5 Minute Lunch

Ho ho ho! Guess what I’m getting for Christmas? A new computer! I’m SO not excited about this little development. My dad took my laptop in to his IT guy at work and the verdict is that the motherboard is fried. The damn thing is not even 2 years old, rarely moves from my desk and is used oh-so-strenuously to blog and upload pics. Lesson learned: Never buying another HP laptop. We’ve been really excited about getting a new dresser and TV for our bedroom (since I’ve had our current TV since JUNIOR HIGH- it has a built-in VHS player… don’t be jealous) but apparently Santa has other plans.

Anyway, laptop suggestions welcome.

Jack and I were busy little bees today. Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, birthday shopping. By the time we got home it was after 1 and I was starving. I’ve been all about Mama Pea’s Crack Wrap lately (hummus + cheese in a wrap, grilled in a skillet), but we were almost out of hummus… so I improvised and came up with the BEST quick meal ever.

This is the key ingredient. I know, I’ve raved about it before:

Guiltless Gourmet Black Bean Dip. I get it at Central Market. It’s creamy, tangy and delicious. Great for dipping carrots or chips.

Anyway, you spread a thick layer of that on an Ezekiel tortilla, top with shredded sharp cheddar and fold/roll into a wrap. Then you spray the wrap with olive oil cooking spray and toast each side in a hot skillet for a few minutes. I like for the outside to get a little brown and crunchy.

Then cut and eat. I don’t even know if this qualifies as a recipe, but trust me, it’s REALLY good. Kind of a combination quesadilla/burrito. It’s perfect topped with sour cream or dipped in salsa.

Mmmmm, gooey:

Alright, it’s almost midnight so sorry for the short post but I’m off to bed. Little man has been coughing up a storm at night so I don’t think anyone around here is getting much rest… I can hear Brian snoring from the couch as I type. Night!

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2 Responses to 5 Minute Lunch

  1. Gia says:

    You need an Apple computer. Whatever goes wrong, you just make and appt. take it in and they try to repair it right there….right then. I have never been charged a thing.

  2. Autumn B. says:

    get a mac – it’s worth the $$!

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