You know what my favorite part of our weekend was? The fact that we turned the AC off on Friday and managed to keep it off ALL weekend. The weather was so gorgeous that we opened the windows, turned on the fans and enjoyed the breeze. It’s probably all in my head but I feel like the house smells fresher, too. Between the baby, dog and cat, things can get a little stifling in here. The excitement almost made up for my lost hour of sleep this morning. Almost.

As I mentioned last week, we took Jack to his very first Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day parade! Stupid mama thought that it started at 10am, so we got there at 9:30… aaaand stood there until 11:30. Which is when it REALLY started. Brian & Jack were not so happy. The fact that we scored a spot in front of Krispy Kreme helped a tiny bit.

Looking not so happy at the end…

Our parade-watching buddies, Joy & Chip. Joy solidified her status as one of Jack’s favorite people by catching and presenting him with about 50 strings of beads throughout the parade.

Jack actually did pretty well. He got a little fussy but loved seeing all the “Pup-pays” and “Balls” (balloons, hehe).

The rest of the weekend was super laid-back. We met friends for dinner at Tukta Thai, our local Thai restaurant. It was the first time we’d eaten there (other than takeout) since Jack was born, and the restaurant was surprisingly accommodating to the babies. They sat us next to the fish tank and didn’t bat an eye at the under-table carnage. The funniest part was that they took the cork from my wine bottle (the restaurant is BYOB) so I had to take the rest of our bottle home in this.

(Don’t worry, I didn’t drink it in the car.)

Today my parents were itching for some Jack time, so we met them for breakfast at Barbec’s to do the baby hand-off.

My migas. And beer biscuits- not pictures but thoroughly enjoyed.

The grandparents ended up taking Jack to the Arboretum, so Brian and I used our few hours of childless time to… grocery shop. Yep. How cool are we?

A few weeks ago I tried this recipe for Vegetable Chilaquiles and was dying to make it again. It’s so easy to throw together. Tonight I switched it up by using red enchilada sauce instead of green, and fire-roasted tomatoes instead of regular.

I loved it, but unfortunately the red sauce made it too spicy for Jack.

Whenever we go to the lakehouse, my mom always heats up every leftover food in the fridge and sets it out for lunch on Sunday. That’s pretty much what we did for dinner tonight. Leftover pot roast, stuffed peppers, stuffed shells, chicken pasta…

And now the fridge is CLEAN. Glorious. Ready to be stuffed to the gills again this week.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Jack is up crying for the 3rd time tonight so I better relieve Brian of his rocking duties… wish me luck.

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