Whiny Wednesday

So yesterday I finally had ceviche… and now I’m enjoying both a nice glass of wine AND sushi!! It’s like Christmas came early this year.

Today was a little rough. Jack has been super fussy since this afternoon. Itt seems like he’s not happy unless he’s mobile- either being driven around, carried, or in his swing. Luckily he’s pretty cheerful in the morning. Here he is hanging out with Piper while I attempted to get dressed:

Look who’s back!!!

Oatmeal- this time cooked with half a sliced banana and topped with cinnamon-raisin PB and cranberry trail mix.

Lunch was super fast because Jack started wailing when I was halfway through plating it. Boca chicken patty on an Oroweat Sandwich Thin with spinach, mayo and spicy mustard… along with leftover pasta salad:

Jack had lots of fun visitors today! He got an awesome fair isle sweater from Joy and a really cute sleeper from my mom’s friend Meg.  That kid is SET on clothes. It’s ridiculous. Right now he’s really only fitting into newborn outfits- I can’t wait until I can get him into the 0-3 month clothes.

I planned on making dinner yet again tonight, but by the time everyone left and I fed Jack, it was getting late and I was too tired to start anything. Brian was sweet and headed out to find something for dinner. He came back with my favorite Mediterranean salad from Central Market:

And a box of sushi for us to share:

… which we ate in front of Mad Men. We’re onto season 2 now.

I’m off to bed. Hope everyone had a great day!

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0 Responses to Whiny Wednesday

  1. Erin says:

    All of the baby pictures are just too cute — what a cuddly little man! :D

  2. kathy says:

    And that little Cheerio mouth …. too adorable!

  3. Rose says:

    Aw! Cute little guy with piper. Who do you think he looks like?

  4. Mary Anne says:

    Season 2 of Mad Men – are you watching lots of TV?! Chad and I watched all 4 seasons of Lost during Jude’s first few months – it was ridiculuos! But defintely mad time pass by a bit faster when all I was doing was feeding Jude and watching him sleep.

  5. Evan Thomas says:

    Hope you enjoyed the sushi! Things like that it doesn’t occur to me that pregnant people can’t enjoy

  6. Tammy says:

    Boy, I remember those days. I am tired just reading about yours. Jack just gets cuter and cuter, if that’s possible. :)

    That Brian is a keeper. But we already knew that.

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