Well Traveled

So for the past few weeks I’ve been seriously stressing about Jack’s first flight. Googling tips for air travel with a 1 year old, polling other moms, making pack lists for snacks and activities to entertain him for the 2+ hours…

Oh my goodness. He was PERFECT.

By some serendipitous coincidence, our gate at DFW was located directly next to a kiddie play area (I didn’t even know that airports had those), so Jack burned off some steam for a half hour before our flight. I nursed him during takeoff in order to equalize the pressure in his ears, and he ended up passing out and sleeping for the majority of the plane ride.

I mean, really? Best kid ever. Look how happy he was:

Let’s just hope the return flight goes as smoothly…

We arrived in South Carolina around 2. Jack was excited to find a pile of new toy trucks at his disposal and spent most of the afternoon pushing them around the living room. OH, and banging on the window to harass my in-law’s new dog. Nice.

Tonight we met Brian’s sister and her family for dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, Lieu’s. Jack had a GREAT time bonding with our niece, Samantha (she’s 2). They shared Puffs and took turns throwing toy airplanes off the table and demanding that we retrieve them.

Don’t they look like I’m interrupting them?? Sorry, guys.

Dinner was delicious. The only Chinese we ever eat in Dallas is greasy takeout. This was much nicer.

I love hot and sour soup.

My entree, Singapore Noodles with chicken. Lots of curry and coconut milk = nummy.

And further proof of the awesomeness of my kid: He went right to sleep as soon as we got home. I was worried about how he would do in an unfamiliar crib, but he fussed for about 30 seconds and then Zzzzzzzzzz.

Speaking of, I’m exhausted. Catch you guys tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, way to go! People (okay, me) always dread sitting next to babies on flights but if most babies were anything like Jack, it would be no problem.

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