My nose is so stuffed up right now. I need Zyrtec, stat.

Quickie post today… I have a test and a paper due tonight, then my practical and a quiz tomorrow, then another practical and written test on Monday. Geez, even culinary school midterms suck.

No class yesterday, so I had time to create a funky little breakfast:

  • Chobani Plain Greek Yogurt w/ Sliced Almonds & Honey
  • Toasted Peace Bomb Bread w/ Brummel & Brown
  • Sliced Blood Orange (on sale at Target!)


The rest of the day was spent running errands (post office, Old Navy), and then making my 2nd dessert recipe for last night’s book club meeting: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Brownies. These are made from a box of brownie mix and a bag of chocolate chip cookie mix. I guess you could make your own from scratch, but they taste great as is… especially if you make a ganache for the top.

First you make the brownie mix per the instructions on the box and spread it evenly in a 9x13in pan. Next you assemble the cookie dough. After that you just spoon balls of the cookie dough (I used a scoop) onto the brownie mix and press down lightly, so it looks like this:


Aww, look at those little cookies all nestled in their brownie beds.

The dough will spread out in the batter as it cooks, so it will come out like this:


And finally, just whip up some ganache for the top… and top with little fondant flowers. Or not.



The book club meeting was a blast! Check out the spread:


And all of the wines:


This was my favorite:


We had so much fun chatting away that by the time we knew it, Julie’s husband, Kelly, was back with two very sleepy kiddos. Oops.

So cute:



Back to work! Thanks for all of the music recommendations yesterday… I’m giving you the day off from a mandated survey question, because I can’t think of anything creative right now. But feel free to leave something profound and witty :)

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0 Responses to Stuffy

  1. Cas says:

    I’m stuffy too! I think it’s all the wind we have been having… not to mention the sudden change in temperature!! But, I will take the stuffy nose… if it means warmer days. :)

    Chocolate chip cookie dough brownies… yum!

  2. Rose says:

    Hope you made it through all that work. Those brownies look super fun.

  3. Hangry Pants says:

    You do it up right at book club meetings!

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