero.

Brian set everything up, so major points to him for that and also for the coffee, flowers and sweet Mother’s Day gifts. After brunch I made a solo Target run (which is really a gift in itself, let’s be honest), we took the kids on a walk, grabbed dinner at Hopdoddy, then had dessert at my parents’ house. Perfect day!

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So apparently it’s just going to rain forever here. The kids had a half day today (because OF COURSE THEY DID), and naturally a torrential downpour started right when it was time to pick them up. And then kept monsoon-ing the entire way downtown to meet Brian for lunch. I actually love the storms… just at night when I’m in bed. Or when we’re camped out at home with nowhere to be.

You know what IS cool with all of this rain? My cute little herb garden!

My friend Cait (who I used to babysit, and who now has KIDS and a JOB, which makes me 100 years old…) works for a company called Gardenuity. They deliver edible, portable container gardens right to your door. I’ve tried my hand at herb gardens before and pretty much failed miserably, but I love the idea of not having to haul everyone to Trader Joe’s every time I need fresh basil. So when Cait contacted me about trying out a garden kit, I jumped at the opportunity.

A few days later a big box arrived at my door containing literally EVERYTHING you need to get your container garden started:

Planting container, herbs, soil, compost, spray bottle, little vials of mysterious plant nutrients (as well as more fertilizer and nutrients to use as a booster 30 days from now). For my herbs I received sweet basil, rosemary, dill, curly parsley, Thai basil and chocolate mint. The herbs arrived in perfect condition- I even waited a couple of days to plant them and they still looked like they did the day they arrived.

The entire planting process took less than an hour. You soak the coir tiles (which Dr. Google is telling me are made from coconut fibers) for about 30 minutes, then add them to the grow bag, followed by soil, fertilizer and finally plants. Then you spray the plants with the included nutrients… and that’s it!

I’ve already used the sweet basil on our broccoli-kale pizza the other night. The grow bag is right outside the kitchen window and the kids love checking out all of the herbs. I also love that it’s portable so you can move the garden around for more or less sunlight if needed.

So maybe this year I’ll finally keep something alive???

Anyway- very cool concept, and would make the perfect gift! I hear something is coming up on Sunday…? Or would be great for end of the year/teacher appreciation!

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Broccoli Crust

I had such a fun weekend hanging out with this sweet guy:

We had dinner with my parents, visited the Perot museum (on Star Wars day!), had a movie night (The Sandlot- he LOVED it) and just hung out. He had three soccer games cancelled between Friday and Sunday so we had a lot of extra downtime. Brian and Isla had fun on their campout, too… though Brian was pretty much toast on Sunday.

I was digging through the freezer on Sunday night trying to figure something out for dinner, when I came across this broccoli & kale pizza crust buried in the back:

I think it was around 420 calories for the entire thing? You bake the crust, flip it, then bake for a few more minutes. The directions suggested broiling it after, but the edges were already starting to turn brown so I skipped that. I topped it with marinara, mozzarella, turkey pepperoni and fresh basil, then stuck it under the broiler until the cheese melted:

Verdict? Pretty darn good! You can definitely taste the broccoli, but in a good way (if you like broccoli, obviously). I like this better than the TJ’s cauliflower crust! Not a bad option to have on hand- and hopefully to keep me out of the kids’ pizza.

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Wacky Wednesday

Isla is having a BIG week. Recital on Sunday, camp out this weekend, and I don’t think she could have crammed one more activity into her day yesterday. We had Muffins with Mom at school in the morning, then I helped chaperone her field trip to Safety Town in Frisco. It’s really cute- basically a miniature “town” with buildings and roads with stoplights, one-way streets, stop signs and cross walks. Half of the class drove Jeeps (and learned to follow traffic rules) while the other half were the pedestrians. Then they switched. So the chaperones were responsible for making sure that no one ran red lights, jay walked, or did this:

It was rough going at first but she eventually got it!

Cuties. I love her class.

At our school auction back in February, we signed Isla up for a one day cheerleading clinic taught by a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader (who also happens to be one of our substitute teachers- Jack’s favorite sub, lol). The clinic was right after school on Wednesday and they learned the cutest cheer and dance!

So after THAT she had a soccer game (and scored one goal and one assist!), then I left the kids with Brian and headed to book club. Wine was necessary after that crazy day.

Ok on the food front, I made a big casserole the other day that we’ve been eating for dinner the past couple of nights: Buffalo Chicken & Rice.

