No Soup For You

Good News: I actually made dinner tonight!

Bad News: Brian and I had to play pass the baby in order to actually eat it.

You know that your pantry is too full when you forget about what food is in there. This morning it occurred to me that at some point last week I bought cinnamon raisin bread… I found in squished behind a bunch of other stuff. Eh, no harm no foul. So breakfast was the bread (not toasted- I wanted some chew) topped with cinnamon-raisin peanut butter, a sliced apple, and some very grown up coffee in a very *not* grown up Cabbage Patch Kids mug… circa 1983.

It finally hit me today that if I want to be able to eat lunch (or breakfast, or dinner), I should take advantage of any and all nap times to do a little prep work. While Jack snoozed this morning, I threw together a salad of baby spinach, chickpeas, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, capers and smoked turkey. So when lunchtime rolled around (er, nap #2), I just threw some Annie’s Woodstock on top and dug a Babybel out of the fridge:

Speaking of naps, I decided to try and get Jack to nap in his crib today. He hates the Pack N Play, so up until this point he’s only slept in his swing. I swaddled him in his little Miracle Blanket and laid him next to his new seahorse toy (it lights up and plays music and is essentially baby crack… or at least that’s the idea). This was about 30 seconds into my little experiment:

Fast forward another 30 seconds and he was WAAAAAAAILING. So much for the crib. Oh well, at least it looks pretty.

It actually snowed again today! Naturally soup sounded really good for dinner, and I ran across a recipe for Kale and White Bean Stew in the newest issue of Real Simple.  It’s very easy to make- so much so that I was a little concerned that it would be bland. I ended up substituting chicken broth for half of the water and added twice as much lemon juice as called for in the recipe. I didn’t have a parmesan rind so that was left out.

It was tasty, though not particularly filling. I think it would be even better if you added some kind of sausage. Next time.

I also made a wrap out of an Ezekiel tortilla with smoked turkey, roasted red pepper hummus, spinach and avocado:

(By the way, don’t heat a frozen tortilla in the microwave for longer than 30 seconds… unless you want a giant tortilla CHIP. Just saying.)

The soup serves 8, so we have lots of leftovers. Always a good thing.

Hope everyone is staying warm tonight!!! See you tomorrow.

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0 Responses to No Soup For You

  1. Evan Thomas says:

    Leftovers are indeed such a good thing. I think I just need to make entire meals to throw in the fridge for when I get home and just need to eattt

  2. Hangry Pants says:

    I love that mug! And Jack is so cute! I saw that toy at Toys R Us. He is mesmerized!

  3. gammypie says:

    I am reminded of the glow worm. Remember those?

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