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Yesterday I was going a little stir crazy in this house, so I guess we made up for it today. It’s now 10pm and I’m pretty sure that we left around 1 this afternoon. What can I say? We’re movers and shakers.

This morning we met my mom and our cousin Denise for brunch at Another Broken Egg.  Jack loooooves his Aunt Niecie. She held him through the entire meal as he smiled and cooed at her- and as soon as she tried to hand him back to me, he got all pissy started shrieking (this happened TWICE).

The plan was to order oatmeal… but that was a major fail once I started looking over the menu. Should have never opened it. I ended up with scrambled egg whites with spinach, mushrooms, bacon and cheese. At least it was egg whites, right? Right? Let’s just ignore the cheese, bacon and fried potatoes.

We hung out at Gia’s house for most of the day. Jack and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. He passed out after a couple of blocks, so I dropped him back off with my mom and went for a “run.” Dear God, I am OUT OF SHAPE. Everything just feels all wonky and uncoordinated. I guess carrying a ginormous baby for 9 months will do that to you.

This afternoon we made a quick trip to Central Market. It’s Citrus Fest right now and they had all of these amazing fruit samples out. I ended up leaving with a few mandarin oranges and a blood orange. I’m trying to come up with something good to make with these… thinking some type of salad?

My mom grabbed us a snack for the road. Only my mother would grab pita and tzatziki to eat in the car.

After CM we dropped some food off with my grandparents, and Jack had his first heart to heart with his great-grandpa. I’m not sure what they discussed. Probably healthcare. Or golf.

My child is always wearing only one sock. It’s so sad. There are like 18 unpaired socks wedged in the base of his carseat. The damn things will not stay on.

I had big plans to roast some veggies for dinner, but Brian surprisingly didn’t seem too excited about the idea (I can only feed him so many meatless meals before he gets all whiny). We ended up grabbing dinner at Fat Daddy’s. I had the Margarita Salad- grilled chicken, cilantro, tortilla strips, cheddar, avocado, tomatoes, bacon and cilantro dressing.

Woohoo- tomorrow’s Friday!!!

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0 Responses to Out and About

  1. gammypie says:

    I just had an idea…came from a Wheel of Fortune puzzle the other day. You could make Orange Poppy Seed Muffins. Yum! It’s sad to say, but we love our Wheel!

  2. Patty Barteau says:

    Bradley and I go to Central Market on Sunday’s after church. We bought some mandarin oranges. Man those things are good!!!

  3. Joy says:

    You should make blood orange margaritas!! Although you probably need more than one orange for that.

    Chip and I are being vegetarians for the month of February, so for my birthday I got the Eat, Drink, and Be Vegan cookbook! You need to fill me in on your favorite recipes.

  4. Evan Thomas says:

    Lol, just a slight departure from oatmeal

  5. Tammy says:

    But there is nothing cuter than baby toes.

    That salad from Fat Daddy’s looks amazing.

  6. Jocelyn says:

    geeze kudos to you. I think carrying a baby for 9 months..going through childbirth adn raising that baby means you are way more in shape and takes more then running a marathon lol.
    You will get back to it eventually!

    p.s your brekkie looks amazing ;)

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