Photos of Chloe and Oatmeal

I asked my brother why he never reads the blog, and he said that he does, and “…it’s just photos of Chloe and oatmeal.” Hahaha, I can’t really argue with that. ‘Tis my life: Chloe and oatmeal.

Back to school, again. It’s so hard to get back into the swing of things! This morning I dragged myself out of bed for a bowl of oat bran (NOT oatmeal, damn it!!) with cashew butter, blackberries, honey and almonds. And clementines:


We were supposed to have our written midterm in pastry class today but the teacher postponed it until tomorrow. I’d rather have taken it today and just gotten it out of the way (since I have a quiz in my other class tomorrow), but oh well. Intstead we assembled a baklava, which has to sit overnight, and started a potato-celery root strudel. I’ve never had celery root before- it kind of seems like a celery-flavored potato. So photos of those tomorrow…

I had an interesting train ride home this afternoon! I was reading my book club book (I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloane Crosley) and this cute, normal-seeming girl sat in front of me and said hi. Most of the people that say hello to me on the train promptly follow it up with a request for money, but she ended up being a blog reader!! Can I tell you how exciting that was? So if you’re reading: Hi, Carley!

Per usual, I was STARVING when I got home and had to hold myself back from hoovering the entire fridge. I settled on some leftover polenta casserole, pickles, and an english muffin half topped with hummus, arugula and a roasted red pepper:


The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the Jon & Kate marathon whilst “studying” for my supervision quiz tomorrow. When Brian got home I dragged him out for a looooong walk (and he just loves those, hehe), then we roasted some eggplant and threw together a fast dinner. Whole wheat rotini with tomato sauce, eggplant and goat cheese:


And a spinach, arugula, hearts of palm, tomato and parmesan salad with Annie’s Woodstock dressing:


Did anyone else watch the Jon & Kate finale tonight?? How freaking awkward was that Allstate plug in the middle of the episode? I’m going to start random endorsements into my posts. “Excuse me blog readers, while I take a short break to drink some delicious V8 juice…”

Off to “study” some more, this time for reals. Gag.


What product could you be the spokesperson for?

Me: Anyone that would pay me! Kidding. Kind of. Olay Daily Facials, Sabra Hummus, any kind of goat cheese or pickles, Sonicare Toothbrushes, Cherry Coke Zero. GLOWING recommendations.

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0 Responses to Photos of Chloe and Oatmeal

  1. Eddie G says:

    GT’s Kombucha. Spiral Diner’s brownies. Eatzi’s hummus. :)

  2. Andrea says:

    You’re so cool and famous!

  3. gammypie says:

    I could so be a spokesperson for Proactive.

  4. Momcat says:

    Right there with you on the Olay Daily Facials and Sonicare.

    Ocean Spray Cranberry Pomegranate 100% Juice.

    Rye Krisp Deli Rye Crackers.

    Bath & Bodyworks Grapefruit soap – the kind with the scrubby particles.

  5. Tammy says:

    Vita Veeta Vegamin

  6. Adrienne says:

    Heather, you and I must be Cherry Coke Zero soulmates. If the little convenience store downstairs in my office building stopped selling cans of it, I think I’d die.

  7. Brian says:

    Cheerwine, of course. I would love to be the Cheerwine ambassador to Texas. Also Krystal.

    Aren’t you glad you married such a classy dude?

  8. klemons says:

    Jelly Bellies, Reader’s Digest, Robert Pattinson (but only if I could meet him, does he count as a product?), Propel, WordPress, Wine (just in general), Nordstrom, and…..this small italian restaurant near our house called Luigis!

  9. Lotta says:

    Hi Heather!
    You have such an interesting blog! I just found it a few weeks ago but now I’ve read the whole thing. :)

    Lotta (from Finland)

  10. Margie says:

    Garlic Expressions vinaigrette. I just love the stuff!

  11. runjen says:

    Hmmm….. Almond butter, wine, Cadbury mini eggs, Facebook!

  12. Erin says:

    Oh my god, celebrity sighting! That’s amazing! How flattering! Yeah!
    I love Jon and Kate too. I think we went over this via blogs :)
    Hmm. I’m with you, I’ll do almost anything (decent) for a coin. Specifically…Sabra hummus (we could shoot a commercial together!) or GNC protein powder!

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