That sign has nothing at all to do with this post. I just spotted it in my neighborhood while Jack and I were out for a walk tonight and it made me laugh.

Once again we had lots of “outside time” today, which was designed to wear Jack out, but really it just makes ME sleepy. He was still raring to go after his bath 15 minutes ago. We started with a morning walk with his neighborhood buddies. It was so nice out when we got home that I called Brian to see if he wanted to have a picnic lunch with us at the Scottish Rite playground (our new favorite). So I threw a few sandwiches together and headed out.

Can you tell how much Jack loves this playground? He looks like a 6 year old in this picture and I do not like it. One. Bit.

There were several “big kids” there today and he just trails them like a little puppy, saying, “Hi! Hi! Hi!” over and over again. They just ignore him, of course. Poor guy- not that it seems to bother him.

Jack did not want to pose for any picnic pictures. Brian’s giving him the, “Look at Mommy!” point and he’s just like, pssssshhhhh. Places to go and people to see.

Once Jack was up from his nap, we met some of his friends for a playdate at yet another park. Then it was home to cook dinner: Sweet & Sour Chipotle Tempeh with Sweet Potatoes from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan, along with Coconut-Lime Basmati Rice (from the same cookbook).

I know I’ve made this recipe before, but I forgot just how SWEET it is. I even substituted apple cider vinegar for the rice wine vinegar and it was still super sweet. It’s a pretty easy recipe- you just chop up some sweet potato, bell pepper, onion and tempeh and throw it in a baking dish with pineapple chunks and the sauce, then bake for an hour. If you’re a fan of traditional sweet and sour chicken or shrimp then you’ll probably like this.

And that rice is one of my absolute favorites. Can anything with coconut milk and lime be bad?

That little hunk o’ meat on the side there is my leftover filet from Bob’s. Way to de-veganize my vegan meal, right?

Brian’s playing basketball tonight so I have the TV to myself. This NEVER HAPPENS. Off to catch up on some Hoarders…

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