Here Comes the Bride…

Okay guys, I took Friday off- so get ready for a MARATHON post…

Oh wow, what a weekend! While everyone else in the U.S. was celebrating Independence Day, we were busy, busy, busy with my best friend Lauren’s wedding. So much fun!! Friday consisted of a bridal luncheon, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner took place at a local winery (I’ve posted about this place before), Times Ten Cellars.  Times Ten provided the drinks- beer, sangria, and of course, wine- and one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Matt’s, catered fajitas.  And don’t worry, we got to see fireworks! We all headed out to the parking lot afterwards to watch fireworks put on by the neighborhood country club.

Brian and me at Times Ten:

Saturday morning we picked up Lauren at 11:30 and headed to the Hotel Palomar to get ready for the big day! Despite some, um, issues with the hotel (the suite they gave us the key to was dirty, they didn’t let the photographer take pics inside the hotel) we had a blast and Lauren was the most zen bride ever. No freakouts whatsoever.  OH, and there was a random competition going on at the hotel: The Meow Mix “Think Like A Cat” Contest.  All of these people (some even in cat attire) were lined up with their cats in little carriers and strollers. It was hilarious.

Lauren getting ready… don’t worry, she has clothes on under there:

And here she is in full bride mode right before the ceremony. Gorgeous!!

All of the bridesmaid’s bouquets:

The ceremony went off without a hitch and we headed to the Dallas Arboretum for the reception.  I didn’t take a picture of it, but Lauren had a local gelato company, Paciugo, set up a stand outside. I got wedding cake flavor (awwwww).

Here’s the first dance:

My parents had a great time, too. I think they danced more than Brian and I did! Nothing’s funnier than dancing to Sexy Back with your mom :)

I’m kicking myself for not taking a photo of the wedding cake. What a bad future pastry chef! But I did get a shot of the super cute groom’s cupcakes (MOCHA). Thanks to Joy for being my hand model:

And finally, the happy couple… with their favorite third wheel…

So yea! Gorgeous wedding and congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Wallace!

Today we were in recovery mode. Slept in until 12:30 (!!!!) and then headed to Ikea to look at rugs.  For dinner we threw together an easy, summery meal:

  • Mango Cilantro Grilled Chicken
  • Coconut Creamed Corn
  • Roasted Asparagus

I marinated the chicken in an Annie’s marinade we picked up at Whole Foods:

It was good but very subtle- I only marinated for about 30 minutes.  This would probably be really tasty on shrimp, too. The Coconut Creamed Corn was awesome. Fresh corn is simmered with light coconut milk, lime juice, fresh cilantro and crushed red pepper.  The recipe was from the latest issue of Eating Well and if you want to try it, the recipe is here. Finally, I just tossed the asparagus with a couple tsp of olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar and roasted at 400 for 20 minutes.  Props to Brian for the lovely grilling technique- look at those lines! Good thing, because I’m afraid of the grill…

Night! Babysitting and class tomorrow… it’s PIE DAY!

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0 Responses to Here Comes the Bride…

  1. Rose says:

    Looks like a fun weekend! I love both your and the bride’s dresses. Very beautiful!

    We totally did the same thing with the sleeping in (it’s 11:00 a.m., and I just woke up!) Oh, and we were near Front Royal, Virginia this weekend. We stayed at Matthews Arm Campground… it was so nice!

  2. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace says:

    What a hot couple. They look like awesome people.
    P.S. We want pie.
    Seriously…if you don’t bring us pie we will crop you out of all of the wedding photos. No jokes.

  3. Danielle says:

    What a wedding! It looks like you had an amazing time.

    I’m a newbie here so I just wanted to say “hello”… loving the blog :)

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