Sleepy Time

I’m not going to lie: I’m pretty darn excited about sleeping in tomorrow. No Class Wednesdays are the best (insert joke here about how “Every day is No Class day for Heather!”). It’s true, sadly.

I actually showered and put on makeup for class today, so in all of that excitement hopefully you’ll understand why I forgot to snap a photo of my breakfast. It was cashew butter and cherry preserves on whole wheat with a big glass of milk. Then I had a Smores Luna Bar in class around 10.

Today was truffle and toffee day in class. Don’t ask me why those go together. I kind of wish we had just focused on truffles, because we definitely could have used a bit more practice. Rolling those babies is tricky. They get super sticky and half of the ganache ends up on your gloves, so you end up with little misshappen chocolates. We made two kinds: dark chocolate and espresso. One is coated in white chocolate and the other is coated in dark (and some with just cocoa powder b/c we ran out of chocolate).



With the macadamia nut toffee, which was actually more like brittle.


On the way home I picked up a turkey sub from Subway and then just had that with some chips and pickles once I got home.


And then it was back to work on Dad’s birthday cake. As I said yesterday, it was a Hummingbird Cake (yellow cake with bananas, pineapple and coconut), so today I had to make the cream cheese frosting and ice/decorate the cake.

Et voila:


I’m really bad at frosting the sides of cakes, hence the coconut to mask the imperfections. Works like a charm.

We were expected at my parents’ house for dad’s b-day dinner around 7, but first we had to make a stop for his “gift”:


It’s kind of a running joke that my dad gets excited when my mom goes out of town because then he gets to have Taco Bell for dinner. I knew that he liked Meximelts, but apparently his usual order consists of: 1 Nachos Bell Grande, 1-2 Meximelts, and SIX TACOS. That’s kind of impressive.

For dinner my mom made tenderloin, baked potatoes and caesar salad:


And for dessert- CAKE, duh.


That’s all I got for ya tonight. See you on the flipside.


Do you have a favorite fast food restaurant? And how often do you eat it?

Me: Actually none, other than Subway. Brian thinks that Krystal and Chick Fil A hung the moon and I wouldn’t turn down the occasional Chick-N-Mini (Chick Fil A’s little breakfast biscuits… adorable AND delicious).

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0 Responses to Sleepy Time

  1. Rose says:

    There is a Chik-Fila where I work that my friend and I sometimes splurge on :)

    Hey – if I offered to pay you in paypal $, would you send me some of your delicious baked goods?

  2. Andrea says:

    I just laughed so hard when hearing about your Dad’s typical TB order! He’s a man after my own heart! I love the TB even though it’s disgusting. When I was a meat eater, it was Arby’s all the way!

  3. klemons says:

    I like Chick Fila too, especially the shakes which were made in heaven and sent down my a cow angel…just to destroy my diet. But I also grew up on Taco Bueno, chicken nacho salad or mexi dip and chip, or a classic beef taco, or bean burrito…hmm it appears I really like Taco Bueno. Sadly due to age, metabolism and a guilty conscious I rarely eat there anymore.

  4. runeatrepeat says:

    I do love me some Taco Bell :) I don’t want to skip fourth meal.

  5. Margie says:

    That gift is hilarious!

  6. heatherwlu says:

    Rose- Of course I’ll send you some baked goods!! What would you like? Email me and we’ll discuss :)

  7. gammypie says:

    I love Taco Bueno! Taco Bell is a close second. It’s not technically fast food, but Keller’s is one of my favorites. There is something about eating in the car and watching all of the bikers.

  8. Jac says:

    I heart Chick-fil-A! I’m from Atlanta (it’s home), so I think I’m contractually obligated to love both that and Coke.

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