Peep Show

So I was a good little blogger today and took photos of my breakfast and lunch… and then noticed much later that my memory card was still attached to the computer. NICE. Here’s the rundown:

BREAKFAST: Honey Nut Cheerios with blackberries and an orange

LUNCH: Chicken burrito bowl at Chipotle with black beans, grilled veggies, corn, tomatoes, salsa and sour cream.

Tonight we met Joy for dinner at Ali Baba. I started with the Fattoush Salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers, and crumbled lavash:


My mom used to make this salad when we were kids that basically consisted of cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions and vinegar. We LOVED it… and the more sour, the better. Maybe it’s my screwed-up tastebuds, but I think the fattoush may have benefitted from a healthy dose of red wine vinegar.

Brian and I split the Golden Chicken. That’s why we work so well together; he eats the dark meat, and I get the white (and the pickles, and most of the rice, and the garlic sauce…).


And I’ll be tasting garlic for the next 3 days.

Joy ordered the shish tawook- chicken kebabs with rice and veggies.

I sweet-talked Bri into taking me to Paciugo for dessert afterwards. Half chocolate-chocolate chip gelato and half peppermint.


Have I mentioned how awesome my friends are? I received three very exciting deliveries this week. First was one of Dr. Kate’s crazy holiday packages, just in time for Easter!


The best part were the Peeps, which she hand-dipped in chocolate, decorated, individually wrapped and then returned to the official Peeps package. Aren’t they cute?


Brian already devoured the creme egg.

Then Lauren and SallyAnn both pulled through… with the Orville Redenbacher Natural Salt and Lime Popcorn!! And SallyAnn threw in a bag of Trader Joe’s BBQ Popped Potato Chips, too. Ooooh, I am so jealous of the TJ’s.



We tried the popcorn. Verdict? It’s more buttery than I expected, but then again I’m used to eating the light 100 cal packs. This is the full-fat stuff- no messing around here. The lime flavor is really subtle. Like I said before, more sour = more better. But Brian really liked it. Orville, if you’re reading this… how ’bout a salt & vinegar popcorn?? In the words of Rachel Zoe, “I DIE.” Except she’s talking about vintage Chanel and I’m talking about snacks.

Off to send some emails and then to bed. Night!


What are your Easter traditions (food or otherwise)?

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0 Responses to Peep Show

  1. gammypie says:

    We have the traditional ham every year, but lately we have added brats on the grill as well as a variety of other sausages. Mmm…sausage is good!

  2. klemons says:

    I too DIE – ha, Rachel Zoe, what a mess. Anyway, after Ali Baba I bet you guys stunk – I have been 3 times hoping I would like it but no dice…and my breath and skin smelled of garlic so much that Chad quarantined me! However, I am jealous of your goodie baskets, especially teh popcorn. I agree with you, salt and vinegar would be yummers.

  3. Kathy says:

    Easter = Honey-baked ham, deviled eggs, layered salad and shoepeg corn salad …. mmmm (almost as good as Thanksgiving turkey and dressing)

  4. Brian says:

    Easter is time for leg of lamb in our house growing up. Love it & miss it. Some little blogger I know finds it un-PC to eat baby sheep. Oh well…

  5. Andrea says:

    You think being from the South, I’d have good Easter traditions, but sadly, I don’t. The closest thing I can think of is Mimosas. Isn’t that sad? Thanks for dying for us Jesus – now I’m going to get drunk before noon!

  6. Heather says:

    Hmmmm… my best Easter tradition is sleeping in. :) When I was a kid I loved to eat the little diamond shaped crispy parts off the outside of the ham. YUM.

  7. Sammie says:

    What a great package. I love the chocolate covered peeps – that is a great idea. My mom just sent some chicks to D in the mail yesterday. I think he felt bad when he bit the head off of the little chick because he then refused to eat the rest. He said “I wish I didn’t bit the head off of him”.

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