So… THE BIG PROJECT. You’ve been dying of suspense, right?

I’m helping my mom throw a baby shower for my cousin tomorrow night and happily volunteered to make cupcakes. They’re having a little girl and registered for super cute ladybug print baby bedding. I planned on making just the regular old Magnolia vanilla cake/pink vanilla buttercream combo, but then had the brilliant idea to create LADYBUG CUPCAKES.

Fast forward to last night, with me hunched over the counter attaching tiny black fondant heads to equally tiny red fondant bodies. Thirty guests= 3 bugs per cupcake x 3 dozen cupcakes= A LOT OF FREAKING LADYBUGS. These old lady eyes are not my friends.

Safe in it’s natural habitat, the peaceful ladybug happily mingles with peers…

For the cupcakes I went ahead with the trusty Magnolia Bakery Cookbook Vanilla Birthday Cake recipe… and, of course, pink vanilla buttercream icing. It’s never failed me in the past so why mess with a good thing?? As a (sometimes) redhead, I recognize that pink and red is not always a good combo outside of Valentine’s Day- so I opted for half white frosted and half pink (the pink turned out waaaay cuter). I call this “Ladybugs in the Snow”:

With the pink:

And the infestation on my counter. Notice the wine at the top? I needed this.

I’m happy with how they turned out, even though they were a lot of work. And Katherine- any chance you’ll be heading south this weekend? I have about a gallon of buttercream left over.

It’s got your name on it… just sayin’

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5 Responses to Infestation!

  1. klemons says:

    Um, did you even have to ask? They are ADORABLE, I am making flamingo cookies next week for a housewarming party but perhaps you could make me 50 fondant flamingos instead and I will do cupcakes. (I am drooling over the frosting right now.)

  2. Stephanie says:

    Those are so adorable! I can only imagine how long those must have taken you to do – but obviously it paid off!

  3. molls says:

    mmm i’ll take one pink one and that glass of wine please.

  4. lo says:

    SOOOO cute!
    And I know how long things like this take… but I also know how much they’re appreciated. Well done!

  5. louise says:

    were did you get your bridesmaid dresses?im havin 4bridesmaids also 4mywedding next year

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