Two-Way Petting Zoo

You pet them, they pet you. (Was that the season finale of The Office??)

Speaking of petting, look at Chloe this morning:


She reminds me of that fat little kid in Billy Madison that says he wants to go to “hike school”… and then Billy grabs his face and squishes it: “Don’t you say that. Don’t you ever say that. Stay here. Stay here as long as you can. For the love of God, cherish it. You have to cherish it.

Oh my god, I do love me some Billy Madison. Lauren and I used to quote that movie CONSTANTLY in high school. Yeah, we were that cool. Don’t be jealous.

So what is this blog about again? Oh yeah, food. This morning I had a nice big bowl of oat bran with cashew butter, blackberries, sliced almonds and honey.


And a little bowl of sliced mango and kiwi that I bought at Newflower yesterday. This kiwi was AWFUL. It wasn’t sweet at all, but not sour either. It was just a weird savory kiwi. All kinds of wrong.


The rest of the day was split between studying for a Monday midterm that I conveniently forgot about and hanging out with my favorite kiddos. We went to the park so they could try out these cool little finger kites, then came home and started playing this kid’s Cranium game (Cadoo?)- which they promptly abandoned in favor of just acting out all of the cards, charades-style. Much more fun.

I had a late lunch of pita stuffed with leftover flank steak, hummus and arugula. Then Chloe harassed me for the next half hour for more bites of steak.


This evening I took the puglet for a walk and threw together a nice, summery dinner: steamed shrimp, sauted rainbow chard, arugula salad and an Alexia roll.



I feel like I’m constantly on the lookout for some elusive product in the grocery store. Lately it’s been two things: Orville Redenbacher Natural Salt & Lime popcorn (saw it in a Rachael Ray mag, but it’s not even listed on the OR website), and THIS:


Dreyer’s Yogurt Blends Tart Honey yogurt!!! We’ve been to no less than 5 grocery stores looking for this, yet I ended up finding it at our local Albertson’s. I had a couple bites this afternoon and it’s quite tasty; definitely has a tang to it (similar to Orange Cup or what I assume Pinkberry tastes like) and a nice little ribbon of honey. It seems like it would pair really well with fruit… or a crumbled PB-Banana cookie. Hmm.

Off to finish studying. Can’t believe that spring break is almost over!


Weekend plans?

Tomorrow night: dinner and drinks in Oak Cliff with the fam. Saturday: hopefully getting some yard work/house stuff taken care of. Sunday: Brian’s mom is coming in town, so we might take her to the Arboretum.

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0 Responses to Two-Way Petting Zoo

  1. Eddie G says:

    Looks like I’ll be doing nothing but eating :) I’m going from potluck to potluck all weekend!

  2. SallyAnn says:

    Heather, I have a free sample of the lime popcorn deal and it has just been staring at me for the past few weeks. If you want it, it is so yours. I will mail it as there is no way I am ever going to be brave enough to try it. Lime and I are not BFF’s.

  3. gammypie says:

    I am soooo ready for the weekend. It’s all about the NCAA Tournament at our house. Our brackets were filled out and turned in at exactly 10AM yesterday. I’m sure we’ll be at the bar watching games and eating junk food all weekend. How fun is that?

    We’re also house hunting. I guess you could say we’ve been doing that for over a year now, but nothing has yelled, “BUY ME!” Hopefully, something will come our way soon.

  4. Susan says:

    A ladies retreat at Prestonwood Baptist. Priscilla Shirer is the main speaker (formerly with ZZ). She is the daughter of Tony Evans. Great lady!!

  5. Brian says:

    Amazingly, my weekend plans look very similar to yours. However, I wouldn’t mind if they changed to look more like gammypie’s.

  6. Marie says:

    pinkberry = not all that

    in LA there are 100+ pinkberry competitors so being the non-conformist i am, i support all those mom & pop yogurt-wannabe-like-pinkberry’s. and here are my reasons

    1. who wants to pay 8 bucks for yougurt anyways
    2. the skimp you on the fruit
    3. apparently its not that healthy
    4. reason #1 & 2 combined.

    i heard there was some great places in dallas!!!!!! i can’t wait to come home!

  7. Sammie says:

    I love Chloe’s little squishy face. That new frozen yogurt sounds yummy. I hope you have a great weekend.
    Tomorrow – Karate and visiting my cousin who just moved back from Arizona. The rest of the weekend has not been discussed.

  8. gammypie says:

    Brian, we’ve got beer and basketball going strong.

    I tossed together a few appetizers and then later we’ll throw a pizza in the oven. We’re neck and neck. M is still beating me by one game. Dang it!

  9. Tammy says:

    I don’t blame Chloe, that steak pita sandwich looks awesome.

  10. Savory kiwi? Yes, very wrong. I bought some rather savory strawberries yesterday. :(

    Yeah, what was up with The Office? It was kind of weird, and why is Michael just so painful to watch sometimes? He just breaks my heart…poor guy.

    Salt and lime popcorn? I need that in my life along with the tart yogurt. YUM!

  11. ttfn300 says:

    i’m intrigued by that yogurt blends. i had a kiwi like that the other day :-/ love chloe!!

  12. Hangry Pants says:

    The tart yogurt sounds delicious! I’ve had pinkberry and competitors before and I really like it, but it is super expensive, which is wack.

    I had a fun weekend. Including meeting some bloggies!

  13. Laura says:

    Dreyer’s Slow Churned Tart Honey Yogurt is so INSANELY good!!! Thank you for posting a pic! This is the only image available!! (of course I could be un-lazy and take my own pic, but like I said that would require me to be un-lazy!!)

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