What A Weekend

This was the busiest weekend I’ve had in FOREVER. And while I was bummed to miss the first Foodbuzz Blogger Festival, the weekend was more than full of awesomeness. That’s right: awesomeness.


Carolyn and I met my mom for lunch at Breadwinners (I know, I know- twice in one week). I had the salad and sandwich combo with the Queen of Hearts Salad and Raspberry Chipotle Chicken Sandwich:

raspberry hearts

Artichoke hearts + hearts of palm = perfect.

With mom and Carolyn:


After lunch we headed to Northpark for a little retail therapy, then to Society Bakery to sample the cupcakes. My friend Matt tipped me off to the pumpkin cupcakes here. They also had a bunch of yummy-looking fall flavors (caramel apple pie!) and filled cupcakes. But of course I had to stick with the pumpkin:


I really liked the cake, but wish that they’d topped it with cream cheese frosting instead of buttercream. Brian tried the Boston Cream filled cupcake and said it was delicious.

For dinner we headed to Eno’s in the Bishop Arts District. We started with the Truffle Cheese Bread:


And the “Perfect Picnic”- Local Cheeses, Stuffed Figs, Salami, Olives and Lemon Crackers:


And then split the Eno’s Original Pizza- fresh tomatoes, garlic, sport peppers, salami and mushrooms:

Afterwards we headed across the street to The Soda Gallery. Brian’s obsessed with this place because they usually carry Cheerwine (gross). Carolyn picked up a bottle of bubble gum flavored soda, and we both snagged a packet of Pop Rocks.



Saturday afternoon was my fourth and final baby shower, hosted by Lauren and Julie:


It was amazing!! The decorations were so cute:

initials snails


DESSERT BUFFET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sugar coma. There were Casa Linda Bakery petit fours, Tart Bakery cake balls and cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, Oreo cheesecake bars, mint chocolate brownies, pumpkin cake… these girls know me so well.

Such great friends!! We took this photo at the end so a few people are missing:


Lucky Jack received some very cool gifts- lots of books, clothes, stroller, diapers, first pair of running shoes, gift cards to Target, Nordstrom and Sephora (oops- that one’s for mommy). Now he just needs to GET HERE. Twenty-five days… not that we’re counting.

As if the day wasn’t perfect enough, my parents took Carolyn and I (Brian was out of town on a firm retreat) to The Grape for dinner. I’m apologizing in advance for the dark iPhone pics! We started with my favorite- the calamari:


And also baked brie with dried fruit and nuts, which was delicious- but unfortunately the photo was way too blurry to show here.

Carolyn and I both ordered the steak frites. Great minds think alike.


I should have settled for the half order!! We now have leftover tournedos hanging out in the fridge.


After all of this weekend’s excitement, today was way more chill. Carolyn left this morning (SAD!), then Brian got home a little after noon. I dragged him to the mall for some browsing and now we’re watching Tivo and eating leftovers. I had a giant baked potato topped with leftover turkey chili, cheese and sour cream.


We just received Rachel Getting Married from Netflix, so I’m going to try and sweet talk Brian into watching it. Night!


If you could receive a gift card from any store, which one would you choose and what would you buy?

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0 Responses to What A Weekend

  1. gammypie says:

    I’d have to say Lowe’s and Northpark Gold.

    Sephora is a trap, but such a glorious trap! I go in with the intentions of just looking. Does that ever happen? Noooo….

  2. Looks like y’all had such a fun weekend! Am I allowed to say that I’d want a Whole Foods gift card to buy food!? Lame. But so true.

  3. Jenna says:

    looks like a great weekend with friends and food :)

  4. Evan Thomas says:

    That cupcake looks delicious and seems to have just the right amount of frosting: a lot

  5. Margie says:

    Dang! You really were busy!!

  6. looks so fun!!!

    ahh the dessert buffet is calling to me

    any store ?! hmm I would have to say lululemon or bloomingdales!!

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