Summer’s Comin’

It somehow just occurred to me that we’re already more than halfway through April, meaning that it’s almost May, meaning that in just over a month we’ll be pretty much living in the pool, meaning that I’m going to have to put on a swimsuit.


So I’m making a concerted effort to rein it in in terms of snacking, making better choices at meals, and getting back into a running routine. It sucks, but hopefully will suck less once 75% of my closet actually fits again.

So there’s that. I’m hoping that sharing that info on here will hold me more accountable, since theoretically you get to see every marshmallow Peep and glass of wine that goes into my mouth.

For some reason Jack was up really early this morning. I figured that since we were up before 7, we might as well head out for a run. First we split a pineapple Chobani.

Managed to squeeze in 3 miles. Lordy it’s hot already!!! Once home I fixed Jack some breakfast and munched on these babies:

Once we were bathed and dressed, we headed to Fuzzy’s Taco Shop to meet Camille and Miss Ellie for lunch and a playdate. I don’t know what it is- the seasoning, the feta, the hot sauce or what- but I LOVE the shredded chicken salad at Fuzzy’s. It’s huuuge.

After lunch we drove to Williamson Park for the babies to play. Jack was running all over the place. One week of walking and he’s over it.

Jack and Ellie were so cute together!! They were patting on each other and sharing sticks. Jack kept saying, “HI Eh-yee!” over and over again. The baby prepsters in their coordinating plaids…

This afternoon was pretty uneventful. Jack napped while I picked up around the house. It’s a neverending battle with Chloe, Piper, Jack and wood floors. I sweep constantly yet there’s always more hair, food, leaves, litter, etc. I need a Roomba.

For dinner I broiled the last of our Aldi turkey burgers. Sad because I’ve yet to see these in the store again! I love that the instructions tell you NOT to defrost the patties. You just broil them for 7ish minutes per side and that’s that. I do season them before flipping.

Mine always end up awkwardly misshapen.

Sandwich thin “burgers” with roasted brussels sprouts and leftover potato casserole (thanks, mom!).

So there you have it. In the interest of full disclosure, I also ate a handful of Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies and a Kashi dark chocolate-coconut granola bar this afternoon.

Jack and his buddies have an Easter party tomorrow and I might die from the cuteness. If not I’ll post pics.

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3 Responses to Summer’s Comin’

  1. Kelsey Balch says:

    that salad looks SO good… we got one not far from our house so I think I may have to try it soon!

  2. Tammy says:

    Summer is not a problem for me, because I don’t even OWN a swimsuit and probably never will again.

  3. Camille says:

    We had so much fun! I love that first picture of Jack and Ellie together. So cute.

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