Dining Out

Today was pretty crammed full o’ fun: Friends, food, sunshine, running. Jack started it off with a bang by sleeping until 9:15 (he was up to eat at 4am but we’ll just let that one go). Breakfast was my old standby- yogurt, frozen cherries, honey and cereal.

After breakfast we went for a walk with Jack’s buddy Addison and her mom, Becky. Jack bit his tongue halfway through the walk and no amount of singing or awesome dance moves would make him happy. We ended up cutting the walk a little short, which was fine because it meant that we had time to tour another Mother’s Day Out program for next year. I really liked this one!! The facility was awesome AND they’ll let us sign up for just 1 day/week. Oh and the kicker is that they actually have openings. Hallelujah.

Brian brought a Living Social deal for Burger Girl a few weeks ago. We haven’t done our usual Friday lunch in a while because of Little Gym so we ended up meeting him today instead.

Sooo, Burger Girl. It’s kind of like a small scale Hooters, with burgers instead of wings. I really liked the fries but my turkey burger was just okay, nothing special.

Brian was all excited about the Hangover Burger- which is a hamburger with a fried egg on top. The place stressed me out a little because it’s tiny (in the old La Cubanita spot on McKinney) with a lot of 2-tops, and we had to find a place to squeeze in a high chair in the middle of the lunch rush. I’m probably making it sound worse than it was. The waitress was great and they have a fun patio…

Tonight Joy came over for a run (3 miles- my knees are still aching from yesterday) and then Brian, Jack and I met she and Chip for dinner at Mariano’s.

Jack and I split my usual Chicken Fajita Lights.

Am I just getting whinier or have we been seriously down on our restaurant luck lately? They usually give a much bigger selection of veggies with these fajitas… I only had one sad little piece of broccoli. Perhaps a result of the frost in Mexico?? I don’t know, but sad nonetheless. At least the company was good! Jack is a big Joy & Chip fan (and so am I, of course).

Sorry to be so Debbie Downer. Hey, guess what?? Tomorrow’s Friday! There… that’s better.

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