Rise and Shine

I can’t believe it’s almost 10:30!!!! This whole spring forward thing just threw me off big time. The extra hour of daylight is nice… though Brian would probably disagree, since that just meant an extra hour of yardwork this evening. We officially have the worst yard on our block- so we’re working on that. Ugh.


We had a nice, relaxing weekend. Friday I took my practical. It went okay. My sauce was absolutely disgusting (I reduced it too much, so the olives and the butter separated), but the chicken and veggies tasted fine. I didn’t see the exact grade our instructor wrote down, but I think it was an A. It’s amazing how many things you can totally bomb and still do okay; there are just tons of little details that you get graded on.

After class I went for a really nice 5-mile run. Friday evening we had a lazy dinner at our little local pizza place, Tony’s. I’m sure I’ve written about this place before. It’s so dang cheap- we can both get salads, drinks and a huge pizza for less than $15. Unfortunately it was recently featured in the Cheap Eats issue of D Magazine, so the line has been out the door lately. But still worth it.

After dinner we ran by the new Whole Foods (3rd time in a week, yesiree) for browsing and dessert. The new bakery section has an awesome mini-treats case. You can get bite-sized desserts for anywhere from $0.50-$2.00 each. Here’s our little sampler:


The chocolate chip sandwich cookie was the best… AND the cheapest. Sorry for the blur!


We mainly just ran errands (Sur la Table, World Market), but first stopped at Souper Salad for lunch- my mom gave us a gift card a while back. Here’s my salad:


After our errands, I went for a short 4-mile run. It was so HOT. Like 80 degrees hot. At least we had a nice breeze going. After the run I was starving and had a little snack: blood orange slices and a piece of Peace Bomb bread with cashew butter.


For dinner I was really craving tex-mex, so we headed to Sol’s Nieto Mexican Gril on Mockingbird. We’d never tried dinner here before (just brunch), but it was pretty good. They had a lot of healthier options on the menu: veggie enchiladas, turkey tacos and quesadillas, etc. It was still really nice out, so we sat outside… and if you sit outside at a Mexican restaurant, you have to drink a margarita. Thems the rules.


For dinner I had the turkey tacos. So. Much. Turkey. I dumped half of the meat out.



This morning we slept ridiculously late. Thanks DST. So many of the blogs I read have rave reviews of oat bran, so I bought a box at WF and gave it a try this morning:


The verdict? Nice! I think I should have added more milk because it was super thick, but I like the taste and the texture. This one was topped with cashew butter, honey and raisins- but next I want to try Sammie’s variation with pumpkin.

The rest of the day was spent at Home Depot (and 2 other nurseries), then helping my parents move a table, then back home to make dinner. Tonight I tried yet another Eat, Drink and Be Vegan recipe: Sweet and Sour Chipotle Tempeh with Sweet Potatoes. It’s actually a baked dish, but ends up tasting a whole lot like the sweet and sour stuff you get at Chinese restaurants. The sauce comes together pretty quickly, and other than just slicing (pepper, onions, sweet potatoes, garlic, pineapple and tempeh) and an hour of baking, it’s a fairly simple recipe. Served over brown rice:


It’s good but VERY sweet. I think I may add more vinegar next time…

Tomorrow is our pastry practical exam, and I’m set to make cream cheese strudel with phyllo, a souffle and a coulis. The souffle makes me nervous so practicing seemed like a good idea. Plus, Brian actually said that he’d like to learn how to make one (what??). They’re not super difficult, but there are a lot of steps and you have to be careful not to smoosh the egg whites when you’re mixing them in with the base.

All in all they turned out well! Here’s the pre-baked souffles (chocolate, obviously):


And just after coming out of the oven. I overfilled them a little, hence the spillage. You have to eat these babies within a couple of minutes of pulling them out of the oven or they completely deflate:


There’s a restaurant here, Rise, that specializes in souffles, and I can’t imagine how they do it… that poor waitstaff must be sprinting from the oven to the table all night.

Okay, off to bed. Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

*Survey Time*

What did you do with your extra hour of daylight today?

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0 Responses to Rise and Shine

  1. gammypie says:

    I am not a fan of DLS. I want my nights to be dark and early.

    Last night, I made a simple dinner of fettucine with basil pesto and shrimp. Super easy and cheap. I really didn’t want to cook anything for dinner last night. I had a serious case of patio fever. I wanted slushy drinks and Tex Mex.

  2. Sammie says:

    I have never had a souffle before. Your picture makes me wish I could stick a spoon into my computer and snag a bite.
    I LOVE me some oat bran. Unfortunately I am out and have been having to resort to oatmeal. Don’t get me wrong I like oatmeal but there is just something ultra comforting when I get to enjoy a creamy bowl of oat bran.
    How is sweet Chloe? My Nana found a lump on Ocho and now I am all panicky. What did the vet say was the result of the lump that was removed from Chloe?

  3. Kathy says:

    Took a 2-hour nap! I know, very unproductive but very necessary….

  4. heatherwlu says:

    Sammie- Chloe’s good :) According to the vet, her lump was just an inflammation, but they’re not sure what caused it. They did say that it shouldn’t return (good thing- she has a big ugly scar now). I hope Ocho is okay! Keep me posted!

  5. Margie says:

    I like Sol’s. It’s a good place to go and usually isn’t too crowded. Aren’t you loving that new WF grocery!?! I got up and made it there by 8:30 on Sunday morning. It was the first time I really had time (and the room) to browse. Not crowded at all. And I got to grab some of that 2 for $4 coffee that was the special on Sunday. I should be going today and getting the $0.99 a lb fryers today. But, I’m having a glass of wine instead!

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