Do you ever get antsy with your house and just want to change it all up? I’m there. I want to redecorate and landscape and install window treatments. Unfortunately that is SO not happening anytime soon, therefore I must improvise- with…

New pillows.

And candles.

And rearranging (thanks, Gina!).

Right now the only room that I’m 100% happy with is the nursery. Everything else is a work in progress… until we win the lottery.

This morning was momentous. Jack was up at 2, 2:45 and 7, but then fell back asleep until almost 10. Not ideal, but I did manage to squeeze in a run before Brian left for work. Sweet! The weather was perfect. My smashed toe is still sore but I eeked out 3 slow miles. I forgot how nice it is to have the workout over and done with first thing in the morning.

Breakfast was Greek yogurt topped with 2 crumbled Chocolate-Banana Oat Bites, half a banana, sliced almonds and honey.

Jack, my mom and I picked my dad up at work for a little picnic lunch.

(My dad doesn’t usually sport bedazzled sunglasses… his forgot his and had to borrow a pair from my mom.)

Central Market turkey-havarti sandwich and leftover couscous.

For dinner I made a recipe pulled from Real Simple a few months ago: Creamy Barley with Tomatoes and Greens.

Of course I ended up changing it up. I couldn’t find the quick-cooking barley, so I used regular pearl barley instead and upped the cooking liquid (chicken broth instead of water) to three cups. Instead of brie, I used goat cheese. And baby spinach instead of mustard greens.

Anyway, it turned out really well… very similar to risotto. If you make this and use regular barley, just be aware that it takes a lot longer to cook (about 40 minutes).

Time for Glee! And wine.


When do you fit in your workouts? Mornings? Lunch hour? After work?

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0 Responses to Makeover

  1. Erin says:

    I really like your bookshelves–full (which is a requirement) but really organized. Sometimes just an added color can make a huge difference in a room.

  2. gammypie says:

    I used to fit my workouts in before work in the mornings. About half way through my pregnancy I switched to early evening walks. I totally gave up strength training when I got pregnant. I wonder when that desire will ever come back??

    I’m with Erin. The bookshelves look great!

  3. Evan Thomas says:

    Grandpa is styling in those sunglasses
    If I don’t get to work out before lunch, it’s probably not happening

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Love the little lunch picnic and pictures :)

    THe little changes in your home decoration will make a big difference! :)

  5. Emily says:

    Time to workout? I’m still waiting for that to happen. :-)

  6. As soon as I saw your dinner I had to go to the recipe, looks great!
    I always figure that if I set my alarm for earlier, then I should have time to get in a morning run.

  7. tastyeatsathome says:

    I’m so jealous of your bookshelves! I wish I had built-in ones. Or just more regular bookshelves.
    I usually work out first thing in the morning. Then it’s done and overwith, and I haven’t had the time to talk myself out of it. I usually don’t get in but 30 minutes (because the idea of setting the alarm any earlier than 5am just hurts!), but it’s still 30 minutes more than I would get otherwise!

  8. Tammy says:

    Jack has the most adorable smile. :)

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