Party's Over

Ugh. I’m lying on the couch right now trying to breathe and whiiiiiiiining. My throat is killing me, I’m all congested… it’s very sad and pathetic. The weird work-school schedule/no sleep combo along kind of a crazy weekend have officially caught up with me and I’m being punished :( On the plus side, we’ve watched two decent movies today: Definitely, Maybe and Seeing Other People. Poor Brian. But sicky gets to pick the movie- thems the rules.

Yesterday was Lauren’s bachelorette party!! FUN! Three of the other bridesmaids, Lauren and I met at the Bliss Spa at the W for pedicures and then headed downstairs for a little happy hour at the bar. I ordered a really great summer drink, “Strawberry Lemonade”: vodka, club soda, basil, lemon juice and strawberries. Ooooh, pretty!

I was kind of obsessed with the light fixtures in the bar…

“Team Lauren”- Alex, Jamie, Stephanie, Lauren and me. There’s one more bridesmaid but she lives in NYC and couldn’t make it down :(

For dinner, We headed to Manny’s, a Mexican restaurant in Uptown. Lots of chips, queso and ‘ritas! Afterwards we walked a couple of blocks to a very cute lingerie boutique in West Village, Trousseau. Lauren threw part of my bachelorette party there and it was so much fun that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do it all over again. The ladies there are so sweet- they provide wine and snacks and you just get to shop, chat and hang out. One of the other bridesmaids suggested a game where you “name” the ensemble you purchase and then Robert (Lauren’s fiance) picks out her outfit based on the name only. Mine was “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire…” Haha. Anyway, if you live in Dallas and are planning a bachelorette party, I highly recommend holding it here! The whole group:

And here’s pretty much the exact same photo from my bachelorette party- 3 years ago!

After that we walked across the street to Social House, a newish bar. The big excitement was that one of the contestants from the current Bachelorette was partying there. His name is Jeremy and he actually went to law school with Brian. All of the girls at the bar were going NUTS taking pictures and talking with him. Here’s “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette”. Well, not THE bachelorette… our bachlorette.

Everyone at the table:

Lauren had fun. Put your veil back on, woman!

Our last stop of the evening was The Loon, a totally divey but always PACKED bar. Lauren calls it the “lung cancer bar” because it’s so smoky- but they pour strong drinks and you pretty much always see people you know. So it was fun! I ran into some friends that I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years.

So yeah, fun times! Although I think I’m pretty much out of commission in terms of the whole going-out thing… at least until the wedding next weekend :) Now to bed with my whiny self!

UPDATE: Sorry this post is so late! I just woke up and still feel like crap. But I must rally- just looked at the culinary syllabus and today is DOUGHNUT DAY!

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  1. Lauren says:

    You are by far the BEST matron of honor EVER! I had an amazing time!!! Bring me a doughnut after class!

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