Light the Night

Not a lot of cooking/baking stuff to report from the weekend. The goal was to make this recipe for Shortbread Candy Corn Kissed Brownies for a Halloween party this weekend, but after searching literally NINE different stores, I couldn’t find one bag of the candy corn kisses. Did they not make them this year? All I could find were the pumpkin spice flavor (which are naaaaaasty).

Tonight Brian, Jack and I headed downtown for the Light the Night Walk to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. I’m really proud of Brian because he raised $642, surpassing his $500 goal!

It was a great family activity for us- very inspiring, and Jack loved running around and playing with the light-up balloons:

Like way too into the balloons to look at the camera…

and the food was great, too.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Halloween already! I was explaining to Jack in the car about how trick-or-treating works, and he pretty much freaked out when I got to the candy part.

They give Jack candy corn?????

(Every candy is now candy corn. All corn is candy corn, too, for that matter.)

So yeah, tomorrow night should be pretty funny. Don’t worry, I’ll take lots of pics… and I have a good meal planned, too!

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