Praline = Love

Let me just put a warning out there: Do NOT, under any circumstances, buy Blue Bell Mexican Praline ice cream. Because if you do, you’ll eat the entire half-gallon in one sitting. It’s that good. And you didn’t hear it from me, but Albertson’s has Blue Bell on sale for around $3.50 (it’s usually almost twice that). To give you a hint of what you’re dealing with here, it’s a caramel flavored ice cream with big chunks of pecans and pieces of actual praline sprinkled throughout. Ridiculous.

Anyhoo… so you know I haven’t been gorging on ice cream all day, breakfast was a bowl of plain yogurt with a chopped plum, cereal (Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares- what else?), dried cherries and honey. Plus a pumpkin chocolate chip bar.


For lunch I met my mom and a friend for lunch at Mi Cocina. I’ve said it before, but note to Mi Cocina: FOUNTAIN DRINKS, dammit. Seriously.

I wasn’t super hungry and just had a big bowl of tortilla soup with lime:


Perfect lunch for a chilly day!

I have all of these little “projects” that I want/need to get done before Jack gets here- wash all of the baby clothes, finish thank you notes, pack the hospital bag, make a bunch of meals to freeze, scrub down the entire house… Today I got a few things done but I need a serious kick in the pants in terms of motivation.

I’m a big fan of the Archer Farms whole wheat mini pizza crusts at Target. I know- shocking, right? In case you haven’t noticed, we buy pretty much all of our groceries at Target. The serving size is ridiculous (Each round serves 4???) , but you can eat an entire pizza without doing too much damage: 360 cals, 6 g fat, 12 g fiber. Not great- but still better than delivery. I topped mine with marinara, turkey pepperoni, mushrooms, pineapple, mozzarella and oregano.


Okay, The Office officially redeemed itself this week. Hilarious.


Today I was searching for freezer meals online and came across the whole “OAMC” concept: Once a Month Cooking. Apparently there’s a big following of people who cook a ton of food one or two days a month, freeze it, and then just reheat for the rest of the month.

What’s your take on this? Great or terrible?

Brian loves this concept. He thinks it would save a ton of money. While I think it’s great to have a few things in the freezer for dinner in a pinch, I think I would die of boredom relying on this type of thing every. single. night.

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13 Responses to Praline = Love

  1. jace90 says:

    i do freeze soups for up to a week.. a great quick fix.. but unless you’re gonna be cooking different meals to freeze, it’s gonna get pretty boring after a while..

    but the ice cream TOTALLY doesn’t sound boring! i want somE!

  2. gammypie says:

    Freezing all that food reminds me of my grandparents. I swear they still have stuff in their freezer from the 70′s.

    OMG! That ice cream sounds too die for! How dare you tell me about it! Tee hee hee. . .

  3. Sarah says:

    I like the concept but unfortunately we only have a tiny freezer attached to our friedge and with the 2 of us no forseeable plans to get an extra freezer – not necessary

    with my new work schedule – I try to cook everything on weekends and portion into containers so I can grab and go all 3 meals for quick reheating etc at work or at home.

    i dont really get sick of things…..i mean I will, to a point. I probably make 3 meals and repeat them all several times in a week

    this week I had 2 meals of meatless balls; annies mac n cheese; peas. i also had 2 meals of black bean soup and bread w/ melty cheese. and 2 meals of matzah ball chickpea noodle soup. repetitiveness is what i have to deal with to save time and eat healthy foods

  4. Jenara says:

    I’ve found quite a few great recipes to prepare, freeze, and then when you’re ready to eat, you bake it. So it’s not really re-heating. I really don’t do well with left overs so I’ve found that this process works for me. Here’s a link to crowd pleasing cavantini by Amy at the Finer Things. I’ve made this one quite a few times and it’s sooo good and the recipe makes a ton.

  5. Rose says:

    I think I actually like that idea a lot. I always try to attempt that on Sundays, but I only ever end up making enough food for the week. And sometimes it’s not even enough for the week. This is a good idea!

  6. Matt says:

    I am going to have to buy that ice cream to see how it stacks up against their already amazing Pecan Pralines and Cream flavor. My tastebuds thank you however my waist line does not.

    I can’t cook to save my life, but I can eat the same thing every meal of every day and be fine with it, so I would have no troubles withthe once a month thing. I kind of do that now, only I cook food for a week and just refrigerate it as opposed to freezing. It’s not so bad. Plus, if you were to freeze you would have a lot more options which sounds like it would cater to your tastes and need for variety a bit more.

  7. Evan Thomas says:

    I think OAMC sounds a little extreme. I love putting cookies and brownies in the freezer to always have on hand for a sweet tooth, but I couldn’t imagine living out of the freezer

  8. Jenara says:

    Honestly, for me it’s more like cooking for a day, freezing, and then on the days I don’t have time or just don’t feel like cooking; I can pop one of those frozen bad boys in the oven for a quick, homemade, hot meal.

  9. quilter says:

    OK, I’m a big freezer fan. Check out 30-Day Gourmet. I don’t do their whole concept, but I do a few things like when we go to Sams I buy 8 pounds of ground beef and cook it all with onions and some seasonings and then drain it (and rinse it!) and freeze it in 2 cup portions. I also buy the mega packs of raw boneless chicken breasts when they are on sale and I cook the whole package in the crockpot with NO liquid and a whole gob of seasonings. Then I cook it all day, cool it and chop it up and freeze it in 2 cup portions. These cooked meats are GREAT to add to make quick meals. I have a vacuum sealer and it seems to keep them fresh much longer.

  10. That ice cream sounds so good!

    I like to have a few things in the freezer. I don’t think I would want an entire months worth of food though. In most cases food doesn’t taste as good to me once it’s been frozen.

  11. Tay says:

    No worries – we don’t have blue bell over here! Although now I DO want to try it!! I missed the office :-( Well it was on, but all us rooommates were talking during it.

    I love the recipe/freezing thing. I’ve done it in the past and it’s SOOO handy.

  12. I do love freezing and cooking in bit batches, but I also LOVE cooking so I dont do this THAT often. There is a certain joy I get from trying new recipes and ingredients that I would not get from just cooking in a big batch and freezing!

    great idea though and super convienient!!

  13. Margie says:

    OAMC? What do you do the rest of the month? Cooking is what I do for fun!

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