Take Cover

It is nasty outside. My mom watched Jack while I ran to Target today, and I seriously thought the roof was going to blow off the store. You know it’s a bad storm when you can hear the thunder inside Target. I hear we may be getting some ice, too.

Jack must be going through a growth spurt or something. Last night he slept for a 6-hour stretch, followed by a 4-hour stretch, then 2 more hours. I got him up at 9, fed him, then he immediately fell back asleep for an hour. I’m NOT complaining.

Breakfast was a whole wheat english muffin topped with crunchy PB and blueberry jam. Oh, and a ginormous apple.

For lunch Jack and I met my mom at El Fenix. I had the Combo Numero Dos, which is basically a chicken taco salad and tortilla soup.

I’m honestly not a huge El Fenix fan but their tortilla soup is really good. And I like the little rolls of mints that they sell next to the cash register. They taste like Pepto Bismol tablets (I secretly love Pepto Bismol tablets).

Jack fell asleep in the car and continued to nap for another hour and a half once we got home. I took advantage of the quiet by finishing our latest book club selection, The Help. I’m so sad to be finished with this book!! Now I need something else to read. Any suggestions?

Target had those Jennie-O preformed turkey burgers on sale, so that’s what we ended up having for dinner. I sprinkled them with seasoned salt and then cooked them on the stove in our grill pan. Honestly, they were pretty darn good for only 170 cals. They’re a little small but worked perfectly on an english muffin “bun.” Alongside I had some leftover tomato couscous and baby carrots.

Not the most exciting dinner, but at least it was pretty healthy.

A lot of people ask me how Chloe is doing with Jack. Sometimes I feel bad for her- like when he’s screaming his little head off and poor Chloe just lies on the couch and stares up at me with her sad pug eyes. But generally I think she really likes him. Whenever I’m holding him, she’ll come and snuggle up next to us on the couch and sniff at his ears. And Jack LOVES her. Her barking doesn’t phase him one bit, and whenever she sniffs at his face he breaks out in this huge grin. He’ll reach out and bat at her face from time to time. She takes it like a champ.

Jack’s finally started to enjoy his play mat, and he and Chloe have some good bonding time on there:

It’s amazing because she’ll (quite literally) walk all over Brian and me, but she’s SO careful around the baby- knock on wood. I think they’re going to be great friends.

So I was pretty sad to hear the news about J.D. Salinger today. He’s one of my favorite authors; Brian actually gave me a first edition of Franny and Zooey as a wedding gift. Actually, maybe I should re-read that for my next book selection.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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0 Responses to Take Cover

  1. gammypie says:

    I love the chips and salsa at El Fenix. Same goes for the enchiladas. My husband and I LOVE that place! You are right about the tortilla soup. It’s really good. I love the fresh squeezed lemon. Mmm…

  2. kathy says:

    I had that same feeling when I finished The Help … I’m still kinda sad it’s over. And my current selection is just not doin’ it for me … hope your next one is better than mine!

    Congrats on Jack’s sleeps … makes life much sweeter for Mom, I’m sure!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. lindsayruns says:

    so cute about chloe and jack! I love that dogs just seem to know to be sweet around babies :)

  4. Carolyn says:

    You should read Kathy Griffin’s “Official Book Club Selection.” It made me really really happy.

  5. Jenna says:

    Turkey burger looks great! Must try them soon!

  6. Evan Thomas says:

    I had no idea Salinger was still alive until he died. Ironic

  7. I’m glad Chloe is liking baby Jack. They are very smart dogs. When they want to be!

  8. Allison says:

    Really? Pepto Bismol tablets? That’s just gross.

  9. Margie says:

    That’s a great picture of the three of them.

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