Walk Hard

I feel like I’ve been in constant motion today- lots of walking and running. And that Baby Bjorn is not for wimps. It’s like having a 20(ish) lb weight strapped to your chest. An insanely cute weight that wiggles and drools.

Jack slept until 9 this morning. Nice, son. Breakfast was a rerun- cheddar muffins with apple slices and coffee.

This afternoon The Senator and I headed to Northpark. I hate to complain about being bored… but… I’m bored. We used to take stroller walks outside but now Jack gets fussy after a couple of blocks (it’s getting pretty hot out). And he gets tired out in the jumperoo or on the playmat pretty quickly. There’s just only so much to do with a 5 month old (any other suggestions??). So- we walk the mall. He loves looking at everyone, I like browsing. Win-win. The only problem? I end up buying him more clothes that he doesn’t need. Like Fourth of July shorts. Which may or may not go with his Fourth of July shirt. Now to find a tiny Uncle Sam beard…

I grabbed lunch at Snappy Salads at Northpark: Green leaf lettuce topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mandarin oranges, artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives and smoked salmon, topped with mustard-honey dressing.

For dinner I made a turkey meatballs from an old Cooking Light recipe. I tried to find the recipe online, but no luck. The mixture includes ground turkey, ricotta, egg, bread crumbs and fresh basil. I added dried oregano, garlic powder, parmesan cheese and more basil. Baked for half an hour (the recipe said to brown the meatballs first, but I skipped that part).

Served on top of whole wheat spaghetti, mushrooms and tomato sauce.

And roasted brussels sprouts on the side.

Before dinner I headed out for a run around the neighborhood, then after dinner we took Jack for a spin around the block in the Bjorn. That plus all the mall-walking = tired Heather. But the evening runs are a lifesaver. It’s so head-clearing… I actually found myself looking forward to it all day. It’s interesting how becoming a mom has turned running from a semi-chore/obligation into a treat.

Hope everyone had a great day!


What’s the biggest home improvement-type project you’ve undertaken?

We’re watching this show on HGTV where 2 tiny women are trying to construct a sunroom. We’ve really never done anything major to our house… but THIS is the weekend. We’re building a flowerbed. Get excited.

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  1. Ser says:

    Mmm, your dinner looks so good. Must make.

    I think that you are right, babies at 4-5 months start to get bored. It took me a while to realize that with my first. Anything with other kids to look at will probably be a winner. Does your library have a baby storytime? Other things we have done in the past are playgroups, music classes, baby sign classes–you get the picture.

  2. gammypie says:

    The last thing we had done was our front yard. We had new grass put down and landscaping done around the walkway. The backyard is now in need of some loving care.

    I get a similar salad at Highland’s; Greek salad with salmon. Quite tasty!

  3. Emily says:

    It does get boring! In a couple of months, Jack will be able to eat finger foods–lots of Cheerios. That’ll keep him more entertained in the stroller. As for activities, I agree with Ser. Library story hours, play dates, Gymboree, etc anything to get you out and talking to other adults/moms. And he is getting really close to sitting up in a baby sing at the park. On nice mornings and evenings during the summer, it’s a fun destination. It’s only gets better, so hang in there!

  4. Tammy says:

    If having another child is what it would take to make me ENJOY
    running. Well, … that just isn’t happening…
    I AM very excited about your new flower bed, and we will definitely want to see pics.
    These are the best of times with your little one, they really do go by fast. =]]

  5. Two years ago, my mom had our kitchen redone and then she added the four seasons room onto the back of our house. The she single handedly redid her master bathroom. I was quite proud of her!! She is quite an inspiration for me!! :)

  6. My family has no home construction skills so we always hire. We pretty much had our house totally remodeled a while ago, looonng and expensive process, not so fun. But I do love the end result.

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