So Tired… Must Keep Typing… Zzzzz

Is it weird that since starting culinary school, my own meals have become progressively crappier? Granted, it’s only been two days- but I see a bad pattern starting here.

Case in point… my dinner:

Dehydrated thai noodles eaten at the computer while blogging. Like right now. At 10:30.

Class was kind of a snooze-fest. We went over measurements, conversions, and every detail you could ever want to know about flours, shortenings, thickening agents, milk, sugar, cheese and eggs. I realize that this is basic first week of class stuff, but after 4 hours I was about to die.

I did learn 2 interesting things:

  1. All honey contains a miniscule amount of botulism, which is why you can’t feed it to babies.
  2. There is an emergency doorhandle on the inside of the school’s industrial oven. So if I ever get locked in there, it’s all good…

Since obviously no cooking was done in this house tonight, I thought I might share with you a few products that have made me VERY happy this summer.

1. Whole Food’s Lime Bars

These are the best frozen fruit bars ever. I scored the last box at WF last night. They are pretty substantial, last a while, and taste just like a margarita on a stick. And just ask Brian- any food is better on a stick.

2. Cedar’s Garlic Artichoke Salsa

I don’t have a picture of this because I ate the entire tub in one sitting last weekend and then buried it at the bottom of the trash in shame. This is almost more of a bruschetta than a salsa- lots of big chunks of tomato, garlic and artichokes. It would be amazing over grilled fish. I found it in the refridgerated deli section at Sprouts but I think WF carries it too.

3. Method Olive Leaf Body Wash

I’ve shared my obsession with all things Method, but this is my favorite. I bought this shower gel religiously up until about a year ago, when it disappeared from the Target shelves :( But now it’s back! And in a bigger bottle with a pump top! It has a great light, non-girly scent (Brian uses it too) that lasts all day. I know this doesn’t really fit in with the food theme of this post, but go buy some and you’ll understand.

Okay, off to bed… after a lime bar.

PS- No class tomorrow night! Done for the week. Hopefully I’ll have an exciting dinner post for you.

PSS- WOOT! I just went to post this and we’re officially over 5000 views!

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6 Responses to So Tired… Must Keep Typing… Zzzzz

  1. lo says:

    Mmm. Lime bars.
    We might have to check those out.
    I’m always determined in the summer to make my own frozen “things” on a stick (though I’ve never actually done it). I’ve got recipes galore — including a few that actually use alcohol. :) Will be sure to share if we get that far this year!

    Am also curious about the Method body wash. We’ve fallen in love with Shikai body washes of late. But, I could be persuaded by something called “olive leaf”.

  2. klemons says:

    How many calories in the lime bars? I will try the body wash, I love their hand soap that smells like green tea. I made frosting last night, from scratch and used a lot of powdered sugar, but it still tasted different from yours – please forward that recipe to me for my next cupcake bake!

  3. heatherwlu says:

    Lo- Really? Like a REAL margarita popsicle? Please share if you get a chance to make them! I’ve been eyeing some popsicle molds but haven’t bought any yet.

    Kat- I think they’re like 110-115 cals and fat free. Tons of sugar, I’m sure, but still not that bad! I don’t have the frosting recipe in front of me, but I think it’s like 2 sticks of butter (eek), 7 cups of powdered sugar, a little milk and vanilla. I’ll look it up when I get home…

  4. Amanda says:

    Lo- I make frozen things daily for my kids (without the tequila!)–its so easy. Do you eat yogurt? Save the containers and there are your molds. I use regular spoons instead of wooden sticks–not because I care about the environment ( I do), just because in the 6 years I’ve had kids I never remember to buy any sticks.

    Do you make whole fruit smoothies? Freeze your fruit, pop them in the blender with juice (or booze!) up to just past the fruit and blend. Always put in sweet fruit (apple, banana, pears) along with the more tart (berries).

  5. Amanda says:

    btw, dont bother with the popscicle molds they are too small and frustrating to pop out.

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