Ant Pile

Oh man, why haven’t I been watching Top Chef All-Stars? I got a little burnt out on TC after Las Vegas, but this is all my favorite people!!! Luckily I’m pretty sure we’ve been unintentionally Tivo’ing the whole season.

It was GORGEOUS out today. Like 75 degrees and sunny… so perfect. This morning we took advantage of the short warm spell (high of 55 tomorrow!) and met Leigh Ann & Alex at Flag Pole Hill Park. Jack and Alex had a blast at the park, but at one point I looked over at Jack and noticed something on the bottom of his shoe. He was COVERED in ants! It was awful. I held him up and Leigh Ann ripped his pants and shoes off. Poor little WT baby was just standing there in a diaper while we tried to get all of the ants off of him and his clothes. He cried a little, but I wasn’t sure if he’d actually been bitten until I changed his diaper this afternoon and saw like 7 or 8 bites on his ankle. Traumatizing.

As is our Wednesday custom, my mom watched Jack this afternoon so that I could run a few errands. And by “a few,” I mean Bed Bath & Beyond, Old Navy, Ulta, Northpark and Target. I am SO behind on Christmas shopping.

Before heading out, I ate a bowl of leftover spinach & chickpeas topped with chopped chicken (while Gia & Jack shared Sonic… the boy likes his ranch dressing, lol):

So I did get some Christmas shopping. But look… Merry Christmas to ME!!!!

The photo is crappy, but it’s this Revlon nail polish I’ve been searching for forever: Perplex. It’s a knock off of Chanel’s Paradoxal…. this gorgeous, dusty purple-y grey (but not $23!) aaaand they have it at Ulta on Park Lane, if you’re as beauty product obsessed as I am. Which you’re probably not.

Once I got home, Jack and I headed outside for a drive…

And a walk.

Actually, THAT is pretty exciting. It’s the first time he’s actually taken any real steps, even though it was with a toy. He was like a little old man with a walker… he would push the toy way forward and stick his butt out, then take a few tiny steps to catch up, then push it away again and hobble forward. Too funny.

Tonight was a no-cook tonight. I could barely keep my eyes open, so instead we grabbed dinner at Cowboy Chicken. No clean-up, and let’s be honest, much tastier.

My deceptively named Cowboy Taco (it’s actually a Taco WRAP).

I love their flatbread. And the chicken, of course.

Then it was off to Central Market for a few “necessities” (snort) and home to put Jack to bed. And there you have it: Our day.

So have you checked to see if you won the Dreyer’s/Edy’s contest? Because I still haven’t heard back from a few winners and I would hate to have to eat all that ice cream by myself. If you’re a winner, please send me your mailing address ( Thanks!!

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4 Responses to Ant Pile

  1. Runeatrepeat says:

    The winner’s didn’t show, pick me.

  2. annie says:

    OOO!! please take a picture of your painted nails!!

  3. EmilyL says:

    I’m envious of your 75 degree weather. It hasn’t gotten above freezing here in a few days and we are stuck indoors!

  4. Tammy says:

    Heather, WHAT would I do without your food AND fashion info. Love that nail polish color! Jack is so adorable. I thought maybe he was mulching your leaves. I could use him over here. haha. (Glad he was ok from the ant bites)

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