Spring Break

I love Spring Break. Not because we get to take a nice, relaxing beach vacation (hahahaHA), but because all of my awesome teacher friends are off work so Jack and I get to hang out with them during the day.

This morning we met Lauren at Crossroads for some breakfast. I ordered the whole wheat pancakes and added apples, along with bacon.

Okay, will you please check out these fresh apple chunks?? Amazing.

The portion was HUGE, too. Three giant pancakes- I split them with Jack and we still have an entire pancake left for breakfast tomorrow.

Jack snuggled with Lauren (also known as: Lauren gives Heather a break from Jack’s constant food-flinging and highchair-escaping).

After breakfast we headed to Barnes & Noble to play with the train table. It’s crazy- Jack will sit and happily play with those trains for a solid hour, which allows me to catch up on some serious reading. Like this:

HOLY MOLY!!!! When did this happen? Lucky for kids? This almost makes up for the loss of my beloved Domino. Almost. I’m not coveting almost everything in this magazine, particularly the ridiculously hip little playroom. If only we had a playroom…

After B&N we made our daily trek to Sonic, where we ran into Joy. See?? Spring break is awesome! She hopped in our passenger seat and chatted for a while/tickled Jack. Then it was home for a nap, dinner prep, played with Jack, Brian came home, I went for a run…

For dinner we had our fave Aldi bacon-wrapped filets ($1.79!!!! Can’t beat that!), along with salt-crusted baked potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts. Probably one of my favorite standby meals ever.

Speaking of Aldi, I’ve had several people tell me that they can’t seem to find anything good there. My biggest tip for Aldi is to go in with an open mind, rather than a set grocery list. You kind of have to dig. There are certain things that we get there almost every week (hormone-free milk, eggs, string cheese, hummus, fresh salsa, ground turkey, chicken breasts, bags of onions and potatoes, whole wheat pasta…), but our best finds have been random special buys that aren’t available every week. For example, frozen stuffed shells, jarred red cabbage, turkey meatballs and the gourmet pasta sauce (they have a house brand of sauce, but this was a different line). Sometimes they have great produce on sale, sometimes not. Just give yourself some time to look. Oh, and bring your own bags and a quarter for the cart!

Weirdly enough, I’ve been using some of Aldi’s skin care line, Lacura,  for a couple of months: The Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream and the Moisturizing Eye Cream. I LOVE them. My only complaint about the night cream is the strong scent, but it disappears pretty quickly. The jar is like $4 and lasts forever. Unfortunately the word must be out because our Aldi has been sold out for a few weeks.

I’m super excited because tomorrow marks my first haircut since, like, July?? It’s so ratty and gross. I think I need a change.

Time to watch Glee. Night!

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