Christmas Kickoff

Isn’t it amazing how December 1st hits and all of a sudden the holidays are in FULL swing? It seems like this year is the most jam-packed ever, due mostly to Jack’s swinging social calendar. On Friday we had not one but two Christmas parties to attend. First was for our early childhood PTA, where Jack had his picture taken with Santa and partied with his buddies. Then we headed downtown to Brian’s office. His firm hosts two Christmas parties, one for adults and one for families. It’s the cutest thing- all of the kids crowd around the elevator until Santa shows up, then he calls each child up to sit on his lap and receive a gift. Jack was in heaven; first there are tons of cookies and sweets, then there are all of these cool big kids running around, and THEN Santa gives him trucks. Amazing.

Here he is creeping up to Santa… my mom said that she saw him try to snag another kid’s gift bag without anyone noticing.

On his lap. I asked him what he told Santa that he wanted for Christmas: “Trucks, trains and books.

He refused to let go of his gift. The bag was as big as he is and he dragged it around the office for the rest of the night.

So much fun. I love that he seems to “get” Santa this year.

This is a big week for us, because while December 1st is Jack’s birthday, December 2nd is Gia’s. Tonight we (along with Uncle Zach & Aunt Lulu) celebrated her birthday with dinner at Javier’s. Whereas most of the Mexican restaurants in Dallas are Tex-Mex, Javier’s serves continental Mexico City cuisine. I’m a huge fan of their salsa. Jack is a huge fan of the crock of butter served alongside the chips. Seriously, that kid must have consumed an entire stick of butter tonight.

I (along with Lulu and my dad) ordered the Red Snapper Mojo de Ajo. The garlic-lemon sauce is crazy good… I really want to learn to recreate it at home, but I’m sure that I would inevitably burn the garlic.

So tomorrow it’s back to reality… meaning meal planning, grocery shopping and cutting back on the Christmas cookies. Sigh. Oh well, still plenty of parties to go in this holiday season. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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  1. Kira says:

    That’s what I usually get at Javier’s too, Mojo de Ajo….yum!! And their green salsa is soo good. I made it once from an internet recipe and the secret ingredient is honey, it got Todd’s approval.

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