Dining Out

You know what I learned this weekend? Dining al fresco improves food photos 100%.

And we did a lot of that this weekend. We finally, finally had a real “date night” on Saturday. Jack spent the night with my parents, and got to act like hip, childless people and go out on the town. Here’s a secret, though… people always talk about how expensive it is to have a child. And it is. But pre-Jack we were spending SO MUCH more money on entertainment. We’d go out to dinner both weekend nights, then to a bar or a movie. Now we sit our happy butts on the couch and eat $6 Papa Murphy’s while watching Tivo.

But it was nice to get out for a change. We finally tried the Meddlesome Moth, which I had heard great things about. Loved it. Loved the atmosphere, loved the food, loved the ridiculous number of beer options. I had the Catalan Mussels and the Live Oak Hefeweizen:

Perfect combo. Here’s how the mussels ranked: slightly below Dive & Neighborhood Services, but they give you a ton of crusty bread for dipping in the tomato-white wine broth (drool) so that may just bump them up a notch or two. I think my only complaint was that the broth was a little underseasoned. An easy fix. The Spanish chorizo was delicious.

We also shared the Beef Bone Marrow topped with salsa verde and fried capers:

I let Brian pick the appetizer- it was between this and the pork belly. This was my first marrow experience and I was concerned that it was going to be really gelatinous. Luckily it was more of a butter texture. The parsley in the salsa verde really dominated the flavor. Good, but not great. I’m glad that we stepped out of our comfort zone and tried it, though.

After dinner we headed to the Angelika to see The King’s Speech. We unknowingly bought tickets to the re-released, PG-13 version (though there wasn’t another option). The dubbing was a little ridiculous, but we both really enjoyed the movie. Best of all, we used a Living Social deal on the tickets so they were “free.” Okay, not free- but already paid for, and at a major discount.

Today was awesome. Slept in, went for a run, met my dad, brother and grandparents for brunch (and for the Jack handoff). Brian went in to work, but once he got home around 3 we got some major yardwork done while Jack napped. Tonight we met Lauren and Robert for dinner at Cafe San Miguel. Once again, we scored a really awesome CHEAP dinner thanks to a deal site- Restaurants.com was offering a $25 gift certificate to San Miguel for $2. It was a perfect evening- we sat on the patio and caught up, while Jack ate black beans with his fingers and wiped them on his white shirt.

I had the chicken Enchiladas con Mole. Best mole in Dallas, I’m telling you.

Shared with Jack… see the grubby baby hand sneaking in for a bite?

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Night!

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2 Responses to Dining Out

  1. la says:

    i was disappointed in the mussles too :(

  2. Erin says:

    GAH Jack is so cute! Look at that little paw reaching for the goodies!

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