Chickpeas Please

We had a couple of awesome recipe successes last week, but I’ve been slacking on my picture posts. I have an old, clunky camera and it’s a pain to upload pics. But these were too good to pass over…

First- from my Eat, Drink and Be Vegan cookbook (blog here):

Chickpea Patties!

These were really good and not too hard to make. They were kind of falafel-ish. We served them stuffed into Sprouted Grain pitas with baby spinach, sliced tomatoes, hummus and tzatziki from Izmir Deli- but they would have been great on their own as well. I cut up one of the leftover patties on top of a salad for dinner last night but it kind of fell apart once I added dressing. Weird discovery: while making these patties, I dropped several cooked chickpeas on the floor… and Chloe totally snarfed them down! This from the dog who turns her nose up at EVERYTHING.

Here’s the final product:

A shout out to Brian for the lovely food styling ♥ Also, that’s a little pile of tabbouleh you see in the front.

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