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So my parents landed safely this morning at 7:45. And by 9am they were already at our house making faces at Jack. Not that I can blame them for it; he’s pretty awesome.

Breakfast was some plain yogurt topped with fresh blackberries (thanks, Sam’s!), sliced almonds, honey and Quaker Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares- along with coffee, of course.

I finally moved on to level 2 of the 30 Day Shred. Holy smokes. It was haaaard. My arms are so ridiculously weak. You would think toting around a 12+lb child would build a little muscle, but apparently not. And this level requires a lot more room- bad for me since I have about 3 feet of space between the coffee table and the baby swing.

Brian left his phone at home this morning, so Jack and I met him at Cafe Express to hand off the phone and grab some lunch. I had the Veggie Chef’s Salad topped with chicken.

This salad has so many interesting toppings: fennel, jicama, pickled carrots. I added capers and cornichons. It used to come with pistachios, too, but apparently they switched to pecans. Pistachios were better.

Tonight we met my parents and brother at La Calle Doce for dinner. It’s funny how now everyone’s attention is pretty much constantly focused on Jack. Though he is entertaining. Zach was cracking him up with funny noises and shot this video on his iPhone. Sorry it’s so dark- my first attempt at a video on the blog and I have no clue how to edit it.


Totally cracking up at the fart noises. Just like his mama.

Precioussssss. He loves him some Uncle Zach.

I started with the cod soup:

And had ceviche for an entree…

Off to bed. I have an entire book to read before book club on Wednesday. Yikes.

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  1. Wow. I wish I would have known fart noises would have made Jack smile more :)
    Congrats on the Level 2! I fear that DVD…

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