Belated Anniversary

Although our anniversary was Wednesday, we decided that it would be more fun if we were actually conscious to celebrate (i.e., not a weeknight) so we held off until Saturday for our big anniversary dinner. My parents gave us a gift card to a new-ish authentic Mexican restaurant in Uptown, Trece, and we decided that our anniversary was a good opportunity to check it out!

Fun drinks! I started off with a frozen Blueberry Mojito. I’m not usually a big rum fan (after learning in college that it makes me turn really red… not a good look) but this was delicious:

Brian ordered a Cucumber Lavender Mojito, which the waiter warned us would be VERY cucumber-y. It was, but in a good way! Very light and a great summer drink. Surprisingly, we passed on the $45 (!!!!) margarita. That thing better come with a bottle of Patron.

For an appetizer, we went with the Lobster Nachos. They were good, but the table next to us ordered the tableside guacamole and it looked delicious… I think I had buyer’s remorse. Here’s a nacho- the lobster is kind of buried under the cheese:

Our waiter was very nice and helpful, but the service kind of sucked. At first they tried to put us at a really tiny two-top in the middle of the (then empty) restaurant, but when we sat down I could barely see Brian because of the glare. So let us move, which ended up being a good thing because they sat two big groups on either side of the first table, and the poor couple that did end up sitting there could barely move. They also didn’t bring us chips and salsa until I requested them- and that was well into our meals. We didn’t need the chips, true, but it bugged me that we didn’t get them :(

For my entree, I ordered the Pollo con Mole, a boneless chicken half baked in mole sauce. I LOVE mole sauce- it’s a mixture of ground peppers, nuts and spices, and most importantly, cocoa. Theirs was good but not as thick as I’ve had it in the past. It can’t touch Cafe San Miguel’s (another one of our favorite restaurants). The green beans that came with it were really good. Here’s my plate:

Brian ordered the New York Strip Ranchero. I stole a bite of his chorizo potato hash. Yum.

Weirdly enough, our favorite part of the meal was a side dish we ordered to share: “Mercado” Corn with Blue Cheese Rancho Sauce. At the farmer’s market and some Mexican grocery stores around here you can buy “Elotes”- ears of corn smeared with butter, mayo, lime juice and parmesan. Okay, it sounds gross… but don’t knock it until you try it! This dish was like an upscale version of Elotes crossed with creamed corn. SOOOO GOOOD.

Finally, for dessert we had the Cajeta Crepes. They were filled with peaches, raspberries and bananas and topped with a caramel sauce. Not bad, but not very exciting either:

We debated stopping at a wine bar afterwards but remembered that my parents had given us champagne as an anniversary gift (How cool are my parents? We would probably be celebrating our anniversary with Papa Johns and Franzia if not for them.) so we headed home instead.

Our champagne along with the toasting flutes we used at our wedding three years ago :)

I’m looking forward to this week… no babysitting Monday or Tuesday, so I’ll have time to work on homework, laundry and cooking! It may not sound too exciting, but just being caught up on stuff will be a nice change.

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  1. Tammy says:

    Happy Anniversary! I remember how beautiful your wedding was, my daughter Amy and niece Britney actually took notes.

    I have made the grilled mexican corn recently and added some cayenne to the mayonnaise mix and rolled in cojito cheese. yummy.

  2. Ange C. says:

    Hi there…happy Monday to you! Your ‘review’ of Trece is similar to my experiences there…i am never truly blown away by any of their dishes, although I must say (sorry!) the tableside made guac is pretty awesome. My husband really likes it there though so I compromise. Oh well, right? There are plenty of other great places to eat in Dallas. AND…i tried Tillman’s and LOVED it! I ordered a tomato and goat cheese dish and substitued the corn for their mac and cheese and YUMMM. Cool place too. Have a great week.

  3. Jackie says:

    Happy belated anniversary! Everything looks wonderful, but 45 dollars for a margarita? GASP!

  4. heatherwlu says:

    I know!!! Isn’t that crazy? To be fair, they did have more reasonably priced margaritas too, but apparently this one won “Best Margarita in Dallas” a year or two ago. Who buys that?

  5. heatherwlu says:

    Tammy- Thank you! The wedding was fun, wasn’t it? I wish I could do it all over again! That corn sounds really good, but I’ve never grilled corn before. This is a stupid question, but do you shuck it first before putting it on the grill?

    Ange- Glad I’m not the only one with Trece. I’m so glad you liked Tillman’s! Were they the goat cheese sliders? Those are REALLY good. I had that dish around Halloween and they served it with a baked mini pumpkin.

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