Tonight was book club night, which I’ve realized is the perfect excuse to try one of the countless dessert recipes I have bookmarked. Like this one: Cake Batter Chocolate Bark. Dark chocolate + white chocolate (with CAKE MIX stirred in) + sprinkles. And then, depending on how you look at it, I either made it more white trash-y or more awesome by adding candy corn. Happy Halloween!

Ruh roh.

You try saying no to this face…

I downloaded the Instagram app today and- as you’ll soon see- am pretty obsessed with it at the moment.

Jack was a little scruffy, so we headed to Cool Cuts for a trim:

And then to Central Market for lunch. Here he is feeding himself quinoa… “I DO IT, Mommy.

(And then immediately drops the fork on the floor.)

And finally, using Chloe as a pillow. She and Jack are getting to be pretty good buddies. He thinks her snoring (aka, breathing) is hilarious, and she likes that he consistently shares his snacks.

Hope everyone had a great Wednesday!

(PS: In case you’re wondering, we read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer this month, which is an amazing book. I read it for the first time on vacation 5 years ago and it’s probably in my top 10 favorite books ever.)

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2 Responses to Bark

  1. Merynn says:

    Cake Batter Chocolate Bark WITH CANDY CORNS!?!?!?!?!?! You are FREAKING BRILLIANT!!!!

  2. Ooh – I just placed a hold for that book at the library. Jack + Chloe = too cute. Basil has started trying to get Bronwen to play with him. And the other night, I caught him laying his head on her butt during tummy time.

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