Making Whoopie

So no snow for us today. Not one tiny flake. I’m actually okay with that, though it would have been nice to have Brian home for the day.

Have I mentioned how great Jack is doing in his crib?? We usually have to go in and re-insert the paci a few times, but once he’s out, he’s OUT. Last night I got him down around 9:45 and he didn’t wake up until 5:15. Then he was back to sleep until 8. Hey, I’ll take it.

Look what Brian got me for Valentine’s Day:

A Whoopie Pie Pan!! I’ve never actually made whoopie pies before, but I always end up buying them at an Amish grocery store near our family lakehouse. And my parents gave me this mix for Christmas:

So perfect, right? I decided to give it a shot this afternoon. The mix was pretty easy to use- you just add melted butter, water and egg… aaaand I went ahead and threw in some chocolate chips. Because why the heck not?

It included a mix for the filling, too:

The cute little cakes:


YUM. I bet these would be good with some kind of cream cheese filling.

Okay, meals for the day. Not as exciting as whoopie pies. Breakfast was an Ezekiel english muffin with crunchy PB and blueberry preserves.

I’m in love with every Ezekiel product. They somehow manage to be super filling and taste good even after being frozen.

Lunch was leftover eggplant “noodles” topped with crumbled goat cheese and a sliced chicken sausage:

And a pink laaaaaady.

For dinner we headed to Burger Spot again. Can you tell we’re excited about a new local restaurant? This time the free popcorn was either ranch or sour cream and onion.

I ordered the “Burger Spots” (sliders). It’s around $6 for 3 sliders, but they’re a good size AND it gives you the opportunity to try a few different burgers. I picked the Wild Bill (olives, tomatoes and jalapenos cooked in the patty, topped with cheddar), the BBQ burger (sauteed onions, BBQ sauce and cheddar) and a blue cheese-bacon burger.

The BBQ burger was really tasty, and the Wild Bill was great, too. I wasn’t a huge fan of the blue cheese burger. They top it with mayo and it was a little too rich for me.

Since Brian’s given up fried foods for Lent, we ended up splitting the mac and cheese. Tasty but I missed my fries.

(They really like their pepper here.)

My parents have been in Hawaii for 10 days and they FINALLY get back tomorrow. They land at 7:45am (yikes) and my dad has already called to inform me that he will be over to see me Jack as soon as they get in. Glad to know I was missed.

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0 Responses to Making Whoopie

  1. Jane B. says:

    Popcorn at restaurants always makes me think about The Palms :)

  2. heatherwlu says:

    Aw, The Palms!!! I miss their brunch. Free mimosas!

  3. Rhett says:

    Funny how that works with the grandparents huh? That made me laugh because my parents do the same thing. They’ll be gone for a week or two and call and ask only about Gabbie, how she’s doing, want to talk to her..and I’m just thinking..yeah, Shelly and I are good too, thanks for asking! hehe

  4. Evan Thomas says:

    That looks like tons of fun! I got a muffin top pan for christmas, not like I’ve made many but it’s still sweet to have

  5. Tay says:

    Mmmm pumpkin whoopies?? Sign me up!!

  6. Tammy says:

    I made red velvet whoopie pies at Christmas and have a recipe for chocolate chip ones. I’m going to have to get me one of those pans. awesome.

  7. Jenna says:

    Looks great- whoopie pies!!

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