Baking is Fun

This week the kids I’m babysitting for are in camps from 9-1, so I actually get some time at home during the day! It’s weird. I ate lunch at home yesterday and realized that I’d probably only done this (during the week) a couple of times. I thought Chloe would be excited to see me, but she just kept sleeping… next to her blanket, of course. Grrr.

I took advantage of the time at home to get some cooking done. For lunch, I made a modified version of the Spanish Omelette from Nigella Express. She uses real eggs, cheese and roasted red peppers. Mine is a lightened-up Mexican version using nopales, which are actually strips of cactus! I bought it jarred- SUPER cheap- at Target; it’s a little slimy (kind of like okra, you have to rinse it) but really rich in vitamins A, C, K and even iron and fiber. I suck at flipping omelettes, so this is a great way to avoid it altogether.

“Mexican” Spanish Omelette

  • 2 tsp Butter or Butter Substitute
  • Tiny drop of Olive Oil (to keep butter from burning)
  • 1 C Egg Beaters
  • 1/2 C Reduced Fat Cheddar
  • 1/3 C Nopales, rinsed
  • 2/3 C diced new potatoes (I use canned)
  • 2 Scallions, chopped
  • Salt & Pepper

Preheat broiler. Mix eggs and rest of ingredients in bowl. Heat butter and olive oil in ovenproof skillet. Once butter has melted, pour egg mixture into pan. Cook until bottom has set (4-5 min). Place entire skillet under broiler to set the top. Broil about 3-4 minutes. Remove from oven and turn omelette over onto plate. Let cool.

Here’s what it looks like on the stove:

Aaaand on my plate, with veggies and hummus on the side:

You could easily make a Greek version of this with sun dried tomatoes, spinach and feta, an Italian version with mozzarella, etc…

Since I had class from 5:30-10, I knew I wouldn’t have time to make dinner, so I threw together a recipe from Vive Le Vegan before I had to pick the kids up: Chickpea Ratatouille. Really easy- just chickpeas, canned tomatoes, onion, peppers, agave nectar and TONS of spices (I don’t remember ever using mustard seeds before!). Brian baked it while I was in class and it is delicious. Kind of like a chunky, uber-filling pasta sauce. This would be really good with couscous or quinoa, which is what I’m planning on having it with for lunch!

This pan is going to be fun to clean… yuck. Should have remembered the Pam :(

I wasn’t starving after class, so I just had a small bowl. Okay, okay- a small bowl with a BIG glass of wine:

*The wine is not shown, as that would have involved me having to actually put the glass down- and that wasn’t happening.*

Anyway, this is definitely my favorite recipe so far from either of my Dreena Burton cookbooks (Vive Le Vegan and Eat, Drink and Be Vegan). Delicious!

And finally, we started baking in class yesterday! I was nervous about baking in an industrial kitchen, but so far it’s great. Just bigger equipment and larger portions. We made chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies and brownies. Our group divided up the recipes and I chose brownies. That was a bad choice. I was excited to use a double boiler, but the brownies were by far the messiest and most time consuming of the three. I wish you could see my jacket and apron… and actually my hat too, for that matter. COVERED in chocolate. I’m like the Pigpen of the class. The cookies turned out beautifully! Here’s a shot of some of the ones I brought home:

Pretty, huh? My group did a great job. You’ll have to wait on the brownies- we made ganache and are icing them tonight. Oh, and I think we’re making biscotti, nut cookies and (maybe?) pinwheel cookies too. Hello again, Freshman 15. I’ve missed you…

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0 Responses to Baking is Fun

  1. klemons says:

    Um, first of all, I love your uniform, Chloe is highlarious, your food pictures make me hungry, I am going to buy that body wash you suggested today as I am out of my Buttercream Frosting expensive kind AND when is Lauren getting married?

  2. Ange C. says:

    hmm..another dish that looks good to try. I have a running list.
    So RANDOM alert….i was looking through an old Ballard Designs catalog (r u familiar?) and saw this…and thought…chloe…pug..why is this sooo familiar? And DUH. Pretty coincidental, no?? Had to share with you. :)

  3. heatherwlu says:

    Kat- Which body wash? The lemon or the olive leaf? I’m not sure B&BW still has the lemon stuff :( Definitely try the olive though!!

    Ange- OMG, those are adorable! I’ve heard of Ballard Designs- my mom gets like 583 catalogues and I think I’ve seen that one over there. Those prints would look really cute in our living room… hmmm

  4. heatherwlu says:

    OH- and Kat, Lauren’s wedding is July 5th

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