Chicken and Waffles

Sometimes the weekends where you have NO plans end up being the best, you know?


This was our last advanced food prep class before exams (practical next week, written exam the following), so we each got to invite one guest to enjoy an hors d’oeuvres buffet that we prepared during class. I invited Brian, of course, and our group made deviled eggs (Brian’s fave) and stuffed mushrooms.


Other groups prepared crab rangoons, empanadas, teriyaki beef skewers, prosciutto-melon canapes with dijon-mascarpone spread, and a bunch of other stuff that I can’t think of right now. The spread:


After class I headed home and cleaned the house. I’d planned on just taking it easy and catching up on some reading, but it’s just so nice to start the weekend with a clean house.

We hadn’t had a date night in a loooong time, so we decided to head north to Oklahoma Plano for dinner at Jasper’s. I’ve never had a bad meal at a Kent Rathbun restaurant, and we toyed with the idea of trying his new Blue Plate Kitchen, but the Shops at Legacy seemed like a more fun “date” destination. There are lots of cute shops and places to walk around, plus we hadn’t been up there in a while. Our reservation wasn’t until 8 but we arrived a little after 6. I was STARVING and dragged Brian into Tart for a little pre-dinner dessert. Who can resist a cupcake?? And they were buy-one-get-one-half-off. He had carrot and I had strawberry.


After browsing and people-watching, we headed to the restaurant. To start, we ordered the homemade potato chips with blue cheese crumbles. Healthy? No. Delicious? YES.


And then the Jasper’s Greens Salad:


For my entree, I had the Texas Peach Barbecued Pork Tenderloin with Bourbon Creamed Sweet Corn.


It was delicious. The pork was almost fork-tender, and peach BBQ sauce was tangy/spicy and not too sweet. The corn tasted really fresh; although the menu said “creamed,” it was actually grilled and not heavy at all. A great, summery dish.

So all in all a great date night! We’ve decided that we need to do something like this at least once a month.


Lauren & Robert invited us over for a cookout Saturday night. I brought over my mom’s couscous salad and seven layer dip.


Someone asked for the couscous recipe a few weeks ago, so here it is- straight from Gina herself:

Couscous Salad

Far East Parmesan Couscous, 2 boxes prepared by directions on box
Put in large mixing bowl.
Add: 2 cans mexicali corn, drained and washed
2 cans black beans, drained and washed
several sliced jalapenos, from jar, chopped
3 chopped tomatoes with seeds removed
4 chopped green onions
Lots of chopped fresh cilantro


1/3 c. olive oil
1/3 c. lime juice (sometimes I use the bottle of lime juice)
garlic powder
1/4 t. cumin
Shake in a jar and pour over salad and mix.

(I also added a few splashes of red wine vinegar over the top.)

The cookout was a blast, and I pretty much stuffed myself.


Along with one of these WF Lime Bars for dessert:



This morning Brian made WAFFLES!


Even Chloe got one.


Then we went for a great 4-mile walk to burn off the waffle calories, and spent the rest of the day just hanging out. For dinner Brian grilled chicken breasts (jalapeno-garlic marinated from Market Street) and I used Jenna’s recipe for BBQ Beans and Kale. I also whipped up a loaf of ZestyCook’s Homemade Bubbly Beer Bread- because it’s SO easy and we had one bottle left of Pumpkin Ale. Along with leftover couscous salad:


And we actually ate in the dining room for once, instead of in front of Family Guy. Look how civilized we are!

Off to work on some school work- hope everyone had a fun weekend!


Are you planning a summer vacation?

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0 Responses to Chicken and Waffles

  1. gammypie says:

    M and I could use a summer vacation. I think we’ll stay close by and take a road trip to Austin. We always have a blast there.

  2. kathy says:

    Thanks for the couscous salad recipe …. looks delish! Can’t wait to try it!!

  3. ttfn300 says:

    ooooh, cookouts! tis the season :)

  4. Rose says:

    Looks like a lovely weekend!

    My summer vacation is going to Bonnaroo! It cost $300, so it’s all we can afford this summer season :)

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