I keep starting this post and then getting distracted by other things… Oooooh, shiny!!! Facebook! Blogs! Oh, and I just ordered a $9 subscription to D Magazine on Groupon!

Focus, Heather. Focus.

This first half of today was kind of awful. I most certainly did NOT get up and go running. No, no, no. The Senator woke me up around 8 when he started chattering away in his crib. Breakfast was more vegan pate (I swear this stuff is multiplying- it’s like the fishes & loaves) on plain yogurt with blueberries.

After breakfast I tried to get dressed, but Jack was having none of THAT. He’ll normally play on the floor while I get ready; today he screamed any time I tried to set him down- on the floor, in his carseat, in the crib… it was awful. I’m not a proponent of the whole cry-it-out thing. It might work for some babies, but Jack just gets gradually more hysterical. No self-soothing here. I ended up just having him hang out in his crib for 15 minutes so I could throw my hair in a ponytail and change out of my PJ’s, and by the time I got in there he was on the verge of hyperventilating.

So that was a big suckfest.

Jack and I were supposed to meet my friend and former co-worker, Mallory, for lunch at Twisted Root. Unfortunately we got our lines crossed, and while we waited at the Greenville location, Mal was at the Deep Ellum spot. Sad, sad, sad. The last time I saw Mallory was like a week before I had Jack, so I was really excited for her to meet him. Next time, Mallory! Next time!

We ended up heading to Lakewood to meet my parents for lunch at Matt’s. I ordered the chicken fajitas.

And my parents spoiled Jack, per usual. My mom fed him mashed avocado. We’re trying to teach him sign language for “more”- he prefers the angry shriek, which mom thinks is hilarious. My dad paraded him around the restaurant and gave him tickly neck kisses.

After lunch we stopped by Whole Foods for some necessities (is anything from WF a “necessity”?) and then Jack took a 2 1/2 hour nap at home. Money! I caught up on my intellectual programming *cough*Teen Mom*cough* and got through a big chunk of our August Book Club selection.

Tonight Brian and I attended a cocktail party for the summer clerks at his firm. I didn’t embarrass him by whipping out the Rebel, but did manage to snap a few pics. See the stuffed fingerling potatoes? Multiply these by 1000. ‘ Cause that’s how many I ate.

Hee hee. Nice name tag.


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0 Responses to Focus

  1. gammypie says:

    We watch Teen Mom too. Oh my gosh. We even record it so we won’t miss an episode. Farrah bugs me. I always find myself cheering for Ty and Catelyn. I like them.

  2. Julie says:

    Ok, so I am looking at this post and realizing that I never called you back. Bad, bad friend that I am. And…. I had been soooo excited at the time I got your message. Today is the day. I will call later :)

    Oh, and Matt’s looks SO yummy. I am sorta afraid to go to the one here because I don’t want to feel like I am cheating on Dallas. Nerdy. I know.

  3. Rhett says:

    Bri is giving whatever he is about to eat a serious stare down! hehe..looks like some good food!

  4. Jocelyn says:

    Woo hoo..I love teen mom..such a good show …

    Cute pics of jack, once again! Hopefully he didn’t scream for you today :(

  5. Mallory says:

    BIG fail on lunch. Totally my fault! Never give a 10 month old baby, who is knee deep in that whole teething thing, your phone! Fried it :(

    Next time…but I am still so sad about not getting to see you and meet Jack!

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