So remember last night how we put Jack down in his crib at 9:00? Well guess what time he finally went to sleep… MIDNIGHT.  So pretty much every 15 minutes for three hours, Brian or I (or both) were heading in there to replace the paci and then stare at him until he fell back asleep. I don’t know about you, but I would have a hard time falling asleep if someone was staring at me. Not Jack; it’s pretty much a requirement.

(Let’s hope tonight is not a repeat performance.)

Needless to say, Jack and I slept pretty late this morning. I finally gave in and let him sleep in the swing after his 6am feeding.

Breakfast was my last pineapple Chobani topped with the dregs of the blueberries and some Kashi:

It’s still too damn cold here to do anything outside, but I was going stir crazy so I suited Jack up and we headed to the mall. It’s funny because all you see at Northpark during the week are mommies with strollers. Or maybe I just notice it more now that I have a child. Kind of like when you buy a new car and then you see that model everywhere. So basically my kid = black Prius.

We didn’t end up leaving for the mall until 1:30 or so and I was starving… so I brought a roadie:

Goldfish and Coke Zero. Lunch of champions.

Actually, that wasn’t my real lunch. Jack and I stopped at the food court and I grabbed a Which Wich. Turkey with lots of veggies:

Tonight we met my parents, brother, Jill, Bobby and Jill’s parents at Tony’s for dinner… and then promptly turned around and went to Sali’s instead because Tony’s was INSANE. I’m glad that they’re doing so well, but it sucks that we have to eat dinner at 5 in order to get a table.

My dad entertained Jack at the restaurant:

“Mommy- that old man is crazy!”

I had a salad and spaghetti with meat sauce and mushrooms. For those of you looking for a cheap meal, they run a $5.55 spaghetti special Monday-Thursday.

Okay, Jack’s only been down for 20 minutes and Brian’s gone in there at least 4 times already. Better go help him out. GAAAH why didn’t we just start him out in the crib to begin with??? Apparently co-sleeping only works for those who plan on having the kid in their room until they leave for college.

Or maybe we’re just whipped.

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0 Responses to Bedtime?

  1. abbynormally says:

    Hahah yea ge thtem out on their own early…you don’t want to be one of those mom’s that wants them sleeping in their room even AFTER they for college… or get married… :)

  2. Tammy says:

    Cutest pic ever of Jack and Ken!!!
    Hang in there, at least he’s not at the age yet where he starts
    climbing OUT of the crib. :)

  3. Julie says:

    He’ll get there and hopefully you will be able to get some rest in the process… and it is totally okay to leave him in there to cry for a little bit to see if he can calm himself. Check the Healthy sleep habits, happy child— that will definitely help in regards to the falling asleep. With that said both of mine woke up at least once in the night for that last feed for what seemed like FOREVER.

    I need foodie advice so I will call later today!

  4. Hangry Pants says:

    Aw he looks so cute and big in that picture.

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