Time Flies

Ahhh- last day of spring break!!! How did this happen? Oh well, it was a fun week.


Friday morning I went for a short run, then ran a few errands (including a stop by the new Nordstrom Rack!). Friday evening we met my parents, grandparents and Aunt Kathy at the Bar Belmont for drinks. It was perfect weather- and that place has the best view of downtown Dallas, period. Brian and I got there early and I was munchy (what else is new?) so we ordered the garlic-ginger hummus to snack on:


After drinks we all met up with my brother, Zach, and his girlfriend, Laura, at Veracruz for dinner. My side of the family has been blessed with what you might call “large noggins”. In this photo, Zach is leaning back in hopes that his head will appear more human-sized:


Or not.


Fortunately (or not so fortunately for our future offspring), Brian has a big head, too. So no leaning.

I ordered the Carne Asada Veracruzana:


Veracruz sauce is something I could easily eat every day, on anything. Olives + Tomatoes = YUM. The best part might have been the chiliquiles, though. I’ve always had this with eggs, but these were just corn tortilla strips baked with a tomato sauce and cheese.

We also had a slice of Tres Leches cake:


Afterwards we wandered around the Bishop Arts District for a while. Brian found cases of his beloved Cheerwine in a cute vintage soda shop and just might have peed himself a little.


Nothing too exciting to report from Saturday. Just “highly efficient errand running” (Brian’s words, not mine). I did make the Polenta Casserole from Eat, Drink and Be Vegan.



It calls for any type of canned bean you have on hand, but all I could find were lentils and half a can of chickpeas in the fridge. I think it would have been better with kidney beans.

We also caught a showing of I Love You, Man. So funny. I never would have imagined that Paul Rudd would be so good at playing the painfully awkward guy.


Brian’s mom is in from South Carolina, so Brian picked her up at the airport this morning and we took her to a new local breakfast place, Another Broken Egg, for brunch. We started off with an order of beignets. They were, um, not very impressive.


Beignets are supposed to be puffy, no? These were just flat little wonton things. No bueno.

My omelette was good, though. Carmelized onions, mushrooms and roasted red peppers, topped with feta and parmesan:


The mushrooms were particularly impressive. They were these long, meaty strips- portabellas?

After breakfast we headed over to the Arboretum. It was GORGEOUS. I haven’t been to Dallas Blooms in years. Here are just a few shots from the afternoon:







Spring has officially sprung, wouldn’t you say?

Brian and his mom are watching the Syracuse game while I blog. We’re about to head out to Keller for dinner with his sister, brother-in-law and our cute nieces. Hope everyone had a great weekend!


What is your favorite thing/what are you most looking forward to about Spring?

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0 Responses to Time Flies

  1. Eddie G says:

    Polenta casserole = :)

    And I’m dying to watch I love you, Man!

    Spring: I’m looking forward to wearing shorts everyday!

  2. Andrea says:

    Wow. I didn’t know Dallas could be so beautiful! I hear ya on the big heads – check out Chris’ next time I post a photo of him. Our children are screwed. I’m going to have to remember bar belmont next time I’m in town.

  3. ttfn300 says:

    can’t. stop. looking. tres leches.

  4. gammypie says:

    I love Spring because it provides some damn good patio weather. Then comes summer. Boooo. Too hot for me.

  5. Sammie says:

    That casserole looks yummy. By any chance is it wheat free? I would love to make it.
    Love the Spring pictures – tulips are one of my favorites.
    I am most looking forward to warmer weather. I can’t take the cold anymore. Life is so much better when you can spend the day in the fresh air.

  6. runjen says:

    Love spring! Flip flops, sundresses, patio dining, the whole deal!

  7. Momcat says:

    We also did DallasBlooms this weekend. Perfect weather – beautiful flowers. And Artscape, too! Thanks, Heather, for sharing the pics.

    Favorite thing about spring? All of the wonderful outdoor events and activities – DallasBlooms (as mentioned), Cottonwood Art Festival, Scarborough Faire, Main Street in Ft. Worth, etc., etc., etc.

  8. Tammy says:

    Whoa, whoa, wait a minute. Where is the new Nordstrom Rack? Close, I hope?
    Beautiful pictures of the Arboretum.
    I love Spring for gardening. Most perfect time of year for flowers.

  9. Rose says:

    That polenta casserole is calling my name. For sure.

    I am most looking forward to DC cherry blossoms!

  10. Brian says:

    Tammy, the new Nordstrom Rack is in the new Park Lane development across 75 from NorthPark.

    BTW, I am enjoying a delicious Cheerwine right now. Awesome.

  11. runeatrepeat says:

    I just want it to get warmer!!!

  12. Rhett says:

    Dude, Brian…I need to start shipping you some cases of Cheerwine. It flows like water here in Tennessee (not really, Coke pretty much dominates but I can find it pretty easily). Good luck to your Orangemen in the sweet 16. Must be nice having your team win a couple games since the two teams I cheer for apparently forgot they should be playing good basketball in March

  13. Erin says:

    Wow, are you sure that’s in Texas?! My god! It’s so pretty!!!!
    THE BIG HEAD THING IS KILLIN’ ME! I didn’t notice that your nog was big when we lunched. Maybe because mine is kinda huge too! :)

  14. Margie says:

    Was it just insanely crowded at the Arboretum or what? The line of cars waiting to get in was incredible.

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