Check Out My Mussels

So here’s the deal. It’s 9:45, Jack JUST went down and I have the Pioneer Woman Throwdown on Tivo that I am itching to watch. So you see my dilemma? Time to type like the wind…

First up, breakfast:

Yogurt, cherries, cereal, honey, walnuts. You know the drill.

This morning Jack’s sweet friend Luna and her mama, Kira, came over for a playdate. It’s SO NICE to have other moms nearby to keep each other sane during the day. The babies are just starting to really “notice” each other (today Jack stuck his finger in Luna’s mouth- nice), and it’s amazing to think that these kids could be in the same high school class one day. Anyway, Jack started to melt down about 45 minutes into the playdate, so I put him down for a nap. He slept for THREE HOURS. I finally just went in and woke him up.

The other day I ran across this carton of soup at Super Target. The name sounded promising… I envisioned the tom yam we order from our favorite Thai restaurant.

Um. Not so much. This stuff was nasty. Basically just chicken broth with a few slivers of chopped pepper and carrot and LOTS of cayenne. I tried to save it by adding some lime juice and soy sauce but it was still pretty gross.

The rest of lunch was much better, thankfully. Multigrain wrap topped with goat cheese, baby spinach, roasted red peppers, sliced soy “chicken” patty and a drizzle of balsamic.

So my mom usually watches Jack on Wednesday afternoons, but today she asked if he could stay through dinner. Don’t have to ask me twice! Unfortunately by the time Jack got up from his nap and I got him over to my parents’ house, it was already 4:30… so not a ton of time for errand running. Oh well.

Brian ended up meeting me at a store in Snyder Plaza to look for Christening and/or Christmas outfits for Jack and then we grabbed an early dinner at a new restaurant, Dive. At first I was dubious because I kind of had my heart set on sushi, but boy am I glad we stayed.

I ordered the mussels (which the website says are $9- however, they are actually $12… just FYI). I kind of had to; after asking the girl at the counter whether I should try the fish tacos or the mussels, she moaned, “Oh god- the mussels!!! They’re amazing!” How could you NOT after that ringing endorsement?

They are served in a tomato-champagne-garlic broth with crumbled chorizo and sourdough toast.

OH MY GOODNESS. The mussels were perfect, and I seriously wanted to just turn the bowl up and drink the broth. Like I want another order right this second. And I may have literally squealed when I got to the bottom and noticed another piece of toast completely soaked in the deliciousness:

The decor in the restaurant was quite cool for a space that once housed Ball’s Hamburgers… and then a Dunkin Donuts, actually. All crisp whites and blue-greens, with mirrors that I wanted to steal for my house. Very Nate Berkus. My only complaint is that they serve their soft drinks in bottles (PET PEEVE!), but they made up for it by offering Pumpkin Spice iced tea.

So our little mini-date was a success. I tried Brian’s clams over pesto linguine, and it was delicious, too- though not even CLOSE to my mussels. I’m already plotting a trip back… there’s a hearts of palm salad that I had my eye on.

Okay, time for Ree and Bobby!

TODAY I am thankful:

1. For random weeknight dinner dates with my husband.

2. My mom. Her Wednesday “Mother’s Day Out” is a lifesaver!! And she and my dad wear Jack out, too- so not only do I get a few hours of mama time, but it’s NO trouble getting him to sleep afterward.

3. Jack’s rapidly expanding vocabulary. Recent additions: Nigh-nigh, Piper, Bye-bye, Hiiiii, No-no (Now I just give him the look and he says, “No-no. No-no.” And then resumes splashing in the waterbowl or climbing into the fireplace.) As soon as I figure out how to upload from our video camera, I’ll get some clips of him on here!

So what are YOU thankful for today??

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5 Responses to Check Out My Mussels

  1. joan dizon says:

    Sorry i’m kinda late, but i love the new layout!! You’re SO talented.. I’m jealous!

  2. marie says:

    Sorry to hear about the nasty soup! I hate it when you think you’ve found a fantastic new quick, cheap, yummy meal and learn that you haven’t.

    Today I’m thankful for:
    MaryJanice Davidson novels
    Rotisserie chickens from Sam’s, which DO make for quick, yummy, cheap meals
    Fresh raspberries, which I LOVE

  3. Marie E. says:

    oooooooooh there’s another marie! OMG I AM SUCH A BAD BLOG READER COMMENTER!!!!!!! tina’s wedding blew me out of time sync! but i’m back! and I LOVE THE NEW LAYOUT… SO EASY TO READ! i love the design, bigger text (yes i increase font size ALL the time on my comp) and of course i love me some jack! kiss the little man for auntie marie!

  4. Tammy says:

    Darn, I can’t believe I missed that throwdown! Hope they repeat it.
    Today, I am thankful for diet coke, Starbucks and chocolate.

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