My Valentine

Has anyone else noticed all the new Chobani flavors popping up in stores? Cherry, mango… and this:

Lemon! I was so excited to find this at Target yesterday. I somehow held back from tearing into it as soon as I got home and saved it for breakfast this morning. With blueberries and Cinnamon Cheerios.

Not bad, but I wish it were more tart. If you like lemon cream pie, then you’ll probably love this. I just crave sour, sour, sour.

This morning my mom came over to watch Jack so that I could go for a run. Have I mentioned how GORGEOUS it’s been this week? Like 70 degrees and sunny gorgeous. I ended up heading to White Rock Lake and pounded out a nice 7 miles. If I want to run that Rock N Roll Half at the end of March, then I have just enough time to work my long runs up to 12 miles before the race. Anyway, the 7 miles actually felt great. I forced myself to stretch afterward, which seemed to really help in the soreness department. Who knew (duh)??

Brian and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s tonight to avoid all of the craziness. Uncle Zach and Aunt Lulu watched Jack while we headed to Otaru Sushi in Addison (around the corner from Sherlock’s). We used to eat sushi all the time before Jack, but sushi restaurants aren’t usually the best for babies. The best part about this place? Monday through Friday they have all you can eat sushi and sake for $20!!! True, it’s rolls only- but the list to choose from is actually fairly extensive.

It was pretty dark in there so I felt awkward taking a bunch of pics. This was a jalapeno stuffed with crab meat that they brought us as an appetizer:

And our first batch of rolls: Tuna roll, rainbow roll, and my new favorite- New York roll (salmon, avocado and green apple- sounds weird, but it was really, really good).

We shared about 4 more rolls after that: Salmon roll, Florida roll (salmon, yellowtail and avocado), eel roll and another NY. And sake, of course.

Pretty great Valentine’s dinner! We’ll definitely be back soon.


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