Crisis Averted.

BUSY weekend! Today we cleaned. I got up early to go for a Father’s Day walk with my dad (the walk was my idea, the 8:30am start time was HIS). Walks were something we did all the time when I lived at home and I really miss them! And I’ll begrudgingly admit it: getting up early meant that I was much more productive than on my usual sleep-in Sundays.

We clean the house every weekend, but by Saturday it’s always gross again. I guess we’re just dirty people. The part that bothers me the most by far is the pet hair. The entire house has wood floors, so we end up with all of these gross dog hair tumbleweeds everywhere. So today I spent 2 hours vacuuming floors, baseboards, furniture- basically anything that couldn’t run away from me. After spending a good half hour on the couch, I decided to be more proactive and cover Chloe’s favorite corner with a blanket. This way, when normal (clean) guests show up, they don’t think we own a shag couch.

I don’t think Chloe really caught on to the concept:

No, Chloe… ON the blanket.

She’s doing that on purpose.

No real cooking this weekend, but I did find a particularly yummy cereal: Kashi Autumn Wheat Cinnamon Harvest. Like a healthier version of mini wheats filled with cinnamon deliciousness. Here’s my mid-cleaning snack- cottage cheese and apple butter with some of the cereal crumbled on top (along with my supersweet new Sig bottle):

So what crisis was averted, you ask? Well, it was a close call. Way too close for comfort.

I almost bought Crocs.

Those are the fugliest shoes in the history of the planet, and had I actually bought them I would have hated myself forever and ever amen. But as of this afternoon I had NO shoes for class. The supply list was unhelpfully vague (“Black, industrial lace ups or clogs”), though our instructor did say that solid Crocs were a-ok. We actually headed to a few stores in search of these hellacious “shoes”, but apparently you can’t find the solid version in the summer.

I was just about to have a meltdown when we tried Wal Mart as a last resort. Lo and behold, they actually carry an entire line of shoes geared towards those in the food industry. They’re not terrible (okay, they’re hideous)- black, criss cross elastic velcro kicks, kind of like those yoga slip ons. Better than the alternative.

So thank you, Wal Mart. I may have to rethink my allegiance to Target.

Or not.

And in case you’ve been wondering what a huge tool I look like in my chef’s gear… your wait is over:


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0 Responses to Crisis Averted.

  1. lo says:

    It’s funny. When we clean on weekends we always find ourselves exclaiming “We’re SUCH dirty people!”… I think that the reality is, there’s just a lot of dirt in the world :)

    Looks like Chloe is supportive of your new “uniform”! That’s a good sign!

  2. Lauren says:

    Don’t laugh…ok, you can laugh. I forgot my shoes this weekend in Seguin…and we went to Wal-Mart…and…I bought…hot pink faux Crocs. True story. Now let’s not ever talk about this again.

  3. Brian says:

    Get in your corner! Chloe, get in your corner!

  4. Cindy Oates says:

    Sweet! You look good in anything, Heather!

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