It’s nice because you don’t have to prepare the chicken ahead of time- it cooks with the rice in the oven. I used 4 Tbs of Frank’s buffalo sauce and it wasn’t too spicy. Oh and I also sprinkled some cheddar cheese on top before baking.

Served topped with green onions and a drizzle of blue cheese dressing:

This makes a big pan, so it would be a good one to make for dinner and then take for lunch later in the week. It reheated really well, too.

Ready for the weekend! I’m looking forward to hanging out with Jack- and maybe he’ll even get to play a soccer game?? Fingers crossed that the rain holds off for a change.

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Dancing Cats

So I realized today that we are exactly ONE MONTH from the end of the school year. How???? I’m so excited for summer but also really sad that we’re almost done with first and third grade. First grade especially is one of my favorites. The kids still seems so little and precious. I swear, we’re already getting glimpses of the pre-teen attitude from sweet Jack.

Our weekend freed up considerably once the City of Dallas decided to shut down the soccer fields. The weekend was gorgeous (for a change) but apparently our fields were still a mess. So we had a pretty low-key Saturday. It was actually perfect because Sunday was ballet allllllll day. Isla had her Big Top Circus recital- she was a “performing feline” (don’t make the same mistake I did and call her a dancing cat).

Managed to sneak a pic during dress rehearsal:

Fan club!

Super cute. I was a backstage mom this time and didn’t get to see much of the recital, though I did get to watch Isla’s dance from the wings. She had a blast. I don’t know where she got her love of being onstage but it sure wasn’t from me! Brian…??

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All The Things

Ugh, y’all… THIS WEEK. Makeup soccer games, projects, social studies test (that I thought was tomorrow but was actually today, whoops), spelling tests, reading test, something called “reader’s theater.” There is SO MUCH crammed into this short week. Also Isla has her dance rehearsal and recital on Sunday.

The projects are a beating- but have you ever seen a cuter Andy Warhol??

Tonight I made a super simple dinner (just for the grownups- remember, it’s Subway Day lol):

I planned on browning some ground turkey, but Sprouts had a much better deal on ground chicken breasts (why is their turkey so expensive??). So I just cooked a pound of chicken, then added three minced garlic cloves, some Italian seasoning, a can of drained mushrooms and a jar of Rao’s tomato basil. We had it over Banza chickpea pasta- which the kids hate but I think is pretty good! Lots of protein, too.

Not terribly exciting, but given the amount of homework/studying on the agenda tonight, simple was better.

Kids are finally in bed so I’m hoping to catch up on my book. Currently reading Maybe You Should Talk to Someone and it’s fascinating! I don’t read a ton of nonfiction but this one is really good.

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Easter 2019

Happy Easter! We had such a fun weekend. Brian was actually off on Friday, for maybe the first time ever? We spent the day running a few errands, then taking Isla to her last swim lesson. On Saturday Jack had a soccer game (Brian is the assistant coach, so he went with him), and Isla and I headed to Tupps Brewery in McKinney for my aunt’s 60th birthday. It was so much fun! The weather was perfect and Isla had a blast hanging out with her cousins and dancing:

On Sunday we went to mass and then over to my brother’s for lunch. We got to spill the beans to the kids that they’re getting a new cousin this fall! Zach and Laura did a gender reveal while we were there and they’re having another girl! Jack and Isla are SO excited.

All dressed up. Jack looks like such a dude.

Easter bunny goodies:

Fun cousin time!

Easter fell on my dad’s birthday this year, so of course we celebrated him too!

I woke up in the middle of the night with the WORST sore throat. I was 100% convinced it was strep… but apparently it’s just allergies and/or some type of virus. Ugh. So the doctor just told me to add Zyrtec on top of the Flonase that I’m taking every single night. So annoying. I’m not ready for the summer heat BUT I am ready for these spring allergies to go away.

Heading to bed early(ish). Night!

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Never A Dull Moment

Sorry for not posting yesterday; we had a little bit of drama (what else is new??). Isla was playing goalie before Jack’s soccer practice last night and took a ball to the wrist.  She’s generally a pretty tough cookie, so when she didn’t stop crying for a good 30 minutes- and her wrist was swelling- I was concerned she had a fracture. We ended up taking her to a pediatric urgent care for x-rays. The on call doctor didn’t see a break but sent the pics to the radiologist just to be safe, and since we wouldn’t get a report until today, she was sent home in a splint (which she was VERY excited about).

We received word today that there’s no break- likely just a sprain or some bruising! Which is great because OF COURSE this is also the week she’s taking swimming lessons:

Anyway, that’s what we’ve been up to. The kids have a half day Thursday and are off Friday and Monday- ready for the break!

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