Last Night

Tomorrow we leave South Carolina to go back to Dallas, and our crap is scattered allllll over the house. Right now Jack’s asleep in the room with our luggage, so packing will have to wait until the morning. It’s amazing how things change when you have a baby; things like organization and tidiness just go straight out the window.

Anyway… guess what I had for breakfast this morning? A stocking.

A stocking pancake, that is. Brian’s dad made us a batch of Christmas trees, stockings and sleighs. Jack was less, “Cool! Shapes!” and more, “NOM NOM NOM GIVE ME THE DAMN PANCAKE, WOMAN.” But I’m sure he’ll LOVE them in a couple years.

Today we ventured out of the house to run a few errands: Post office (for boxes to ship all of our Trader Joe’s finds), TJ Maxx, Target, Sonic Happy Hour (I’ve been having withdrawals). Oh, and we grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Tonight Brian, his dad, brother and brother-in-law had tickets to a hockey game, so the girls were on our own for dinner. We (mother-in-law, sisters-in-law, 3 nieces and one Mr. Jack) headed to Mimi’s Cafe. Apparently this place is a chain, but I’d never eaten there before. They have a prix-fixe option called “Just Enough Dinners” which feature a smaller portion of an entree plus a soup or salad and a “Petite Treat.” I started with the split pea soup. Sorry for the blur- it was pretty dim but I try to avoid using flash in restaurants. I already look like enough of a freak pulling out the Canon to take pictures of the bread basket.

Followed by the BBQ’d pork chop with mashed ‘taters and veggies. Jack was a little beggar and snagged half of my soup and potatoes. Apparently his grilled chicken, vegetables, bread and chocolate pudding just weren’t quite enough for that bottomless tummy of his.

And my wee dessert: Apple crisp… with a cute little spoonful of ice cream.

After that we drove around and looked at Christmas lights for a while, then home to put the babies to bed. Aaaand here we are.

Wish us luck with flight #2 tomorrow!!!! Let’s hope Jack is just as sweet and wonderful as last week… and if not, there’s always wine.

(For me, not him…)


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