Quality Time

We got off to a rocky start this morning. Piper, who has deigned to use her litterbox for the past two weeks since we have been fanatical about cleaning it out, decided to leave a surprise in the living room. Oh, and when she does use the litterbox, she stands at the edge and then pees all over the floor. Any solutions?? We’ve ruled out bladder infection, and the vet’s recommendation is to start her on Prozac.

The cat does not get Prozac before I do. Nuh uh. Not happening.

So I took care of the little present in the living room, then took a 2 second bathroom break… when I came out I found Jack hard at work digging one of my blushes out of the container with his fingernails.

Shimmery pink powder EVERYWHERE. I know, I know- my fault. I let him play with my makeup all the time because it keeps him entertained while I get dressed (and entertains me to watch Brian’s face when Jack “applies” lip gloss).

So once THAT fun little mess was taken care of, we headed out for a head clearing run. Afterward we were supposed to meet the big PTA playgroup at the Arboretum, but by the time we got back from running, packed a lunch and headed over there, it was after noon and his buddies had already left. No worries though because we had a pretty awesome time, just Mama and Jack.

Starting with a picnic. Look at this goofball… who teaches him this stuff?

He’s getting more picky… he had a few bites of turkey and clementine, then spent the rest of the meal trying to shove Annie’s cheddar bunnies into MY mouth.

Sometimes I forget how much fun it is to just hang out with this kid. We get so wrapped up in schedules and playdates that it feels like we’re just rushing around all the time. We need more days like this.

(Yes, he is gorgeous. No, you can’t have him.)

Tonight was a much-needed girls night at Cafe Izmir with the mommy group. Half-price tapas Tuesdays!

Except multiply this plate x 50. Because that’s how much I ate.

Sorry, no project reveal yet. Paint is still drying- but hopefully tomorrow!!!

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  1. Kelsey Balch says:

    Jack is so adorable! And I think it is hilaire that it freak Brian out when he applies lip gloss! Tee Hee!

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