Special Delivery

I love getting mail. And really, who doesn’t? This helps explain my recent Amazon Mom obsession. I signed up for the free program a month or so ago, which automatically qualifies you for Prime shipping (free 2 day delivery) for 3 months. If you have babies or just BUY for babies a lot, you should sign up. For every $25 you spend in the Baby Store, they add an additional month onto your Prime status. Do you know how easy it is to spend $25 on diapers??? Let me tell you. Anyway, between diapers, wipes and books, we’re getting packages at least once a week. But today was a special day. Today I had two boxes on the front porch. One contained b-day gifts for a couple of Jack’s friends, and the other, GIGANTIC box held this:

Okay, kind of overkill for a loaf of bread, no? But I appreciate the lengths that were taken to ensure that my loaf was delivered in perfect, non-squished condition.

I received this Hearty Wheat with Flax bread from Nature’s Pride as part of the Foodbuzz Tastemaker Program.

Perfect timing because we picked up honey roasted turkey at Target yesterday.

So for lunch I made the best sandwich ever:

Turkey, colby jack cheese, olive oil mayo, baby spinach… and the clincher: thinly sliced apples. Almost too pretty to eat. The bread gets a thumbs up, too. Soft yet hearty, with little flax seeds sprinkled throughout. Gotta get in those Omega 3′s. And it’s 100% whole wheat, made with olive oil and all natural ingredients (no HFCS).

We had a busy day today. Errands to Central Market and Petsmart, both surprisingly great places to take a toddler. Petsmart is like a mini, air-conditioned zoo, and Jack consumed all of his daily fruit servings before we left the produce section of Central Market. Nice.

Then we had a playgroup. All was going well until Jack decided to chuck a toy at his friend Alejandro’s face… at point blank range. Um, so what is the appropriate response in this situation? “Sorry that my kid just assaulted yours!”

Totally horrifying.

Off to read my prison book. I’m hooked. I won’t even tell you what she’s discussing at this point in the book because it is not at all food blog appropriate. Or really any blog appropriate.

(You want to read it now, don’t you?)

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  1. I LOVE Amazon Mom! I just spent 40 bucks on Amazon about an hour ago. Parenting magazine usually has $10 off coupons in them – so go to Barnes & Noble and swipe a few :)

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