Whew- this weekend has been straight Trains, Planes and Automobiles. But I am HOME and it’s rainy and cozy and wonderful. We had so much fun in Pittsburgh!! I got in around 8 Friday evening (my bag, however, got to PA around 3am), had dinner with my parents and crashed. On Saturday morning we walked through the Strip District, which was pretty amazing. We don’t have many street food vendors in Dallas, but this whole area was packed with anything you could ever want: Pizza, baklava, fresh produce, lobster rolls, fudge, bread, and every pastry under the sun. It smelled insanely good. But we were on a mission. Rose and I have been blog buddies for YEARS (check out her new blog: Bind & Create- she’s brilliant) but never had a chance to meet in person. So I was super excited to realize that heading to Pittsburgh for Kate’s wedding meant that I could actually meet her. It’s always fun/funny to meet bloggers in person, especially if you’ve been following them for a while. You have this picture in your mind of what they’re going to look, sound or act like. Rose was even cooler in person than I imagined… and look at how freaking cute she is:

We had so much fun! She suggested the perfect spot for brunch: Pamela’s Diner. Brian was sad that we didn’t go to Primanti Brothers, but french fries on a sandwich before noon? Unless hungover? No thanks.

The food was delicious, and it seriously felt like I had known Rose forever (hopefully this does not creep her out). Even my mom made the comment afterward, “It’s too bad you girls don’t live in the same town! I could see you hanging out all the time!”

On to the wedding. The ceremony was in a gorgeous old, Polish Catholic Church. I regret not bringing my camera inside so you could see how intricate and beautiful the sanctuary was. But I took lots and LOTS of pics of the reception! Let me tell you this about Kate: She might be the most thoughtful friend I have. She remembers everything and is extremely detail-oriented (you’ve seen the care packages she sends me, right? I mean, when she’s not busy BEING A DOCTOR), which translated into the most creative reception I’ve ever attended.

It took place at the Heinz Museum, so are place cards were….

OMG. And if that cuteness wasn’t enough:

A PICKLE PIN. Shut up.

Kate was a beautiful bride and she and Barry looked so happy together. They’ll make gorgeous, smart babies together.

The food was insane. Pasta station, carving station, Polish food station (pierogies!!!!)… and… wait for it…

A donut cart. They were actually churning out fresh donuts at the reception, and you could pick your own glaze and toppings. My personal favorite was the “Samoa”-inspired vanilla donut with chocolate glaze, toasted coconut and caramel drizzle.

Oh, and do you know another Pittsburgh wedding tradition? A giant cookie table at the reception. And this was after the pasta, pierogies and donuts.

Here’s my friend Molly (along with her husband Shane and our friend Susan) modeling the sugar cookie decorated as a Heinz bottle. See? See?? What did I tell you about the details????

I’m so glad we were able to attend the wedding. Not only was it incredibly special to share that day with Kate & Barry, but I got to see some of my friends that I hadn’t seen since MY wedding- over 6 years ago. I met Emily & Ryan on my hall freshman year and we stayed close all through W&L. Eleven years ago we were drinking trashcan punch at frat parties and making 1am Taco Bell runs, and now Ryan has her MBA and Emily is on her way to getting one at HARVARD. God, my friends are so smart.

So as you can see, an amazing weekend! And it was made even sweeter when I got my hands on one little Jackster this afternoon :)

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4 Responses to Pittsburgh

  1. rose says:

    Totally not weird at all. I felt the same exact way! It was great meeting you (finally!) Your family is pretty great too! I had a great time. Texas, here I come :)

  2. Joy says:

    Looks like such a fun weekend!! Kate looks beautiful…and those donuts look amazing!!

  3. Marie E. says:

    i can’t believe you didn’t have primanti bros! it’s SO good! i love the ‘burgh!

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