Important Meetings

Today started out ROUGH. I woke up to a large, unexpected charge on my credit card from my hosting company (I won’t go into it now because I want to give them a fair chance to fix the issue… hear that?), then Jack went all Godzilla on several breakables throughout the house. Oh, and I gave him peanut butter for the first time on his morning waffle and he broke out in HIVES. Dear God, please don’t let my kid have a peanut allergy. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the hives were just from stray cat hair on his hands and not the PB.

(Wow, did I really just say that? Yes, our house is disgusting, thanks.)

Anyway, we’re awaiting a call from the pediatrician tomorrow. I would prefer to avoid an allergy test at all costs.

Luckily today ended on a high note. It was my month to host book club, and really, is there a better month to host than December?? Your house is already decorated and you have an excuse to serve boozy things like spiced cider with bourbon (recipe here).

I’d been itching to make a good, hearty soup lately, so for dinner I ran across this recipe for Baked Potato Soup. Mainly I chose it because it implemented the slow cooker, you don’t have to peel the potatoes, and it contains lots and lots of cream cheese.

My crock pot was pretty much full to the brim with the potatoes, onions and broth, so once it came time to use the food processor, I pureed half the batch and then added the whole shebang to a big stock pot.

Topped with chopped bacon, cheese and green onions.

SO, so easy. If you had a bigger slow cooker and an immersion blender, this would be even simpler.

On the side, stuffed mushrooms from Costco. They had a nice little kick.

Our book club was on the small side tonight. Just me, Jill, Camille and Scottie.

Lauren stopped by for a little while, too.

For dessert, Camille made delish cake balls. I’m pretty much in awe of anyone who makes these.

I just made a batch of Aldi break-and-bakes (because slice & bakes are just TOO hard). There were a lot more before I ate half the dough.

OH, and we did an ornament exchange, which would have been more fun with more than 4 people. Jill was the only one who actually stole, and then she felt really bad about it afterward. That Jill is a shady character.

(I spy… Chloe molesting Scottie!)

The rest of the day really wasn’t very exciting. I had more of the chocolate granola for breakfast, this time with blueberries.

And a wrap for lunch- soy chicken patty, baby spinach and tzatziki on a multigrain wrap- along with one of those sad little Campbell’s drinkable soups.

Jack and I have a big day tomorrow. We’re headed to the aquarium with a few of his buddies. I need to figure out where, exactly, the aquarium IS… and then do a load of laundry. I tell you, the excitement just never ends around here.

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3 Responses to Important Meetings

  1. EmilyL says:

    I hope Jack doesn’t have a serious allergy too!

    Eloise breaks out in hives (not very serious hives) when she has pecans/walnuts/maybe something else but I think she’s growing out of it. I hope the same for you!

  2. Mary Anne says:

    My fingers are crossed as well it’s not a peanut allergy. That was one of my biggest concerns!

  3. Marie E. says:

    how’d the baked potato (my faaav) turn out?

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