Now What??

Oh my goodness- what a weekend!! I’m happily camped out on the couch now, not that I have a lot of choice. At this point, walking is on an as-needed basis only. Let’s start with today and work backwards, shall we?

The marathon went great! I was super nervous after waking up at 2 this morning and hearing the wind basically shaking the house. It was also pretty darn warm- around 70 at the start line. But I finished in 4:17, which I’m happy with… especially given the not-ideal weather conditions.

Here’s the start line- 17,000 people for the full marathon:


I had the BEST support along the course. Not only were the spectators just generally awesome, handing out water, orange slices, doughnuts and beer (no, I didn’t take any), but I had familiar faces to look for almost every 5 miles or so. Brian was at mile 6, 14 (with Chloe!!), 21 and the finish line, my parents met me at 7, 13, 19 and the finish, my friend Maxey and the gorgeous May family were around mile 15 (see their photos here), Joy was at 21, and the Barteau’s were at 19 and waiting at the finish. Plus all of the well-wishes and donations on the blog. There is NO WAY I could have crossed that finish line without you guys. Every time I started feeling crappy, I would look up and see someone cheering and get an extra little boost.

Approaching the finish line… smiling only because I can finally stop running:


And afterwards, with Brian:


With my parents:


And with the Barteau’s:


Afterwards we grabbed a turkey burger at Twisted Root, and then I took a 2 hour nap with the pug. At this point I am SO sore. My feet are killing me and I’ve lost another toenail. Gross. But it was a great experience and I’m so glad I did it (and that it’s OVER!!).

On a sad note, I just read that a 29-year old woman from Austin collapsed and died on the route at mile 21. I saw several people on the ground along the way, and a few on stretchers. It was just too hot.

So back to the rest of the weekend- if you’re still with me!

First off, Friday night we picked up my race packet at the convention center. I scored some pretty sweet swag, as you can see here:


Apparently Chloe wanted her mini tennis ball in the photo, too. From left to right: Stacy’s pita chips, 100 cal pack of guacamole, prevention magazine, some little shots of glucosamine, a Tylenol pedometer, Curel lotion, mini Larabars (PB!! and Chocolate Mint), Powerbar cola-flavored snacks that I’m a little scared to try, and a Cliff bar.

Afterwards we had a nice little date. Dinner at Patrizio’s in Highland Park Village (LOVE that place). We split the Hearts of Palm Salad:


For dinner I had Angel Hair with Marinara, Chicken and Mushrooms. Digging the rosemary sprig.


Highland Park Village is absolutely gorgeous at Christmas. They light up all of the trees, but this photo doesn’t really give it justice.


Guess what we did afterwards?? Went to see Twilight! I actually really liked it. It was cheesy, but in a good way. I didn’t think I would be a big fan of Robert Pattinson. But boy was I mistaken… hehehe. Can’t wait for New Moon!

Saturday was basically just Christmas shopping and getting ready for the race, so nothing exciting to report.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

*Survey Time*

What is your proudest accomplishment?

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0 Responses to Now What??

  1. eatingbender says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! You should absolutely be proud of all your hard work – it paid off and I’m very happy for you!

    Oh hell yes Robert Pattinson. It’s incredible NOT to become a fan of him after seeing that movie :) I’m glad you liked it!

    Proudest accomplishment – getting into my school of choice and/or getting my internship last summer and winning our team project.

  2. ttfn300 says:

    CONGRATS!!! awesome run :) all that training wasn ‘t for nothin! haha.

    i’m jealous you were running in shorts and a t-shirt thought! all the support is awesome, it makes it so much better :) hope the recovery goes well!!

    mm, probably surviving grad school :)

  3. HangryPants says:

    Woo hoo Heather. I knew you could do it. Amazing job and beautiful Christmas lights. :D

  4. Rose says:

    Heather! Congratulations! You did so so well – all that training really paid off for sure! And how nice that you had such support along the way – I bet that helped a lot. Great job!

  5. Patty Barteau says:

    Let me just say that I was at the finish line and Heather looked awesome!!! There were people falling over, being put in wheel chairs, being carried by family. Not our Heather, she defintely walked after she crossed the line, I didn’t see anyone continue running, but, she looked amazing!!! So proud of her!!

    Proudest accomplishment: My two sons 10 and 15. My 10 year old is in the picture!!

  6. Ange C. says:

    YAY and A HUGE CONGRATS on finishing the marathon!!!! What an accomplishment!! ;)

    Side note: I was at patrizios friday nite too! Ok…SMALL world.

    Have a great week basking in the glow of your run!

  7. Jennifer says:

    GREAT JOB! I ran the Half yesterday and can only dream of running the full someday – HOPEFULLY NEXT YEAR! or at least that is my goal! it was definitly not the greatest of weather conditions – props to anyone who was able to push through it!! :)

  8. Tammy says:

    Congratulations on your marathon! It was televised on TV and I did look for you, while sitting on the couch, heheh, but wasn’t able to pick you out. But I was pulling for you. Oh yeah!

    Proudest accomplishment- graduating from nursing school and passing RN boards

  9. Sammie says:

    I am so proud of you Heather!!!
    My greatest accomplishment (that is never ending) would be being a mommy. I seriously never thought that I was cut out to be a mom until I had m little monkey. Now I can’t imagine “ME” without him.

  10. lauren says:

    congrats on the race! great time.

  11. Marie says:

    so proud of you heather! i had my very first run this summer in pittsburgh and it was such a incredible feeling just to finish. hope you’re recovering post-run!

  12. susan says:

    You are so wonderful. Way to grow. Boston or New York, which will it be?

  13. Melissa S. says:

    you go girl!!! what an accomplishment!!!

  14. Erin says:

    Oh Heather, that’s amazing! I can’t believe it’s over! You are such a stud! So glad you had supporters.
    That is so, so sad about the woman who died. :( Wow.
    I think my proudest accomplishment is getting my act together and getting educated!

  15. Maxey says:

    I am SO proud of you! That was an awesome experience just to watch! I in incredibly impressed that you can run 26 miles. That blows my mind! You are definitely my athletic hero of the week!

    Also, I saw Twilight as well and I was also happily surprised! :) Maybe we can go see New Moon together when it comes out!

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year if I don’t see you before then!

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