Bye Bye Gray

I have the hiccups. Well, not really. Jack has the hiccups. It feels like a tiny muscle spasm in my stomach every 3 seconds or so, which is cute at first and then just gets kind of annoying. He gets them ALL THE TIME, too- poor kid.

This morning I had a very important appointment (highlights), so I was up and at ‘em a little early. Breakfast was a cashew butter and cherry jelly sandwich on whole wheat, along with a sliced honeycrisp:


I’m trying to pace myself with these apples. They are SO good… I might have to eat another one tonight.

Appointment went well. I hate coloring my hair. It’s boring, expensive and a general pain in the butt. I only do it because if I don’t, then half of my head is gray. Now you know my deepest, darkest secret. I’ve been gradually going gray since college… not a good look for the under-30 crowd.

Afterwards I met my mom for lunch at Zinsky’s Deli at Preston & Royal, which I’d never tried but read great things about. And who doesn’t love a good sandwich?? Another plus: They give you a big plate of pickles when you sit down. Now we’re talking.

I like the sandwich names: The Ray Ray, The Joni Bologna… I couldn’t really pronounce mine- The Emilyicious Pepperdiner- so I just pointed at the menu. It’s a roasted turkey sandwich with a slice of stuffing and cranberry sauce on egg bread.


The turkey was great. Slimy deli meat is my nemesis, but this tasted freshly carved. My only complaint with the sandwich was that the bread wasn’t sturdy enough for the toppings. I ended up making a giant mess. My mom ordered a turkey reuben, which sadly did not have a cool name but did taste really good.

The restaurant was a lot nicer on the inside than I anticipated. The service was a little patchy. Our waitress was fine, but two separate people came by our table to ask if my mom was finished with her plate. She told them both no, but the second guy apparently wasn’t listening and whisked away her plate anyway (???). Also a downer: CANNED DRINKS. Next time I’ll get the tropical green tea instead, which my mom ordered. It was delicious.

Today was another big to-do list day, but I didn’t get much of the list crossed off. Oh well. This week is busy/exciting for two reasons:

1. I’m hosting our November book club meeting tomorrow night, and…

2. On Thursday, my college friend Carolyn is flying in from NYC to stay with us for the weekend! She was one of my bridesmaids, I was one of her bridesmaids, and sadly we haven’t seen each other in over 4 years. So needless to say, I’m pretty pumped.

Anyway, I did manage to cook a giant pot of chili for tomorrow night’s book club meeting. I basically doubled this recipe and used turkey instead of the soy crumbles (since not everyone’s into that sort of thing). My huge stockpot was almost overflowing. Good thing the leftovers freeze well!

After slaving away on the chili I did not feel like cooking anything for dinner. So we made our weekly trek to Tony’s. I know, I know… we eat here ALL THE TIME. But here’s the thing: I ordered cannelloni and a salad, Brian had a giant Italian sub, and you know what our bill came to? $12. Beat that.


Sorry for the crappy iPhone pic.

Oh, oh! I got my annual Halloween package from Dr. Kate last week- and yet again, she did NOT disappoint.



  • Pumpkin Spice Jello Pudding
  • A “Mood” Tape Measure- any Project Runway fan worth their salt will be excited by that one
  • Homemade Cake Pops!!! Here’s my favorite:



Okay, I need to pick up a few things around here before bed… and I just remembered that there’s a frozen fun-size Snickers in the freezer, so I should probably take care of that. Hope everyone had a good Tuesday!


What’s your LEAST favorite chore?

Vacuuming, hands down. Hate it. Unfortunately it’s also the most NECESSARY chore, thanks to our two fur monsters.

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0 Responses to Bye Bye Gray

  1. Andrea says:

    Taking out the trash. I don’t even like to take the bin to the curb. Chris didn’t do it this morning and I yelled obscenities “at him” (he was already at work) in my driveway not even caring if the neighbors heard. Sandwiches on flimsy bread are even worse, so I feel your pain.

  2. Tammy says:

    Dusting. I mean really, what’s the point. It’s just coming back like …in a second.

  3. Scrubbing the toilet. Just because. My favorite one to do is the laundry – fill machine, add detergent, push button, fold. I like folding fresh from the dryer clothes, too.

  4. Katie says:

    toilets. hands down. and scrubbing the glass shower! it never looks as clean as I want it.

  5. Evan Thomas says:

    I can’t stand vacuuming either. When you have pets, the floors just going to get dirty again in 5 minutes. Why bother?

  6. I hate cleaning the bathroom and putting away laundry. It seems like the bathroom gets dirty faster than any other room in our apartment.

  7. Lele says:

    So jealous of awesome-looking, really affordable Italian. It’s hard to come by!

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